Monday, October 12, 2009

This One's For Jaime...

Before you read this, won't you please go here and read Jaime's post? Thanks.

Oh, I LOVE this...

~ October
~ furry cat faces
~ finding a perfect skipping rock
~ the morning chill that tickles my nose
~ the smell of stew and cornbread cooking
~ when people I love let me talk them into things
~ the way he massages my feet as we watch a movie
~ the way the leaves try on touches of red and orange
a glove here, a purse there, a peep toe shoe on that tall maple
and overnight, the trees are wearing their ballgowns and ready to dance
~ filling my arms with warm towels and sheets, fresh from the dryer
~ piles and piles of books from the library, too many to fit in my library tote
~ spraying Sloane's fresh sheets with lavender water as I put them on her soft bed
~ friends who write to say, "I'm thinking of you. Tell me how you're doing. Really tell me."
~ Sloane always says, "It's my new watermelon shampoo" when I tell her she smells good

Life is good. And so very, very sweet.


Jeanne said...

Beautiful my lovely friend
I love you

Tricia said...

oh such a lovely list! i always especially love when you write things about sloane. i can feel the tenderness in your words. you do create such a special place in this world for her. ahhh. it is SO sweet to read about lavender sheets and watermelon shampoo! :) olivia told me she's zone shampooing now and i smiled and said what's that, never having heard of "zone" shampooing. i learned that it's when you use different shampoos on various areas of hair so that folks nearby will be delighted by all the fragrances when zone shampooer moves through the room. interesting. :)
p.s.i will think of you today when i make cornbread.

Gayle said...

This is such a sweet list! I love how you describe the trees in their fall colors.

beth said...

beautiful like you...

and the sheets and towels from the too !!

elk said...

oh i love the shampoo comment...grammys blog is nice too!
little things are seen so well by you, that is a true gift , blessings friend!

Derrick said...

Hi Relyn,

You and Jaime know how to enjoy the simple things in life (and aren't her photographs beautiful?). I love the warmth of towels from the dryer but even more when I take it off the towel rail in the bathroom!

Suz said...

Relyn, thank you for visiting. I visit you every the music and the wonderful thoughts.. and comments from your friends...which I hope to be included in in the future. Jamies's picture and list were delightful...I'll visit her too.
The lists are simply gratitude.
Open eyes see all that we have and know that it is enough.

Gigi said...

Oh, Relyn, that last one made me melt! That's just the sort of thing my three nieces say to me. I got to paint their fingernails this past weekend--wild, Halloween colors--and it was just about the sweetest thing ever. It's small moments like that that I treasure. You, my friend, have inspired my next post.

xoxo Gigi

PS Thanks for linking to Jaime's post; it is so, so lovely.

Lubna said...

Nice, Nice list.

Jaime said...

Oh, how I LOVE THIS!
And you. Sweet Relyn. Thank you so much for the link love.

What a blissful list. Who doesn't feel comforted and childlike when they hug warm towels out of the dryer?
And I love the way you describe the trees. It does literally happen overnight, doesn't it?

I'm off to do my morning trek. As the October chill tickles my nose I will be thinking of you, dear friend.


spread your wings said...

how did i get so far behind on your posts?
life is grand and you make it even sweeter.

Jeanie said...

Everyday, even our worsts, bring us something to honor with our gratitude. Quite a bit, if we frame it that way. This post offers a wonderful list.

Dandy said...

You spray her sheets with lavender water? What a glorious thig to do!

For the rest of her life she will smell lavender and think of the comfort of home and of her lovely mother.

Your description of the fall trees made my heart glow. It did.

Heart2Heart said...


I love how you shared fall with all of us through this creative post!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Perfect fall list...the sheets are one of my favorites!

Someone's Mom said...

Thank you for introducing me to Jaime. I loved her list, as I love yours. The one that made me smile was your love of warm laundry. I thought I was the only one that loved the heat and the smell. Sometimes I want to just curl up and sleep under the pile.

I must remember to find my lavender spray and spritz my sheets. I've gotten out of the habit and I miss it.


Mrs. E said...

I love this list! (Could you come spray my sheets with lavendar?!)

PixieDust said...

I fell in love with Jaime's post when I first read, now I'm falling in love all over again...



Char said...

gorgeous pieces of love

Elle Bee said...

"finding a perfect skipping rock"
my daughter would love that.


Kamana said...

those are lovely freidns who do that. who really want to know and have time to listen. i can tell that you are one of them

Suvarna said...

yes, yes, yes, "the way leaves try on touches of red and orange" beautiful list full of warmth and your own special brand of life zest! Thank you.

Christina said...

I want to wrap myself, in your grateful words.

Jessica said...

I left the library the other day with far too many books in my hand- I knew I couldn't read them all but it doesn't hurt to be inspired by books in a pile by the bed, does it?

And Sloane's words--perfect!

Patti said...

Oh how I love your lists...I love how you describe the trees in autumn...perfectly stated, Relyn, on all accounts!

Chris said...

"piles and piles of books from the library, . . . there's nothing better! Loved your list Relyn. Also love the "Sursum corda". One of my faves is from Michaelangelo, "ancora imparo," which means "I am still learning."


Marilyn Miller said...

Loving be back with you today. What lovely thoughts. Spraying fresh sheets with lavender water, oh my!

Roban said...

So many of your loves are my loves, too, and I love the way you said them! Your dressed up trees sound like words from a Relyn-written children's book.... and the smell of fresh laundry and its warmth or so snuggly wonderful, especially on a Saturday morning.

... and thanks for the note about my hair!

meandering pearl said...

beautiful! may i have some lavendar speayed sheets too please, how delightful!!!

robin-bird said...

p.s. i do hope i am not repeating myself but i made the comment you see below yesterday and it hasn't come up yet on your comment list. and i see you posted today soooo...i know you have been at your computer and so that must mean it didn't really leave my desk. (i always save my comments that i write to a blog with comment moderation because i don't get that immediate gratification that come with seeing my comment float to the surface as soon as i make it and i want to know it arrives safely :) you can erase all this top stuff when you post it.

your sweetness never ceases to amaze me. and to make me cry. i love knowing about all these little things you love about being alive. it makes me feel very close to you. i went over to grammy's new blog and i love, love love that photo of her and sloane!!! a photo that holds a full lifetime of memories and love. you all give one another such lovely gifts.
xoxox to you my sweet

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