Thursday, March 26, 2009

Passionate About Travel

Today's guest blogger is funny, fearless, and full of fun. She also writes a delightful blog that leaves me laughing or inspired. Often, both at once. Please welcome Melisa of Lil Bee. ~ Relyn

a yellow bicycle in San Diego

When I first started dating my husband, Paul, we decided to drive cross-country together. I was itching to leave my job and try something new, and since Paul had the summer off, it seemed like the perfect idea. Off we went in a Jeep Wrangler with two bags of clothes, our chocolate lab, and ourselves. It was insane. We survived on fast food and slept in Super 8 motels. Our air conditioning stopped working during the four-hour drive through 105° Utah. There were laughs, tears, a broken ankle, a broken down car, and an almost-breakup during one heated argument. But, as adventures always go, looking back, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

flat land and lots of clouds, somewhere near Indiana

Four years later, Paul and I have visited some amazing places—mostly together, though some on my own, for work or with friends. And the list of places we still want to explore keeps growing: Greece, Italy (again...and again...), Morocco, Australia, Corsica, Honduras, South America...

the cliffs of Ravello, Italy

For us, travel is about seeing each city or country as the locals do. Going off the beaten path, taking endless amounts of photos, and eating at mom-and-pop restaurants. It energizes and grounds you, all at once.

a tiny, little tree on the road from Sevilla to Portugal

I’m curious—do you have a passion for travel? What are your favorite places to visit, and what’s next on your list of must-sees?

view from our hotel in Oahu

All words and images by Melissa of Lil Bee.


anna said...

Mmm, these photos make me want to pack my bags! : )

moonshin said...

oh, Relyn! how i wish i could go on a trip like yours! one day for sure...i'll pack my bags and just go.
places that i wanted to see are mostly in Asia like Japan and Korea - part of it is because of their rich culture.

but i also have this dream of going on a trip all over Europe....haaaaa.. just telling you about these places, already makes me happy. lol!

Marilyn Miller said...

Thanks for visiting me at Delights of the Heart.
I adore traveling. My next stop will be Paris, which I love, and then south to Provence, and finish in Barcelona. Each trip is a dream come true and never imagined adventure.

Voluntourism said...

Now easily i can visit any where in the world. I got a website that is having full travel information of multiple countries.

ELK said...


Joanne said...

What a wonderful memory to have, of your cross country trip. It must have been enlightening. I love the beach, so it would be interesting to travel to see different beaches off the beaten path, to see the sea from these perspectives.

sas said...

Hi there - just popped over via Lil Bee. Lovely photos!

I've been travelling for the best part of 7 years now. I'm originally from New Zealand but moved to London 6 years ago. I worked and travelled as much as I could. And then travel fatigue set in. I went home to NZ to re-charge my batteries and buy and house and get responsible. After 18 months I was hankering for Europe and so I have come back. This time with my love and so we are excited about the travel adventures to be had this summer and beyond...

For anyone contemplating a trip, I can recommend 'the art of travel' by a british philosopher alain de botton.

jae said...

Hi Relyn,
Love that you brought the Bee over...she really can inspire and make you laugh in one sentence.

Bee - I'm sure there are a lot of very funny stories in that cross country trip. Love to travel...anywhere....everywhere. Haven't done as much recently with the kids being young, but it is a passion of both mine and the husbands so will be in our future.

SE'LAH... said...

These photos are so exotic...makes me wanna hop on a plane and head right over. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Conscious Friday.

spread your wings said...

Relyn, thank you for introducing us to Melisa.I will visit her blog shortly
Melisa, yes I do have a passion for travel and the place I want to go more than anywhere is Provence in July when the lavender is in bloom. I'm planning a trip for next summer with my daughter. I can't wait.
Thank you for sharing your journeys with us here at Relyn's place. I love the photo of the little tree in Portugal.
Off to visit you at your place... talk to you soon

Char said...

what beautiful and fun memories you have...and you're building them each year. what a treasury of photographs. I love the little house one.

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

Beautiful images of priceless memories!

Thank you for sharing, Melissa.

Ted A. Brooks said...

You have captured beautiful views of Mother Nature. The skies above your Oahu seascape are among the most beautiful I have ever seen. I would love to have that in a painting. Thank your for sharing so much as this is my first day to travel the world through blogs and it is amazing all that I have found.
Angel Blessings

Patti said...

Ahh to travel...pull of the moon Relyn...beautiful post

paris parfait said...

Ooh, lovely post! I have been on that little road from Sevilla to Portugal. Isn't Andalucia wonderful! Like you, I'm passionate about travel.

Gillian said...

Hi Relyn xo
Oh Melissa yes!!! Love to travel. Your experiences are rich. Aren't you glad for the ups and downs too? Anyway you slice them they make up our journey...and it makes it difficult to regret...broken ankles and all.
Well written, thanks!

Amy said...

So glad to see you came by my blog for a visit. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting a piece of you (or seven little pieces ;).

I cracked up over the "toots." At our house, thanks to one of our previous toddlers who got her terminology confused, they are referred to as "beeps." And yes, they are almost always funny. :)

smith kaich jones said...

Melissa - I am working on becoming a better traveler, and everytime I read someone's adventure stories, I am more inspired. And your bravery! A cross country drive with a new boyfriend!! LOL! I am impressed! Thank you for the shared fun!

:) Debi

Jessica said...

My passion for travel has grown over the past year. I'm really looking forward to finishing grad school and taking myself on a trip to some place I have never been.

Gina said...

great pics !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Rey said... i wish i could go/visit one of the place posted...(just hoping..)

Nice pics..thumbs up for that!!..

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