Monday, May 4, 2009


I am feeling sad tonight. The weekend has brought much bad news. A friend lost her father. Another has been diagnosed with brain cancer. Another fights overwhelming odds, and keeps on fighting. So many people are hurting. So many people feel alone, or scared, or heartbroken. Or all three at once. How to help? How to fill up empty hearts? How to comfort wounded souls? How to find words to offer that might bring a balm of peace? How can I be His hands and feet in a hurting world?

I've been praying, asking these questions as I go about my day. This is the answer I felt in my heart.

Start here.
Start with what you have. Be willing. Be openhearted and generous. Give your time. And your money. Give your love. Start with what you have.
Start here.

I don't know yet what "start here" means. I'm not sure. And so I'll click publish. And wait. And keep praying.

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Pastor Sharon said...

You have an earnestness about you and are in tune with your heart. (sounds psychic. . .don't mean to). It comes out in your writing tonight.
As a pastor, I am often asked to make referrence to today's troubles with a Biblical passage. The one you have posted tonight reminds me of the book of Job. He had three friends of whom just came and sat. . . silently. . .until 7 days later. They only talked then after he did. Your message to "start with what you have rings deep and true". What you have is all you need.

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Oh lovely one!
Am sending you much strength in times of trouble. You have such a graceful and generous spirit and you will have what you need and know what to do when called upon.
Know there is light around you and ever coming your way!

Jaime said...

You have such a big bright beautiful heart dear Relyn. Your compassion is so honest and true. It is a heavy world sometimes, but there is no doubt in my mind, that just your loving presence is comforting to those around you that are suffering.

Hugs to you, beautiful You.

bermudabluez said...

I, too, am sending you strength, Relyn. So sorry to hear of your friends' heartaches. Blessings to you, my friend.

SE'LAH... said...

Prayers sent up Relyn. Starting here.

smith kaich jones said...

I am so glad to read your words - I have been feeling the same way. A friend loses her father, another her mother, an acquaintance loses himself & takes his own life, another needs more help than she can gather - it seems as though I have no words to help, nothing to make anything better. I think we do what you said - start here. Right here. And just be here. Give what you can, but take care of yourself also. You are enough.


Derrick said...

It is always hard for those "outside" to know how best to help friends in need. But I'm sure you will be on hand to do whatever you feel is best, when the opportunity arises.

Meri Arnett-Kremian said...

Often the best gift is your presence, your focused attention. Just sit and share the pain. Don't try to fix anything. Just take a piece of the pain and hold it in your heart until the pain transmutes to love, then send that back.

Johanna said...

The words that come to mind are "withess without judgment".

Hold yourself in love, and just be present with love. As someone who has been in a very dark and dire place, just receiving love from friends was enough to keep me going.

Lubna said...

Hi Relyn,
In times like these, little things help. Talk to them, let them know you are always there for them and can be contacted anytime of the day or night, if it is to just talk.
This is where you must start, make it obvious to them that you are there for them anytime.
People find it awkward to say this, but it is required.
Believe, me you, I went through a bad patch last year. The friends I appreciated the most were those whom I knew I could talk to anytime.
Little things done by them also helped.
1) For the friend whose Dad has died, listen to her, spend time with her, let her spend a weekend with you if possible - she needs time to heal. This she can, if she has someone to talk to.
2) For the friend suffering from cancer, offer to do little errands. Offer to take her/him to doctor's visits. Surf the net - do research if required. Gift tiny gifts - hand made cards, funny books, anything that will make the friend smile. Be there to listen.
3) For the friend going through a bad patch, once again be there to listen
Let all of them know you are praying for them. Today, I believe in prayers and miracles.
In short they need your time.
Also don't burn yourself out. You need to be strong and cheerful for them and not get bogged down.

meandering pearl said...

Dear Relyn,
Start here sounds beautiful. I think its a powerful motto. Its the leap of faith we can all leap. Its the Liciana De Crescenzo quote, "we are each of us angels with only one wing, & we can only fly embracing one another." I did a similar type post last week. It seems there is much too much heartache, & far too much kindness yet to be given. You are so warm-hearted! I hope your day is filled with sunshine! xxoo

Char said...

so sorry - it is so hard offering sympathy when you know how hard it is for that person. all I know is to continue to just be present in the moments. they will need you over the long haul.

spread your wings said...

I think your presence and prayers are strong in time of need. Just being there means so much.
I am constantly amazed and touched by the blogging community I have found here. The comments I read just warm my heart so much. I am encouraged to know that I have such a sincere group of friends here in this internet world and I feel that any of you would invite me in your home as if a long time friend.
I feel sure you will be a source of peace to these friends that are hurting. Your sincere heart and giving nature will be felt and will comfort them in these difficult times.
I like what you said, "start here" it's such a positive, doable action.

Jeanne said...

Love you

elk said...

stay in contact .... talk with them and listen...i know you will because that is who you are

Jessica said...

Hold hands and smile. In times like these when so many around are going through rough times I try to do random acts of kindness to bring smiles and hold hands. I think that's so underrated!

Jeanie said...

Oh, Relyn, it's so very hard to care so much, isn't it? And yet, that pain from feeling sad and concerned is part of what makes us the people we are -- makes you the person YOU are.

I will add my prayers to yours, both for your friends and for you as well -- that you'll just know the right things to do, to say, to help, to be.

Start here. Where else?

My Castle in Spain said...

I'm so sorry to hear these sad news...and i agree with you. we feel so helpless. And yes, time and love are the first two things, perhaps the only things worth perhaps...
sending lots of love, Relyn

Southern Drawl said...

Thank you for the exam prayers. Now I will pray for you. "Start here"... yes, that sounds like our Lord. Don't you love how when every thing in life is so big and overwhelming His words and guidance are often so simple and to the point. Your blog is beautiful and I always feel beauty can inspire, encourage, renew, and heal. Share your innate beauty in the way He will provide. Simply your presence or willingness to listen. When my mother was dying I would have loved for anyone just to call or leave a message and decrease the feeling that I was alone on the battlefield. We can not take away the hurt but we can decrease the painful sense of isolation that illness and loss can bring. {} internet hug...

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

IT only takes one to "start". Prayers to you....

Journey Wildly said...


Big heart hug to you, and prayers for strength for all you spoke of. (including you :)

You are a great friend, a compassionate spirit, and I know that whatever is needed to soothe, you are certainly a conduit.

Love to you!!

Patti said...

Oh Relyn~ Big hugs and prayers sent your way to pass out to those that need it. Sometimes it seems like it is all too much and it is, but we go on as you will, being there for your friends and doing and saying what your heart tells you to. You will find the strength and the way to be there for your friends.

paris parfait said...

The most important thing is to be there for your friends - whatever they need, even if just to sit in silence. I lost a friend to brain cancer a couple of years ago, so I know how difficult this is for all concerned. Sending big hugs and many prayers your way. xoxox

Suvarna said...

You have a heart of gold Relyn, when the time comes you will know, of that I am sure.

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