Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Too Fast! Much Too Fast!

Elapsed time: 3.5 years

I am feeling a little melancholy tonight. Tearful and slightly sad. Please indulge me. (Either that, or do come back again soon. I'm not always like this, I promise.) You know, I do this with every milestone. I think, "No. It can't be over already. It can't be past." But it is. It always is.

Tonight was Sloane's Kindergarten Celebration. The students each walked across the stage, hugged their teacher, and were clapped for. They received a certificate and an autograph bear. After the walk, we all enjoyed cake and punch while the kids signed each other's bears. I couldn't help crying - can't help it still.

I keep seeing Sloane in a very similar walk 12 years from now. It was only a few naps ago that Sloane had a head full of golden curls, non-stop jabber, and frequent giggles. Today she is more than half my height and knows how to read. Of course, we are still blessed with frequent giggles and non-stop jabber. But it all goes by so quickly.

I am not one to rush through life without noticing. I do stop and savor. In fact, that is the main motivation for this blog. To savor, to see, and to share what I notice. I make a point every day to pay attention. I notice my daughter. I talk to her. I can tell you her best friends, who hurt her feelings, and what she hates about school lunch. I know her favorite books and what toys she is hoping for. I do cherish these moments. I do know that they are fleeting. And still.

And still...

And still, these days are here and gone and I just can't capture and hold on to a single one. These beautiful moments in my child's life are like soap bubbles in the brilliant sunshine. They are beautiful and real. They sparkle and shine and float just out of reach. Even if I could manage to catch one, I just can't keep it - not even for the space of a single breath.

But, oh, the joy in each moment. I may never be able to tie up one of these moments and put it away for a later day. Still, they are mine. I hold every one of them in the treasure chest of my memory. This Momma's heart holds so much joy. Six and a half years worth. Who would ever dream that a life could be so full, so rich, so beautiful in just six and a half years? It is though. Six and a half lovely, joyful, beautiful years.

And so much more joy to come.

May you cherish your moments. As you live them. Know that you are in the middle of your one, extraordinary life. Savor it. Notice it. Love it.

Sursum corda. Lift up your heart.

The top photo on the left was taken by the incomparable Jim Mayfield when Sloane was almost three. I took the photo on the right tonight. She is six and a half.


tangobaby said...

Oh, Relyn! Now you've made me cry too.

What a beautiful daughter and such a lovely tribute to you and your love for her.

Here's to all things loving and beautiful in your's and Sloane's worlds.


Laura said...

Wow, what a beautiful post. I feel the love you have for your daughter and all the joy she brings to you.

She sure looks like a total QT.

You have described the best moments in life and how they are truly fleeting....and how much we try to hang on to them in our minds, but they become whisps of memories...so beautiful!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

What a beautiful tribute! So full of hope, inspiration, and wisdom. I am so proud of my peeps! My "Petite Yaya" and her wonderful mother. Love you both so very much! Blessings, Katie

Anonymous said...

I too strolled down picture lane only to end up with a puddle of tears at my feet.. I have 2 adorable young ladies but oh the days of lil girls and curls... they grow up much too fast... kim
(new to your blog)

Something White said...

A little girl who became a little lovely lady! Yes, sometimes I'm sad too when I see my own children growing up so fast. But I'm grateful for all they share with us and for the coming next years of their lives as well. My eldest daughter celebrated her 7th birthday in April. Sloane must be born in 2001 also, isn't she?

Oldies, but Goodies