Thursday, June 9, 2011

something cheering...

I want to fill this post with sweetness and light.
I want to say, "Hello, friend. I hope you are well. I love you."
I want to leave you happy and cheered.

So I sit. And I think.
And I try to come up with something cheering.
Because I need it today as much as I want to give it.

You see, my heart is breaking for my sweet Sloane.
We have some mean girls on our street.
Imagine a trio of 14 year-olds ganging up on and making fun of a nine year old.

Imagine those same girls asking her why she would play with six year-olds.
Asking her why she doesn't have any friends her own age.
Saying that it must be because no one likes her.

Teasing her so much she finally just goes inside.
And when she gets there, she begs her parents not to deal with it.
Not to give those mean girls a stern talking to.

And this morning when her Momma asks if she wants to talk about it,
she answers, "Why? It's over. You just have to forgive them and go on."
And there I have it. My ray of sunshine.

no words... I have no words to title this picture

It's her.
My Sloane.
It always is.


Tracy said...

How wise is your Sloane for being so young, Relyn. A nine year-old saying, "You just have to forgive them and go on." How brave, powerful and inspiring! What a great girl you have... Hoping and pray that those "mean girls" take the hint of Sloane's turning the other cheek and move on themselves and leave her be. Bullying is a bit topic in schools and community street life here, very sad. How sad that even the young can't get along. But we adults are the best ones to be example of good, decent behavior. So we forgive and move on. :o) ((HUGS))

d smith kaich jones said...

oh. bless her. xoxo

TheEccentricLady said...

Oh Relyn, this hits so close to home. My oldest had 5 other girls her age in our neighborhood she could have been friends with but they all rejected her. At the private pool in our neighborhood they would come close and laugh and play but never ask her to join in. It hurt so badly. We talked through it and she had other friends from church and her character was strengthened through these trials. Today she is a very strong happy 20 year old makeing her way in chicago! Your a great Mom and Sloane will do great!

Jennifer Richardson said...

What a beautiful braveheart,
your Sloan!
There will always be mean girls.
You've given your girl such
security and purpose
and stablility.
She is the rich one.
Well done, mommy.
And prayers rising for fresh
friends in the neighborhood:)
Loving and lifting you,

Laura said...

Sending lots of love over the internet waves to dear Sloane!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is so wise - and so sad. My daughter has been very badly affected by bullying this year, and it is absolutely heartbreaking. Sending you and Sloane love and strength to rise above that behaviour.

Ha ha - word verification is "steps"!

Scrappy Grams said...

oh, my, what wisdom at such a young age! Ask her if I can borrow some, please. your Sloane, a step above those hateful barbs!
~blessings to both of you~

Bee said...

Your picture so perfectly illustrates your point, Relyn.

I have a strong hunch that Sloane is a loving and wise girl for her age -- or any age, really. Some people never really outgrow their mean-girlness. I wonder if a stern parental lecture might reach some of them -- the ones who really do know better, and can still be "guilted" into recognizing their own bad behavior -- but Sloane is probably right. You've just got to move on. But the forgiveness part? That's incandescent.

Anita said...

You have a wise little girl. What lessons she has learned at nine, unfortunately, may take a lifetime for these mean girls to learn. Sloane knows who she is, and that character trait is rare in someone so young.
Blessings to your sweet daughter!

Debby said...

I just can't get over how mean kids are now. My year back with school age children has been so awakening. Sloane sounds like a strong young girl. Giver her a big hug from me.

One Woman's Thoughts said...

Your daughter is wise beyond her years and has a caring and forgiving nature. She will go on to greater things and be a better person because she understands the rising above life trials and hurts.

Sadly, there are always mean spirited people in our lives no matter what age we are. They are the kind of people that don't feel good about themselves and in being negative to others makes them feel superior. Which of course they are not. It is so hurtful to you as a parent to have your child go though this. Hugs to both of you.

cristie said...

no doubt about it...with a child your heart is forever on your sleeve. she is over it, but it's never so easy for the mom. crummy stuff like this will contribute to the wonderful woman she will be. xox hugs to you.

Claire said...

What a wonderful young lady.


Amy said...

So wise! She could probably teach most of us a thing or two ...

Anonymous said...

As Sloane’s grandmother, I’m angry, FURIOUS, touched, and PROUD all at the same time.

I can guarantee you my response to those girls would have been anger and retaliation. I’m thankful Sloane has a much gentler spirit. As hard as the Word is to put into practice at times, it is still true and always works: “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger” (Psalm 15:1).

beth said...

oh those darn girls....bullies they are. but your sweet girl has had the best teacher....YOU....and is so brave and strong !

HKatz said...

You and your husband are doing a great job raising her, and she's got great character of her own. It's such a wise and mature response. Also it speaks to her being secure - that she knows she's loved and that she has her family and good friends, so she can withstand all the meanness. If anything those older girls are to be pitied; they must be missing something big in their life and inside of them to pick on people like that, especially a younger child - maybe they'll grow up one day.

(Also, in response to what you posted on my blog, tell Sloane 'you're welcome' for the Star Wars suggestion - I'm glad she enjoyed the trilogy.)

meeta said...

lovely child, beautiful soul God bless her :)

Dutchbaby said...

I just want to shake my fist at those mean girls. I'm so glad your Sloane knows that those girls are not worthy of her spirit. I hope she'll talk to you about this later.

Jeanne said...

Your lovely child is just like you
A child of God so loving and forgiving
Those that bully are cowards hiding behind all their own insecurities which they cannot face.
They take their misery out on everyone else.
I love you
Big hugs to Sloane and you '
I love you both
My love and prayers

Jeanne said...

"The more insecure we feel, the meaner we become. We growl and bare our fangs. Why? Because we are bad? In part. But also because we feel cornered."
Max Lucado

Jeanne said...

Joanna said...

Sloane is just adorable, you must be so proud of her.


Jeanne said...

Marilyn said...

Sloane is growing into an incredible young woman. One you can be so proud of. Her parents are doing a great job for sure. I wouldn't want to be that age ever again, there are definitely always the meanies.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful spirit she already has! i think i would let her read all the comments i've just read. trust me, it won't go to her head. she already has shown she has a wise little head on those shoulders. and it will let her know that there are people who value her kind of wisdom.

Lubna said...

She is a ray of sunshine for us also, those who read about her, through what her beautiful Mama captures.

Vickie said...

Oh Relyn, don't our little ones teach ous soooo much? I'm learning to follow their examples and release those things that don't serve us!!!

Thank you for this happy post and with that, I hope it makes you happy that you and your Sloane have made cheered me today!

Peace, love, blessings!

Roban said...

Sloane is such a sweet and wise little girl. She shows so much goodness compared to those bullies on the street. My daughter absolutely loved spending time with two children next door who were/are both younger than she is. The little girl is five years younger and came running up to her at the pool the other day and jumped into her arms she was so happy to see her. The six-year-old will adore Sloane for many, many years to come.

Dorit said...

This touched me this sunday morning. I've been there too often, and I always find that I forgive less easily than the child.

tracy said...

Wow, what a great gal you have!

krista said...

oh, those girls and the self-hatred they must be steeped in to allow themselves to feel good about bullying a girl five years their junior.
sloane is right. forgive and move on. because they clearly have bigger issues in their hearts to deal with. i only hope my own daughter will know her heart well enough to understand that both sides of the fence are full of quicksand and she'll be able to bypass them without losing a limb.
sweet, sweet sloane. you are wise beyond your years. and bless you for knowing it's not about you at all.

A. Jarrett said...

She is wise beyond her years already, Relyn. Such a wonderful soul. I can only hope that my girls have as much confidence and courage to deal with a situation like this!

Connie said...

Sloane is wise beyond her years and the teasing will only strengthen her (even as it is very unpleasant at the time) It is hard not to want to "spank" those girls even as they act out their own insecurities!

susanna said...

Oh man, teenage girls can be horrible. Sloane sounds wonderful, though. I admire her for saying, "You just have to forgive them and go on." Wow. You've got yourself one great kid, Relyn.

Dawn said...

Ahhh mean girls. I see them everyday at school. The good news about mean girls is they are mean to each other and to themselves too, if the truth were known. Way to go Sloane!

Jeanie said...

Somewhere along the way, my friend, you and Jeff did something very right with Miss Sloane. She'll be fine. But yes, my heart would break, too. What a wonderful kid.

Elyse said...

I probably know them. But as cruel as they can be, it's true: a gentle spirit always wins. And she has the best team ever rooting her on.

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