Friday, December 5, 2008

One of My Greatest Pleasures

There is nothing like sharing a book. Every day right after recess I grab a book and curl up on the couch in my classroom. Usually there are at least three squirmy seven-year-olds beside me, four leaning over my shoulders, and 10 or so at my feet. Sometimes on my feet. Such a lovely squish. We read storybooks, poems, non-fiction, magazines, short stories, things they've written, chapter books. Books about magic and wishes and dreams. Books about facts and science; another kind of magic. Books that make us laugh and a few that make us cry. We look at pictures and giggle at silly things. Oh, there is nothing like sharing a book.

Even better. Every night at home. One sofa, one cat, one little girl, one perfect man, one pile of books. Oh, there is nothing like sharing a book. Or twelve.

I've been wanting to post something all week. But. My well is a bit dry, my time a bit short. What to say? Then, I visited a friend. Now I've got it! Thanks, Elk.
The photo was first found here by Irene Suchoki. Her work is amazing. If you would like to hang her art on your wall, she has a sale going on right now.


bermudabluez said...

I am a reader too. I adore books! There are so many days when I wish that I had nothing else to do but sit and enjoy my books. And I've been collecting them for years. Some of them are just picture books. I love them all the same. Have a great weekend, Relyn!

Lubna said...

I love the music you put together. Should say a big thank you for it, will never use the "off" button. Oh yes, books are music for the soul, I pick up happy books when down.
Have a great weekend

Joan said...

Happy Saturday Relyn,
just wanted you to know sometimes (like now)I come here and open your page firstly to read about the beauty of your life, and secondly to just listen to your playlist in the background as I go about the day :)

If there were only one material possession we could have on this earth, for me it would be books... they are a constant companion, a comfort, a teacher, and a well loved friend.

In this age of technology when newspapers are folding and people are reading books online, I am forever reminded of how precious and sacred our books truly are.

Thank you my friend, I will think of you the next time I pick up a book and hug it to my chest.

Beth said...

oh how I love a book, too.....all I want for got it, BOOKS !!! I'm so easy that way for my family and anyone else who knows me....

and this time of year....I like your idea....TWELVE is perfect !!!

dutchbaby said...

I can see your class now, draped all over you and your comfy couch. You are creating life-long readers and the world thanks you for that.

"An unread book is but a block of paper"
- Chinese proverb

spread your wings said...

there is nothing i like more than a good book, a comfy chair and a cup of earl grey.
i've always admired Irene's photography as well.
have a fantastic weekend Relyn

Jeanne said...

I too love books.
I bought The Christmas Sweater today
A snowy day and good time for nesting and reading with a cup of Christmas tea.
Love you

Anonymous said...

I adore reading and now with the huge buzz of Twilight my daughter and I have our very own "Mommy & Me" book club. :)

You Rock!!

Patti said...

Oh Relyn~ just reading your post made me relax just like relaxing with a it!! Bibliophile is one of my favorite words! That is one of the glorious aspects of my job...reading with and to the kids. That's how I start out my LA blocks -15 minutes of a read aloud. I look forward to doing it every day. I love the tangents we get off on and all I find out about the kids through discussions. Also a favorite pleasure of mine in my real life- but you already know that! Hope you are able to curl up with a book (or 2 or 3) this weekend!


Amy said...

Hi Relyn,

I applaud you for finding the photographer who took the photo on my site. The artists are never listed on the shareware photo sites, so it's lovely to find out who took it and to see their other work. I swooned over her other photos and promptly credited her on my site!


robin bird said...

Books books books and more books. i have lived a life directed and influenced by books. i used to try and imagine a therapy practice that utilized fictional characters in novels as a way to make visible the ways in which we were all similar in our emotions and reactions to life. honestly i even took notes on some of my favorite characters!
your recent comments on my blog have been deeply satisfying to me relyn. thank you very much :)

vanessaann said...

i love your photo in this post! it makes me want to sit down and read a book! any favorites lately?

avtcoach said...

Love this post about reading. I bet your class loves you so much for opening up the world of books for them. Would love to see their faces as you tell the story. You are right, you cannot read too many books. Experts say 10 per day! Parent kind of freak out about that one but it just means "keep reading" and do that before you put other things first!!

maddie said...


i love them:)

and that's

g o r g e o u s


Anonymous said...

Hi! Just want to say that you could post pictures of your own lovely house on your blog. The ones you choose remind me of it.

Much love,

robin bird said...

WOW! i just want you to know i absolutely adore katie over at Color Me Katie!! she is so so full of life!
thank you!
have a great work week relyn :)

Christina said...

Books+couches= Bliss

I love this. I want to go to a bookstore with you. Road trip, this spring maybe? ; )

Caroline said...

Books are magic!

tangobaby said...

Dutchbaby, that quote is awesome! I have to remember that one.

Jaime said...

I have to stop myself from going into bookstores because I can't resist buying them, and I already have a stack of them at home I haven't read yet.
I think my love for books started with a beloved teacher I had who reminds me so much of you. I used to love listening to her read to us every day...someday I would like to pick up some of those books again and read them as an adult.
There is no doubt, some of your students will carry these special reading times with them for the rest of their lives, and will remember you with such fondness.


jae said...

Isn't it incredible to catch a child reading? Especially when they have just gotten old enough to do it on their own.

smith kaich jones said...

My very favorite smell in the whole world may be the smell of the old library here downtown, where I used to visit as a child. The concrete steps were worn in the middle, and "drooped". Now I linger in bookstores when stressed, and I linger in bookstores when happy. I have a wonderful man in my life to whom I read aloud. Our slow summerime ritual at the end of each day is to share part of a book.

Wonderful post. Without books, I would just feel lost.

:) Debi

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