Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Spring in the Ozarks

We have lived in Missouri for nearly a decade now, but I remember how I felt when we arrived here. I remember feeling bereft at the loss of natural beauty. (It should be noted that we moved to Missouri in January.) I ached for the year-round green of Oregon, the proximity to the ocean, and the tall, tall trees. I missed my home, my friends, knowing my way around, and having my special places. I missed home. I wanted to go home.

And then spring arrived.

I know that there are many places that can boast a beautiful spring. Those places might even match the beauty of the Ozarks, but I can't imagine they are any more beautiful than right here. Where I live.

So, here's what Missouri taught me:
You take your beauty where you find it.
You make your home where God leads you.
You find new special places.
You reach out and make new friends.
You count your blessings.
You live every day as if it were a gift because it is a waste of time to long for what is past.

And, you never forget:
Spring always comes again.

I took all these photos this spring. Except for those featuring buildings, each picture was taken on a walk down Robin Road, the street where I live.


studio wellspring said...

i grew up in oregon and arkansas, and i can say with full confidence that nothing rivals an ozarks spring or fall in natural beauty ~ the colors & textures & scents are incredible. and i am so grateful for your wonderful photos in this post that i'd like to request a sister post for next fall to capture all the autumnal splendor around your home. pretty please? ;o)

tangobaby said...

What lovely images and even more beautiful sentiment. I can't wait to see more images from where you live and what your camera will capture next.

Laura said...

Absolutely gorgeous and inspiring post!

and...you live on a street called Robin Lane!!!! That is so wonderful! How poetic and fun!

Anonymous said...

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