Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Scenes From An Inauguration

Where were you when J.F.K. was shot?

Did you watch the moon landing?

Did you see the Challenger explode?

Do you remember when the Wall fell?

And a question for this generation: Do you remember when Barack Obama became President?

I did my best to be sure that my students will be able to answer that question.

Oh, I hope they remember.


spread your wings said...

oh i believe they will.
thank you for sharing the children's drawings. I adore child art.

funny - my word verification was "speaked -l"

Indyeah said...

What an absolutely beautiful way to share!
I am sure that all those young minds have kept this in a secret corner of their heart...:)and will remember it forever...
Their art work is so cute and heartwarming!Thanks for that glimpse!:)
and oh!Congratulations!:)

Jessica said...

Your students look so sweet. I have chills looking at their work-it really shows the importance of the day. We celebrated and watched as well yesterday- and my sweet babes smiled all day full of hope knowing that they truly can do and be anything.

Patti said...

How cool is THAT Relyn?! Oh yes- they will remember!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they will remember!
Their drawings are just too adorable!!!

Yolanda said...

I am sure they will and for encouraging them to do so.

Suvarna said...

Well done, I am sure they will remember. Incidentally I was in my living room of my childhood home watching the tv and my mother whisked me out when they heard the news bulletin. I saw the moon landing, and the challenger explode and I was in India when the wall fell. All very vivid memories, and I am so happy to add this new and hopeful one to my hard drive.

caren said...

What America needs is more teachers like YOU!

Jeanne said...

I love all you share.
I love you

Derrick said...

Such innocence and a great big new world to grow up in!

Beth said...

your kids are so lucky !!
and I pray that we all remember where we were !

smith kaich jones said...

How can they forget? I think we need not worry. I remember the whispers among teachers the day JFK was killed, where I was standing when I discovered it to be true, I remember the car ride home, asking my mother about it. I was young & remember that there was nothing else on TV for the next few days, something new to me. I remember watching the moon landing with my family - I can tell you the colors of the room. I remember watching the Wall come down, how happy I was for the people there.

The Challenger was a bit different - it exploded over my head, rolling thunder sounds in the sky. Many of the pictures you saw were taken from the backyard of a doctor/amateur photographer here in town. I called people - my mother called me, and as pieces began to fall from the sky, I walked across the street & watched it on tv with my neighbor Mary.

Your students will never forget. Never. None of us will, whether we voted for President Obama or for McCain. It was just one of those moments. How wonderful to share it with your class & watch their faces.


Relyn said...

Debi, It was wonderful. I wish I had captured their faces when the music began. The quartet was introduced and I told my class that those were the best players of their particular instrument in our country, maybe even the world. And then the music started. Their faces in those moments are one thing I hope I never forget.

Debi and Suvarna, I am so glad you shared your memories of the events I mentioned. I love getting the personal view of history.

Debi, Your story about the Challenger was especially moving. Until I read your words, I never thought about the wreckage falling into the backyards and city parks of normal, everyday Joes.

I remember only the Challenger and the Wall. Our school had the Challenger launch playing in the library. It was lunchtime and someone came running out of the library shouting, "The Challenger just exploded." I was a sophomore and I remember my heart instantly ached for Christa McAuliffe's daughter. That's who I thought of. I guess because I could relate best to her. Did you know she became a teacher? Like her mother.

Everyone, I agree. They'll remember. How could they not? It will become a part of our collective consciousness so that it feels like you remember, even if you don't. I'm glad you all enjoyed their art. My kids will be tickled. I'll post more from time to time.

smith kaich jones said...

Relyn - Until I read your response, I didn't realize I was talking about the space shuttle Columbia, disintegrating on is re-entry. That's how big an impression such an event can make, I guess - I'd forgotten the Challenger. That happened during a life-drawing class for me when I was working on my art degree. We thought the instructor was joking when he requested a radio. So I remember them both, but yes, the sky falling over your head makes a big impression.

Sorry for the confusion.

:) Debi

Jaime said...

All of us, young and old, all around the world will remember this day of hope and new beginnings..I have no doubt each one of your students will hold that day in their hearts for a lifetime.

It's good to see them...and their lovely pictures too!


Connie said...

I just turned 50 and am totally amazed at all the history I have experienced and what stands before us!

Loved the classroom pictures. I spent 10 years in the private sector and 8 in special education.

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