Sunday, June 15, 2008

About Alphabetica

I have been engaged in a passionate love affair with words and letters, books and reading for most of my life. The two hobbies most central to who I am are reading and writing. Words and language, IDEAS, and the tools to communicate them - those are the things I am most passionate about.

In the most elemental form, words are a collection of symbols known as letters. The alphabet, as far as I am concerned, is man's crowning achievement. Words allow us to give shape to our thoughts and dreams. Hence, the alphabet allows us to communicate. To connect. To convince. Even to shape a world. Isn't the Constitution of the United States simply a collection of letters on a page? And yet, those letters gave birth to the greatest system of government known to man. That genius was captured by words on a page. The ideas perpetuated by letters and the ability to read them.

Alphabetica, a collection of words and images, created for my own pleasure. Shared, for yours. In homage to man's crowning achievement.

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