Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kansas City Views

At first, as I thought about creating this post, I was a little bummed. I had hoped to be able to show you pictures like these and these. Here I sat, feeling slightly self-critical. Hearing echoes in my brain of You're no photographer!

HA! I shouted. Maybe not. But, I will be. I will be.

This is a start. My start.

shopping at Stuff in Brookside

Urban Arts + Crafts in Briarcliff Village

the most wonderful children's shop ever

an old-fashioned horsey ride at Reading Reptile

heaven on a fork, found here

textures and shadows

the view - red lanterns, the sound - live swing band, the people-watching - terrific

I just love public art!

I took twenty shots of this fountain. Here's my favorite. I just love that face.

for an artist, any canvas will do

loving on Coco

participating in a community painting

Sloane's contribution

"Momma, look! Now I'm an artist. See. I've got a tattoo that says so."

yes, that is a Mercedes Gull Wing

maybe it was cold that day

Well, you've seen my pictures. Here's my story. The moment was unphotographable.

The sun had set and we were headed back to the car. There was a very talented band playing. The lead singer's voice was sweet and smooth. The kind that makes you want to grab your man, curl up on the sofa, and kiss for an hour. Near the stage was an impromptu dance floor and we stopped for more people watching. We saw the usual gathering of people street dancing: mothers with toddlers, drunk women having a little fun, a small group line dancing and having a great time, and three real dancers. You know the ones I mean. The dancers who are so comfortable in their own skin that they move like water in a stream. The women are so beautiful and they couldn't care less. They are too busy dancing. The man knows they are beautiful, but cares more that they can really move. Makes your own heart swell to watch them.

When a new song began, the man asked one of the women to dance. She accepted, but made a "Save me quick!" face at her friend over his shoulder as she moved into his arms. And then he spun her. Two or three turns and he had her.

I just love it when the underdog wins.

I took all the pictures last weekend in Kansas City.


Caroline said...

First, your pictures are wonderful! Our self critics are too harsh!! It sounds like you had a wonderful trip and made lasting memories...that's the best!

The Feathered Nest said...

Relyn, I love your posts....your photographs, your writing and your point of view. You love life and it always shows ~ looks like you all had the most fun last weekend! Wishing you another wonderful weekend ~ xxoo, Dawn

Anonymous said...

Sweet Girl,

Hey, brilliant-love-of-my-life! Your post really captures the fun of our weekend. Thanks for being my beautiful soul!

Relyn's Husband

Christina said...

Oh yes you will be a photographer! Oh yes you are a photographer!

"maybe it was cold that day" Oh, you got jokes, my friend! I love it!

These are beautiful photographs and words.

I feel at home here. : )

tangobaby said...

Umm, who IS Coco?! Bring her to ME!

I love the part about the dancing. Dancing does that to people. We need more of that!

Glad you had such a wonderful time.

Laura said...

Absolutely wonderful post!!! and the Perhaps it was cold pic is hilarious!

robin bird said...

so many things to say dear. first yo must know i am listening to gabiel's oboe while reading this... and when i went to see the link to julie's i was listening to claire de lune. you make my heart just sing!! i mean it. again i clicked on your first link and felt the wind just rush inward to fill my lungs. i don't know why it makes me cry. but it does. maybe because i know i am not a good photographer. i have lot's of heart for it and that's all . i et up early and go to bed late. i love making pictures and i see lots of wonderful moments captured here. and your story... well i can't even describe the feeling of watching this through your minds eye. thank you so much for all your gifts to me relyn. happy,happy birthday to you. what a loved soul you are.

Jessica said...

What a wonderful trip! It looks like you guys had an absolutely memory-filled time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

dulcy said...


I want to know more about The Urban Arts and Crafts in Briarwood Village. Looks interesting!


JUST ME said...

I agree! Looks like fun was had by all-even COCO......

Thanks for sharing your pictures.


Ragamuffin Gal said...

How fun it was to live your day with you through this post. I think your pictures are just as beautiful and you ARE a photographer and a keeper of happy moments.
This is my final little treat before I climb the stairs to prepare for another work week. I will be happy to see you friend.

I am working on your birthday happy, but it is only half as wonderful as I want to make it for you so please bare with me one more night!


Jaime said...

Relyn...your pictures are wonderful. I felt like I could grasp a taste of your time away through these photos.

And your words....I could picture the whole scenario of the people dancing. I can't dance, but I LOVE to watch people dance..people who really know how to move. So wish I could do that.

Wonderful post

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