Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good Question

What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?
~ Robert Schuller
This Bird Has Flown by Irene Suchoki

Oh, what a question! What would I do?

I like to think that I am brave and bold; a dreamer and a doer. The truth is, I'm a dreamer who is trying to be a doer. I am a person who does well with deadlines at work, but not with self-imposed ones. I always get the job done, but rarely till the last minute. I am passionate about beauty and the arts, but have no art form of my own. I am an expert on the use of goal setting in the classroom, but I've been struggling to set new goals of my own.

The trouble is, I know the value of goal setting as a habit. Consequently, my head won't leave me alone. How can you expect your students to set goals for this quarter when you don't have any short term goals of your own? Forget short term goals. What are your long term goals, anyway? My head irritates me sometimes, but I've learned to listen.

And so, I ask myself. Self, what would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? Really. What is it that your heart of hearts longs for?

And I answer.
  • I would have my essays published in a national magazine; a byline of my own.
  • I would buy a real camera and stop messing around with my dinky point and shoot.
  • I would take pictures every single day and teach myself to see.
  • I would write the children's picture book that's spent three years in my head.
  • I would collaborate with Jeffrey and Sloane on a children's chapter book mystery series.
  • I would finally begin to take that daily walk.
  • I would really quit drinking Cokes once and for all.
  • I would apply to teach Master's level classes at the university where I earned my own Masters in education.
  • I would make the time to host those Family Nights I've been dreaming of.
  • I would help my class come up with a concept and write a book that would win the annual Scholastic competition.
  • I would play with my child every single day.
  • I would make more time for the people I care about. Things like having a weekly date night with my love and girlfriend dates twice a month.
  • I would find or create a new circle of friends to replace the small group we loved and lost.
  • I would definitely take that family trip to Amsterdam and Africa.

And you? What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

This Bird Has Flown by Irene Suchocki is used with permission. For this week only you can buy one photograph and get one free. Good news, yes?


Tricia said...

wow, relyn, this is a great list and a do-able one. you are such a talented woman and i know that you can make anything happen that you set your mind to. since cancer, i have asked myself the same question-many times--what would i do if i knew i wouldn't fail and the answer each time is to write the book i have been working on. to once and for all believe in myself enough to just go for it. i also would do more date nights, take more photos, spend more time with olivia. i would learn to sew my own clothes and have a garden. start a local journaling group...so many things.

Tricia said...

and i know your picture book WILL be wonderful! xo,

Andrea said...

That is a huge ?
I would do my part to make this world a better place.
I would write, write, and write more books.
I would bring awareness to Dog Therapy on a world wide level.

Blessings, andrea

ELK said...

dare I even say it out loud...i guess that would be it...I admire you for putting the list up friend

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

First-I have to disagree, you have an art of your own...it is with your words. I think you are in better shape than you know-you have a list.

We moved, I gave up a job that I was passionate about and my children left home (all at the same time). I've never quite picked up the pieces and it has been 6 years. Oh, I'm much better than I was...but, I was a person who really thrived on being needed and helping others. I seemed to lose all my "job titles" at once and believe me-I've struggled with it. I read something that said by feeling sorry for yourself you are playing the victim and I certainly didn't like that idea. So, I started writing. I found that I couldn't have what I did have...but, I could be grateful for what I do have now. This empty nest stage is strange. One minute you are thrilled at all the freedom and the next you are curled up missing your "old life"!


Heart2Heart said...


These are some great questions. So which of those are you going to start pursuing? I love your list and completely see these as doable and can't wait to see you progressing towards accomplishing every single one of them. Why wait? With God, all things are possible! We only have to be willing to take the steps towards those goals!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Suz said...

Your list seems so attainable.
Make a list of what is stopping you
The power is yours
as it is for all of us.
Me? I don't care if I fail. Life is for living,and living is failing sometimes.
I know from reading your posts,you would write a fantastic children's series
Put pen to paper......

beth said...

now there's the question of the week....

I think I can only answer it one way...

I would take a missions trip to some country where the poverty is so low it can't be measured and spend a week there loving the children in an orphanage....

okay, and I would also write a book filled with my photos and thoughts...

Char said...

wow - great list.

I would get my masters, have a successful photography business, have a house, adopt a child and have no debt.

sallymandy said...

This is a wonderful question, and a great list from you.

I'm a dreamer too, and in moving toward being more of a doer and accomplish-er of my dreams, I need not to try to do too many at once. Do them one at a time, until one or two are finished.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Relyn ~
I am in love with the picture you have at the top of this post ~ it is absolutely perfect!

I don't think I really knew what I truely wanted to do until I was forty or beyond. All I can say is it will go by (perhaps too quickly) so DO IT NOW!!!
I love you,

Rita of Grammy's Sweet Nothings said...

What would I attempt? I would learn to paint flowers. I've painted other things, but have never mastered the flowers. Since I don't have time to paint since I went back to work, I am using my camera to capture what I can't paint. You have captured words. I wish I had a way with words as you do. Go to it, girl, and get that book written! Love ya! Grammy

Living Success Network said...

With the New Year creeping up on us faster than most of us would like, I can’t think of a better way to start off the new year than to sit down and really begin thinking about what you want from life. Everyone should take their hopes and dreams and pull them out of their head and get them written down on paper. Everyone should not just be a goal setter but rather a goal getter.

Join the New Years Resolutions Extreme Makeover Telesummit today!

Tracy said...

Oh, that is a BIG question, Relyn... And your big dream answers you share inspire us to think big too. You list seems very do-able! If I could dare and know I'd not fail--1.) I'd have my own bricks & mortar shop full of my designed accessories and knitwear 2.)my collected poems published 3.) move to England to dwell and live my art with my artistic hubby 4.) do the charity work I've had brewing in my mind for some time 5.) take a yoga/meditation retreat in Asia...my list is too long--LOL! Here's to dreaming big... and making some of those dreams come true along the way. Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

Marilyn Miller said...

I am off to jury duty today, but your question is one I will think about as I sit waiting to be picked.

Jeanne said...

I love all you share
I love you
Kisses of the most sparkling kind

Read the book
Still Alice if you have not as yet.
Love Jeanne♥

Kamana said...

i swear when i read through your list i was totally taken aback. because every single one of those could apply to me and the kind of goals i have for myself. seriously. if i was to add anything different, it would probably be these two: write and publish a cookbook; and quite my job to set up a school of my own.

Derrick said...

Hi Relyn,

Just been reading through your latest posts. Loved the 'lady who lived with words' poem. Glad you won at the raffle - YAY! My all-time favourite film is 'The Lion in Winter' with Peter O'toole and Katherine Hepburn; fabulous!
Your latest list seems eminently achievable and you are certainly the lady to DO it! Start tomorrow with your weekly date night!

Yiota said...

Oh God! I just did the draw as I thought everyone has seen that already. So sorry for that! I feel so bad about it. Tell you what: you can e-mail me your address here(achyiot@yahoo.gr) and I'll send you something with the drawings you liked. (I have an ace in my sleeve, you see!) Shhhhh! Don't tell the others though!
Always great to meet people with the same likes and 'no, I haven't read 'Day of the Storm'- how come I wonder. I have all of her books that were translated in Greek. I'll see if I can find it on eBay.
Sorry again.

Yiota said...

PS. Just saw all the other comments.
My mum did the crochet (may God rest her soul). I don't know the first thing about it.
What is Goodreads? Is something online? I'm in Greece.

margie said...

there are some very doable things in that list. the walking every day is on my list as well. and the reason i can't do that?????

Sarah said...

Lots of lovely things to keep you busy there! I hope you achieve many of them, even though lack of failure can't be promised. I think knowing you can't fail takes the challenge away though so there might not be that spark of excitement in trying!
I am really enjoying The Shadow of the Wind so far-it is just perfect for this time of year too-mysterious and atmospheric. I will let you know what I think when I get to the end!

Patti said...

Hi~ I love this post and it IS a great question. Our lists are very similar- teaching college, family night, publishing (but that's a huge dream), and I am right there with you on the deadlines and goals. I so need to work on goal setting in my own life as well/

susanna said...

This is ALL totally do-able, Relyn! I think you should go for it. You have a good sense of humour and I can see that coming through in a book. You are a caring teacher who loves what she does...it would be great if you could pass on that love for teaching to others entering education. And can I join your new circle of friends?

Kim Living Life said...

oh wow what a question? If i knew i wouldn't fail, wow i don't even know if i can truly imagine wat i would do. But your list is eviable so go for it everything is really within our reach it just takes the risk or doing it... have a go mate.

PixieDust said...

Ay, mi amor, what a daunting question... hmmm, I guess I would sing and dance - I love both, but can't do the first, and am getting a bit old for the second...



Connie said...

Buy the camera, take the pictures!
write your stories...I wish you lived near me :)

julochka said...

these all sound totally doable. and since writing is the new praying, i think you just prayed them out there to the universe, so i'd imagine they'll start happening before you know it...


Dandy said...

I completely agree that your list is doable.

I'm in the process of creating a to do book. One I can add to as I complete each task. I had one when I was younger and its interesting to see how my wants changed. Completing it is on the top of my list :)

elizabeth said...

I love your list! I believe you can do all of this. And I would love to read your books - you have such a way with words.

I have a children's book in my head too. It's just one sentence. And the idea of it. I always wonder if more of it will come out someday.

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