Sunday, June 29, 2008

Maybe We're All a Little Odd

Jessica at Turkey Cookies just posted a list of unimportant things about herself. At the end of her post she asked her readers to share a little thing about themselves. I had so much fun writing my comment that I thought I would tag myself. Here's my list of a few of the odd and quirky things about me.

1. I write in gel ink only - usually purple or pink. Sometimes in bright green or orange, but never, ever blue or black.

2. I love to eat real chocolate chip cookie dough, but hate cookie dough flavored ice cream.

3. I adore strawberries, but didn't eat my first one till I was in my 20s.

4. I almost always notice people's teeth, but could rarely tell you someone's eye color.

5. I have a song lyric for every occasion, phrase, or mood. I must know at least a thousand songs. If I hear a song once, I know it. Twice and I have the entire thing memorized. (One time Jeffrey and I heard a piece on NPR about a guy who could sing for an hour and never repeat a song. Jeffrey was amazed, but I said, "I can do that. Piece of cake." I did it, too. I sang for an hour and 15 minutes without stopping. Plus, I limited myself only to church songs. Oh the things you'll do on a long car trip.)

6. Because of the above mentioned skill, I love the game Encore.

7. I love playing most board games, but I hate Monopoly.

8. I eat butter, peanut butter, and syrup on my pancakes and french toast. It has to go on in that order, and the syrup really needs to be Log Cabin.

9. I never add salt to anything and usually scrape it off my fries or pretzels.

10. I can carpool with a friend for a year and still not tell you what kind of car they drive. I often can't recognize it in a parking lot either. (This has happened more than
once. When asked about someone's car I usually say, "It's red. And small. Not a truck.")

11. I believe in being silly. It's probably the first thing Sloane or my students would say if you asked them to describe me. Life is too short not to laugh every chance you get - even if it's only at yourself.

I could keep going, but I think I'd better stop at eleven so that I don't scare you off. Now I'm wondering about my dear fireside sitters. What's odd and quirky about you? I really want to know. Happy weekend!

The picture above is of me being silly with one of my fourth grade students. It's cropped oddly because I didn't want to picture someone without permission. This way, I don't think anyone can tell who it is.


Something White said...

Hi Relyn,

I think it's a deep wisdom to be able to laugh about yourself/oneself!
I like your picture here; you do laugh a lot, your eyes, smile and face show it! :D
And your weird things made me laugh!! I think, my husband and children can tell better what is weird about myself, haha.

Yoli said...

I love most board games! Sorry, also love Monopoly. I love, love Chess. I write with a fountain pen, always. I adore, olives, I place them in every single food I eat, to the gross dislike of friends. I hate summer, I love winter and snow. Obviously, where I live there is never snow, so yes, it makes me sad.

I never forget a face, good thing since I was assulted at gunpoint. My biggest love after my children is travel. If I could, I would be constanly in planes and hotels.

Love this post too my Ren!

robin bird said...

i gosh i think i need to think about this! well i guess i can say at least one thing...
OMG! i can't think of one single l thing.
it may not be quirky but that is something weird about me. inexplicably when i am asked to create something or respond to a theme of some sort i go completely and utterly blank like i have no brain. i wrote this idea down and will add my answers as they occur to me and then i will post on my blog. great challenge relyn.
p.s. the one i find most quirky about you is the one where you see people's teeth but not their eyes. my eyes are a lot prettier than my teeth! yikes is i ever have the privilege of meeting you in person!

Jaime said...

Oh, I love your silly playful side!
What a delightful list.

Just like Robin, I can't think of one silly thing either...and I know there are many weird and quirky things hidden somewhere inside my being.

Sometime in the middle of the night, I will come up with something, and then it will be too late!

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