Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I've Been Thinking About Art Today...

photo and art credit: Chrysti Hydeck, copyrighted, all rights reserved

Care to join me?
  1. watch this
  2. answer - Do you dare?
  3. look at these and these
  4. ask yourself - Can I do something like that?
  5. read this
  6. grab a pen - Write your own list.
  7. come back to your computer - Leave a comment and tell me about your art.

Thanks, GKGirl, for the nudge. Art close-up by Chrysti.


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Clever idea and I would love to play along, but I still have my parents here (10 days now) and the little grandsons just left after 2 days (they are 1 and 2 1/2). I am lucky to be reading this at all. Life should be back to normal by the weekend for me! I hope you are having a lovely week. Sue

Awareness said...

LOve this idea....I really enjoyed the video.... and the photos. As for my own "stepping out" list of creativity? I will put some serious thought into it today. I love the feeling of being on the edges all "raw and nervy."

A blogger friend of mine says.... "growth does not reside in a place called comfortable."

Jeanne said...

I love you
I love your daily posts.
Love Jeanne

smith kaich jones said...

What to say? That my art is out there already, in me already, tapping its toes, hands across its chest, rolling its eyes, wondering just exactly when this woman will get it - thinking, after all, that all I have to do is open my eyes - over here, over here, waving its hands, jumping up and down, me next me next me next. And when I do get it, I take all the credit. I am selfish. It is mine. The opinions of others, the acclamation of others, the I love thises of others is wonderful and soul warming, but it is still mine and only mine, even if you buy it and hang it on your wall. You are taking me home with you.

:) Debi

beth said...

I love all of this....I love keri smith....love love loved the youtube art clip and, well the girl who photographs strangers....maybe she's my soul sister :)

I'll see if art takes me anywhere today...I'm sure it will as it seems to sneak up on me everyday and then looks back at me and says, "gotcha"

Anonymous said...

Come see my tribute to Susanna's photo of the girl at the edge of the water
yes, edges and transitions are very important!

Tricia said...

oh, love the links today! especially the list. i am going to print it out...i can see having a good time with this.
and is it ok if i link to you today?
much love to you relyn!

maddie said...





thank you


susanna said...

I like that video, Relyn. And Hulagirl's portraits of strangers are beautiful. You know, she was one of the people who inspired my winged messenger project. And Keri comes up with some terrific ideas, doesn't she? She was the first person I ever knew to have a blog...and she was an inspiration for me to start my own blog.

And YOUR blog always makes me smile. You have such a positive, giving attitude towards Life.

About my art...well, I have the winged messenger project which is a long term thing but right now, this very moment, I have my encaustics (beeswas, damar resin and oil paints mixed together) set up on the table behind me. I applied base coats to two frames yesterday and next up is painting the actual images - hurray! I'm hosting a how-to encaustic get-together with two friends this Sunday. Hip hip hurray for art!

all that i am said...

loved the youtube video
being haunted by art?!?
yet art is so simple, pure, innocent...why so scary?!?
yet I too wonder if i ought!?!?

loved hulagirls stangers!

so deliberate and intentional

i shoot strangers alot
but never put them all together
i am inspired to do so now

and keri's list
100 things

i'm trying to follow through with a 365 project and find it so time consuming...
let alone doing 100 creative things!
it's exhausting just reading it!?!?

yet it is amazing how many of them I do...do

maybe there's hope for my creative side yet!

thanks for your wonderful inspiration and sharing all the wonderful people and the places and things they have created to share with us!

Sarah said...

Art being passed from person to person like a big happy smile!
Love all the inspirations in this post Relyn-especially that video-so lovely! I have done some of the Keri Smith ideas-love her too! The photo projects were also most inspiring. Thank you!

elk said...

you thrilled me with this..

every day in Novemeber:
.i cut a piece of paper 3 x 3
.glue things on it
.photograph it
.then post it on my blog
.i smile ALOT while I do this

spread your wings said...

this will be a post i come back to often - so much inspiration here and your enthusiasm is the best inspiration of all. i love that list of 100 things pretty much the way it is an would like to try to follow it and see what happens. and katie's website is amazing - definitely sparks ideas.
thanks for this.

PixieDust said...

You sent me on such a wonderful journey - thank you!!!

I didn't write the list yet, however, I can tell you that my artwork is my hope and childhood wishes on canvas, paper, and in words...


Marilyn Miller said...

I saw your post on Tuesday, but no time to say anything or read the links. I was busy trying to get work done so I could play today. Then husband went to ER last night and I thought I wouldn't get to create. It all worked out OK and finally after dreaming for several months I was able to do some art today. Ahhhh! It felt so good. I am doing small collages under glass and then soldering it all together to hang on the wall or on the Christmas tree.

meandering pearl said...

this is inspiration...especially spend a day "drawing only red things" i almost typed thinking about red things :)
loveliest wishes

Suvarna said...

I have watched it over and over again. I think I will make it my theme song. wonderful creative ideas.

Funny I have recently started making jewelry and some special photography projects which you can see here http://www.flickr.com/photos/persisting_stars/4099297654/in/photostream/
as I gave my very first one away already.

Thank you as always for sharing your light.

Jaime said...

This is just what I needed...a list of things to jump start my creative flow. I am going to try really hard to do a few things on that list of 100 and see if it doesn't help me conjure up some ideas of my very own.

Thank you Love

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