Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Celebrating the Senses

Right now I am sitting in our cozy little cottage listening to my Steve Tyrell station on Pandora. The air is full of yummy baking smells. The occasional sharp tang of tabbouleh catches my nose, and Jeffrey wonders how I always know when he is sneaking another bite. The lights are low and the computer connects me to friends around the world. This is the quiet time before the clamor of tomorrow. Tonight I am thinking about the wonderful chaos that is Thanksgiving, which reminds me to be grateful for each sense. Taste, touch, scent, sight, sound all bring such pleasure to my life.
* raspberries * chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven * creamy dip on crunchy carrots * fluffernutter sandwiches * hot chili with sour cream * mashed potatoes and gravy * capers * hot chocolate with too many marshmallows * blackberry dumplings * peppery peas right off the plant * an apple, fresh from the tree * Big Red gum * really good dark chocolate * sour pickles * olives * garlic * chicken noodle soup * turkey dinner *

* wet clay * damp sand in between toes * the clasp of tiny fingers * the gentle touch of a lover * wrapping up in a cuddly sweater * velvet * cashmere * the satiny feel of well-finished wood * the tickle of a mustache kiss * snowflakes in your lashes and on your nose * the cool side of the pillow * butterfly kisses * the steady thrum of a purring cat under your hand * the sandpapery feel of kitty kisses * a warm mug in a cold hand * a foot massage * holding hands as we give thanks *

* chocolate flowers * fresh lemons * freshly mown grass * the back of a baby's neck * Christmas trees * wood smoke * peppermint * brownies in the oven * laundry fresh off the line * ocean breezes * summer rainstorms * cotton candy * Origins mint shampoo * lilacs * lavender sachets * honeysuckle * baby powder * Jergen's hand lotion * opening a box of Bandaids * baking bread * the clean dirt smell of hands grubby from the garden * just-washed dog smells * Thanksgiving dinner on the table *

* smiles * sunset over the Pacific Ocean * the view from the top of anything * the first glimpse of home after a long journey * Crater Lake * bare baby toes * your grandmother cradling your baby * balloons floating away in the blue, blue sky * the view across the Mall from the steps of the Capitol * the look on a groom's face when the bride first enters * the faces of loved ones, gathered together for turkey and gratitude *

* the clink of silver against china * music * please and thank you * the sound of a soda just after you pop the tab * laughing children * giggling babies * raucous, manly guffaws * the hymn from a congregation who has sung together for years * the crack of a bat signaling a home run * wildly cheering crowds * praise * the swoosh of blades on ice * the moment a match ignites * the pull of tape in a dispenser * the productive kathunk of a stapler * "I love you, Momma." * "I love you. I love you. I love you." *

Indulge all your senses tomorrow, and have a very happy Thanksgiving, dear friends. We have so much to be thankful for.

Taste by Pink Sherbert. Touch by Tito. Scent by Steve Stone. Sight by Steve McCurry. Sound by Steve.Korn.


Gina said...

Wow I am the first one to comment on this.

Happy, happy Thanksgiving dear Relyn from over here in Germany!

Today a year ago I was in the US. It was like Nyepi in Bali ( a day when they send off the ghosts and bad spirits A day without light, no energy flowing, no cars,the parking lots in front of the big supermarkets empty, nobody on the street, no restaurants open. Like a trip into the gallaxy. Since we were not invited to any family party we had problems to find a restaurant in the little town of Opispo. We found one Indian restaurant that was open. Well one is enough and we had good Indian food there. And actually I liked the quietness gave me a sense of eternity ...

Happy Festivities to you all my dear friends

Gina from Germany

Jeanne said...

Your posts are beautiful and so full of love and so are you
Happy Thanksgiving~

Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries said...

And how good is hot chocolate with too many marshmallows!!! Happy Thanksgiving Relyn...Dzintra

ELK said...

this post is amazing and so are you
~make a memory this day

Patti said...

Between your post (and 1st song) and Beth's with the Sara Groves video I am just sitting here crying and reading. You always so eloquently can put thoughts and feelings and words together. I am missing my mom so much and your last line ubder sounds really hit home. Have a wonderful and peaceful Thanksgiving with your family.

Yolanda said...

I truly loved this post. I am grateful that you share my love for ORegon.

Susanna-Cole said...

Beautiful post, so many things to be thankful for indeed! And I love that you relected on all your senses (which we often forget to be thankful for!) :)

And thanks for your great comment! <3


Ragamuffin Gal said...

I'm thankful for you Relyn, your words and special touch brings beauty and calm to me whether I am right next door or across the state. Happiest TG and give your family my well wishes. Love and see you soon. Blessings, Katie

tangobaby said...

What a beautiful post and so perfect for the day! Every word brings an "ah-ha!" and a smile! And love.


dutchbaby said...

I love how you always stop to smell the roses, Relyn! Great images!


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