Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Am

Tonight I am taking a break from San Francisco posts to play along with Gillian. I'm also feeling great, thanks to Julie, who took this photo, and made one of my wishes come true.

I am a ...
loud laugher
party thrower
frequent cryer
chief laundress
great present-giver
second grade teacher
procrastinating perfectionist
wanna-be photographer
picture straightener
abundant life liver
roller coaster rider
sister, aunt, niece
blessing counter
lifelong learner
car dancer
cat owner
Yes sayer

Won't you play along? If you do, send me your link and I'll add it here.

Picture, by Julie Michelle, is used with permission.


Jeanne said...

You are a beautiful woman and a fabulous friend and I am so glad you are in my life.........
I love your lists
I love you♥

Pearl Maple said...

Great photo, and nice to meet you by way of Chenoa.

Your blog is a delightful read, lots of interesting things going on.

beth said...

you are a beautiful woman...inside and out !

and all that you are, is what we all love !

{now could you be a snake slayer, too, as that nasty one has come back for another visit on my blog}

Gigi said...

This list is just gorgeous, as are you, my friend. I love that you are a picture straightener and a car dancer. You rock my world.

dulcy said...

I just love that picture of you, Relyn! You're so goreous!!!!


Tracy said...

So lovely to see you there, Reyln...I'm with you on the loud laugher, car dancing and lifelong learn...and really almost everything here. Are we twin spirit then, 'eh? ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

Char said...

hello friend! :)

Anonymous said...

Your lists make me smile so much! You are all those things and more!

all that i am said...

i once again am jumping on board
"i love your lists" too

Suvarna said...

I love this photo of you! So much life and sparkle in your eyes! Yes yes I will join in after I post my pics from my last class. Thank you for your gentle urging, they are up now.

Elle Bee said...

I love your list! It's so pure and inspirational--all the things that make up one person. Love that photo of you. It says joy.

Roban said...

Skydiver? Me, too! At least I used to jump. I made nearly 500 jumps but stopped to finish college. I enjoyed reading your whole list and may do it next week.... I'm using a teensy, tiny laptop and keep smashing wrong keys!

Gayle said...

Your photo and you list are so joyful!

Maithri said...

Love surrounds you.

This picture is bathed in such soft light,

Your light,

Much love dear friend,


Jessica said...

You are lovely and wonderful and a brightener of my day!

spread your wings said...

i love this photo of you - seems to really capture your beauty and vibrant personality. it's funny, i see all these characteristics in this one photo.
love you

elizabeth said...

you are gorgeous!

love the list, and how it's arranged :)

Anonymous said...

you are a lovely person. loud laugher, hugger, reader, writer... some of the loveliest things in my book!

maddie said...

you really got me at hugger

i am a hugger too...always makes me feel so connected to love and
warmth and all that is essential:)

beautiful list:)

Connie said...

You are so beautiful inside and out! You inspire me! I love your word layouts...I never can get my blog posts to look just the way I want :)

Dorit said...

This is so beautiful. I'm so glad I found my way back to your blog, haven't been here for a while.

Going to read more, and warm myself by your fireside for a while.


Gillian said...

What a lovely list Relyn, thanks for participating in the fun!
Love "picture straightener". That's me too! We share a lot of qualities, you and I.
Oh! You are BEAUTIFUL!!! xoxo

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

What fabulous hats you wear! I am most enamored with the chief laundress and the procrastinating perfectionist
...sounds so official ;-)

meandering pearl said...

your eyes sparkle!!! love the chief laundress & abundant life living!!! lovely thoughts

margie said...

i love your photo. i love seeing for real who our friends are and the bonus, how you see yourself. my post today is just about that.

all that i am said...

Thank you for leaving me a comment!
I tried to imitate your wonderful way of listing....coming nowhere close?!?!
but thank you for the compliment...

Your are surely a great teacher!
I feel encouraged just by those few words...let alone a whole school year in your presence?!?

Happy end of summer...prep for autumn!


Patti said...

You are...a beautiful person and friend Relyn!!! Thanks so much for being a part of my life! Great post (from a fellow picture straightener and car dancer...)!

robin-bird said...

oh you are revealing some of those amazing qualities that i feel so happy to have experienced in person. oh and look at that smile, those eyes and the natural talent for theatre you have :) you do look beautiful my dear. but how do you do those pyramid lists? that is an art in itself, you are a queen of language!

Jeanie said...

You didn't add wonderful, creative and delightful. Maybe that seems a little too into one's self for you to put, but I'll say it loud and clear!

Christina said...

Hello beautiful! Julie caught the sheer essence of you.
I am... so lucky to have you in my life.
My list is up. : )

SE'LAH... said...

you are BEAUTIFUL!

Love ya.

Meri said...

Missed this while I was away painting for a week. I love your portrait and the words and shape of your descriptors!

tangobaby said...

Awww, that's a fun one! That was a great little photo outing. Thanks for sharing!


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