Friday, September 19, 2008

Cakes & Candles

If you know me even a little, you know that I love to celebrate life. Any reason will do and most of them are also a good enough reason to shed a happy tear: a new job, new baby, getting back in touch with an old friend, even Hallmark commercials. So, it won't come as a surprise that I really, really love birthdays. I believe in doing it up big. Why go simple when you can be outrageous? Why celebrate quietly when you can have a party? Thank God my husband understands.

Team Lawson celebrates birthdays for an entire week. Because, why celebrate once when seven celebrations will do? If you are wondering, I also love whoopee cushions, roller coasters, silly putty, cupcakes, balloons tied to mailboxes... I go for anything that brings a laugh or is a harbinger of joy. Balloons. I especially love balloons.

Sometimes my mind wanders off onto the most delightful tangents. Anyway.

This is officially my birthday weekend even though my actual birthday isn't till Tuesday. Jeffrey and Sloane have been busy cooking up some plans. I have been working like mad all week (hence, very little blogging) so that I wouldn't need to work this weekend. We are leaving early in the morning to drive to Kansas City, which is four hours away. The Plaza Art Show is going on and the shopping is always great. We're going to do everything I want to do. Shopping, browsing for hours in a bookstore, spending money I've set aside for Paper Source and Anthropologie, yummy bagel breakfasts, leisurely trips to the art museums, poking around all the delightful shops, taking pictures of the fountains. Whatever I want. We have a hotel room and all day Sunday, too. I can hardly wait! I do love my rural home, but I adore a city. I could drive in old neighborhoods for hours just looking at houses. Hey! I think I will. It's my party, after all.

I'll be back soon with pictures of my weekend. I hope that yours is filled with the things you love. For me that's good food, great dessert, presents, art museums, books, house gawking, and a little art shopping. What are the things you most love to do?

The wonderful art was created by Lisa Kaus. See more of her enchanting work here.


Jeanne said...

Love and hugs to you my sweet one.........You are a joy
I celebrate YOU
Love Jeanne

tangobaby said...

Happy happy birthday, dear friend. I wish I was there to help you celebrate! Enjoy your birthday and your birthday week, and heck, the whole year ahead!

Expect a present in the mail.


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh sweetie, Happy Birthday Weekend!!! Sounds like you're going to have some delicious fun too! Your husband and babe are so sweet to you ~ have a wonderful weekend Relyn...can't wait to see your photos! xxoo, Dawn

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, Relyn! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful birthday and birthday week!!!!

Teal Chic said...

Happy early Birthday to you! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Please note, birthdays are intended to be celebrated the entire month...therefore you have until the 23rd of October :)

Thank you for your super sweet comment, it made my day!

paris parfait said...

Happy, happy birthday! No doubt you're having a fabulous weekend, getting to indulge in some of your favourite things. Enjoy every moment and then some. We September babies have so many reasons to celebrate! :)

dutchbaby said...

Happy birthday, Relyn! You made some fantastic choices for a great weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos.

What do I love to do most? No surprise, exactly the same things as you :)

Christina said...

Oh Happy Birthday sweetheart!!! I must make something sweet for Tuesday in your honor. Wink!

I have discovered through this post you and I are SO much alike. : )

Happy Birthday!

maddie said...

happy birthday sweet girl

may all your desires find their
way into fulfillment and

Patti said...

Relyn~ Happy, Happy Birthday! I hope your weekend and your birthday are everything you want them to be and more! Enjoy every minute of your celebration!
Hugs~ Patti

Laura said...

Happy Birthday!!! What a totally excellent and great way to spend your birthday weekend!!!!

Can you tell us what books/paper supplies you get? I love to see other people's stuff!


My Castle in Spain said...

Dear Relyn,

happy, happy birthday to you !! Have lots of fun..oh i'm sure you will !

(so you're virgo too..

Big hugs

Caroline said...

Happy happy birthday! Enjoy every sweet moment. I can't wait to see the pictures! BTW...Anthropologie and Paper source are 2 of my very favorite places. I knew we were kindred spirits!

JUST ME said...

I hope you are having a wonderful birthday week.... wishing you many more.


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