Tuesday, June 3, 2008


roadside in Pennsylvania, photographed by Susanna Gordon

An entire trailer full? What kind of sparkles?
Maybe it's Pixie Dust for our newest Neverland adventure.
Maybe it's small mountains of silver and white glitter. That way we can be sure to leave a joyful trail so our friends can find us, wherever we wander.
Maybe we'll drive ahead a bit and come upon the trailer holding an enormous birthday cake. On top of that cake, we'll find 100 lit sparklers to celebrate Grandpa's birthday.
Maybe the trailer is full of little girls in summer dresses, waving and smiling big, toothless grins.
Maybe we'll find a child's wading pool, full of pond water and glinting with the wings of a thousand dragonflies.
Maybe every child in this small town left mason jars full of fireflies to wink at us through the dusk.
Maybe we'll discover a trailer full of costumed show girls on vacation from Vegas.
Whatever we discover, a trailer full of sparkles sounds just like a dream.
Happy sparkling to you! Sursum corda.

I absolutely love the photograph above. When I wrote the photographer, Susanna Gordon, to ask permission to use it, I told her that looking at it made my brain bubble and my fingers itch to write. She graciously gave me permission to feature her photograph here. If you don't know Susanna already, you must spend some time on her blog.


Jaime said...

I was completely enchanted by this magical post filled with stardust and childlike wonder.

Beautiful xo

Beth said...

oh how I love signs and this is the best one I've seen in a long time.

susanna said...

I absolutely LOVE your ideas!!! LOVE EM! You just added your own special blend of magic pixie dust and sparkles to my photograph. Thank you!

TheElementary said...

You are so creative in the most magical way. It could have been an ordinary sign but you turned it into something priceless. That's the beauty of life- nothing is seen the same way by two people.

Relyn said...
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Relyn said...

I just love magic! I teach children for many reasons, but I think the main one is so that I can hang on tightly to the magic, the wonderment, the sheer wondering curiosity of childhood. I thought Susanna's picture was especially perfect for that kind of joy.

Thank you all for sharing a little bit of it with me. Thanks especially to Susan, she captured this particular bit of whimsy and let me borrow it for here.

May you each have wonder-filled days this summer. xoxox

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