Thursday, October 30, 2008

What Inspires You?

I was blog hopping during my lunch break earlier this week, and I encountered a very honest blogger. Someone who was feeling tired and uninspired. Instead of wallowing in it she asked for help. Her question was, "What inspires you?" Oh, that was a fun post to comment on. What a great topic to ponder. Here's my answer. I'm wondering about yours. What inspires you?

* Blogging! I just love it. I love that I can share whatever I want and that there is a real, live, breathing, appreciating audience on the other end. *
* I love following the candy trail. You know, roaming link to link to link catching bits and pieces of other peoples' wonderfulness. *

* Discovering new artists. Making new friends. Visiting old ones. *
* Lists. Books. Rereading old journals. *
* Book shops. Cafe lunches. Girlfriend dates. *
* Beauty. *
* Holding hands. Coloring with my little one. Walking. Listening to glorious music. *

* And always, always: love. *

Good night, sweet friends.

The amazing image above was taken by my friend, Jaime. You can find more of her wonderfulness here and here.


robin-bird said...

i recognized jamie's amazing photo right off and it is a wonderfully inspiring image for me! and i am so on your wave length in that the experience of creating my own blog as well as the blogs of others are reliable and consistent in giving me inspiration. and much, much more.. a lot of joy and happiness. and friendships and endless ideas for what to create.
reading is an important inspiration for me. and music too but it is so evocative for me that i can only do it is small amounts. i know that sounds odd but music has such an emotional component for me. your blog is a good place for me to come for music as you know. i like this question and your answers too :)

ELK said...

i am not a late person ...normally!
but ever since I turned my eyes skyward with my little camera the clouds and moon hold a new is a new miracle right before our eyes every day

willow said...

Ahh. I feel happy and inspired now. Thank you.

spread your wings said...

I find inspiration in nature - the colors, the patterns, the textures - the pure beauty of it all. I find inspiration in my daughter. I also find an abundance of inspiration from this wonderful world of the internet - there is an amazing amount of talent seen across these pages. But recently the joy I have found in new friendships here in the blogging community is beyond belief to me. I believe I found courage to open my etsy shop because of you all.
thank you.

serenitymeadow said...

Relyn, what a truly lovely post, one I will happily ponder...what does inspire me? Let me give it some thought and get back to you.

Jaime said...

I think I have seen this picture before. *wink*
And that very picture is the symbol of what inspires me most...taking pictures of the world around me! And seeing other people's pictures of the worlds around them!
Blogging is so wonderful for that...among a million other wonderful things.

And yes I always love.

So much love to you, dear Relyn

Jessica said...

There is not a day when your words do not resonate with me. What inspires me: those around me who are full of love and who truly enjoy life...they also happen to be under four feet tall and were born after 2000.

tangobaby said...

It's great to have dutchbaby back, isn't it. And your list is lovely. As always.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Being with artistic friends who see things differently, colors and magazines (any type with lot of colors even catalogs) I mostly find inspiration in odd random unusual unexpected things and times. Always looking for it, around each nook and cranny. Love it when I find it. Sometimes, most times, all the time can't stop myself.

dutchbaby said...

You are an inspiration to me, Relyn! In fact, this wonderful post inspired me to write one about my sources of inspiration. Thanks so much for the shout-out!

Gina said...

what an inspirering image, love it very much!

Gina from Germany

susanna said...

Oooh that is a good list. :)

Anonymous said...

you've given me a great idea for Wednesday's post! Thank YOU for inspiring me!!n

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