Thursday, March 26, 2015

a week of ordinary miracles, day 4

What could be more ordinary than clouds?

And, what could be more miraculous?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Snowflake, the duck

one of Sloane's stuffies
A single photo capturing a simple moment.  
A reminder to slow down our always busy lives and to savor this moment. 

a beloved stuffed animal - another ordinary miracle

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

a week of ordinary miracles, day 2

My ordinary miracle came today by way of the post office.  Elizabeth and I have been blog friends for years now.  We've both written about our love of letters and mail.  We've even exchanged addresses and done nothing with them.  Till today.  Elizabeth wrote me the loveliest letter.  It's all slanty handwriting and poetic thoughts about books and dogs and melting snow and spring.  Joy in a mailbox; that's what it was.  My wonderful, perfect, ordinary miracle.  Thank you, Elizabeth.  Thank you, U.S. Postal Service.

Write someone a letter today, won't you?  I know I plan to.   And, hey, email for my address if you want to write me.  ;^)  Have a marvelous day, friends.

Monday, March 23, 2015

a week of ordinary miracles, day 1

an amazing sky

As promised, I have an ordinary miracle to share.

We went shopping yesterday to look for an Easter outfit for Sloane.  I didn't want to schlep my purse the whole time - that sucker gets heavy.  So, I put my wallet in my pocket and we shopped for several hours.  At the end of our day, I realized that I had lost my wallet somewhere along the way.  We spent nearly an hour revisiting each store to look around and ask about my wallet.  No luck.  My beautiful ostrich skin wallet that was a gift from my Dad - gone.  Everything in it - gone.  Me?  Nearly in tears.

Today I was able to go to Macy's and pick up the wallet some kind soul had turned it in.  Not a single thing was missing.  My ordinary miracle?  The integrity of strangers and a family who never teases or gets frustrated when I make stupid mistakes.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


speaking of clouds...

Each Sunday evening I tidy the house and make certain the laundry is washed, folded, and put away.  Jeffrey makes the lunches, and we both iron our clothes for the next day.  He does pants and I do shirts.  When all is ready for a peaceful Monday morning, I sit down for a quiet hour or two.  Since I discovered Brain Pickings weekly newsletter by Maria Popova, I inevitably spend a few hours learning, thinking, mulling, pondering... What better way to begin a new week?

This week, Popova asked, "But how does one become fully awake to the world, especially in our world, through which we increasingly sleepwalk on autopilot, in a trance of productivity? How awake are we, really, when we've stopped bowling over in awe at the everyday miracle of clouds?"

My brain began to hum as I read and reread that sentence.  I'll take that challenge.  I've written before about noticing.  I've written about ordinary miracles.  I've written about people being more important than productivity.  And, as I read Popova's sentence, I thought, "Yes."  Time to notice more. Time to stand in awe at ordinary miracles.  So, this week, I'll be back every day recording an ordinary miracle.  Won't you join me?  

Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Faves

photographing strangers

* Quote of the Week: "When someone else's happiness is your happiness, that is love." ~ Lana Del Rey

* Blogspiration: 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic

* Song of the Week: Black and Blue by Paloma Faith

* Images of the Week: Dancing on Air by Istolethetv on Flickr

* To Make The World A Bit Better: 19 Things on Yes & Yes

* In Case You Missed It: A Woman Blessed

* Bored?: Watch a movie

* PINspiration: Creative Spaces, curated by Diary of Dave's Wife

* Some Things I Love: ELF products, The Quiet Book, the first day of spring, flea market wandering with a girlfriend, answered prayers, dads fishing with their little boys, a wedding band on a man's hand, blues music, the way Sloane plays the clarinet, fairy tales, real letters in the mailbox, the way my dad is still traveling overseas and sharing the Gospel at 77 years old...

Happy weekend, friends.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

They've got the giggles.

from a recent family photoshoot
A single photo capturing a simple moment.  
A reminder to slow down our always busy lives and to savor this moment. 

Oldies, but Goodies