Sunday, April 6, 2008

The View From My Hammock

I like writing about where I am, 
where I happen to be sitting,
the humidity or the clouds,
the scene outside the window -
a pink tree in bloom,
a neighbor walking his small, nervous dog.
And if I am drinking
a cup of tea at the time
or a small glass of whiskey,
I will find a line to put it on.

~ from In the Room of a Thousand Milesby Billy Collins
I first read those lines several years ago. Since then, I often begin my letters and journal entries with a description of where I am. At this moment I am sitting in a not-too-comfortable chair in front of the computer. Where I've been? Now, that's a better story. Thanks to a husband who always knows just what I need, I had a quiet moment to myself today. This is it.

Looking up.

Looking forward.
Best view of all.

May the coming week bring you moments of quiet contentment, perfect peace, and true joy - just when you need them. Sursum corda.


tangobaby said...

I think we both need laptops. Then you can write from your hammock, and I can take mine to the park.

Lovely photos...and I agree with you on the last one.

Thanks for the wishes. Monday's just hours away. *sigh*

Red shoes said...

I'm favoring "looking up" just now...bare tree branches are so lovely.

Relyn said...

I never felt the need for a laptop until I started blogging. Now, I wish for a cute little red one nearly daily. Even if you don't have one, I'll picture you writing your lovely posts from Golden Gate Park.

Red Shoes,
I love that view, too. One of my favorite things is tree lace against a winter sky. That particular view won't last long. Everything here is slowly donning a gorgeous veil of green. I'll have pictures of that soon.

tangobaby said...

Hey, you never know...a cute red laptop could be floating out there somewhere, trying to get to you.

You are very smart. I would be in Golden Gate Park, in the botanical garden, to be exact. I even have my bench picked out!

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