Monday, December 7, 2009

Tonight's Chore

Am feeling sleepy
The last thing I want to do is keep putting lights on that tree!
OK, that was the second to last thing.
The last thing I want is to get the tree finished and decide there aren't enough lights.

Have I told you yet about my tree?
It's a marvel. A minor miracle.
I'm not kidding. Or bragging.
It just really is gorgeous.

I learned how to do it back when I was first married.
When I worked for an interior designer in her shop.
And I worked for her sister, who dabbled in everything.
Between the two, I learned quite a lot.

Each year my tree is has a minimum of 500 lights per foot.
So a 7 foot tree would have at least 3,500 lights.
So not kidding.
All white lights, of course.

The main ornaments are hundreds of antique crystal chandelier prisms.
Anybody have any they care to send me?
I'm always looking for more.
I like my tree to drip with them.

This year we bought a shorter tree -
only about 7 foot.
And put it on two concrete blocks so it stands a foot taller.

Much fewer lights.
Same dramatic impact.
I wish you could see it.
It makes me very happy.

Happy HoHoHo to you!

Christmas Bokeh by i.anton is used with permission.


S. Etole said...

That sounds dazzling. Will you be sharing a picture of it?!

Gigi said...

It sounds perfect, Relyn!! I hope we'll get to see a photo. All those lights! It must be spectacular.

I use chandelier crystals, too. Back when I was in college, I didn't have any money to buy ornaments for the tree in my apartment, so my mum, who's an antiques dealer, let me raid her boxes of crystals. I tied the borrowed crystals on with ribbons, and it was, I thought, the prettiest tree ever. All these years later, I still use crystals along with my vintage and homemade ornaments. xo Gigi

Relyn said...

It is dazzling, but so far I haven't managed to get a decent picture of it. I do keep trying, though. It's after 11:00 now. The final light count on the 7 foot tree ended at 5,000 lights. I can't wait to see Sloane's face in the morning!

kamana said...

it sounds amazing! do please post a picture when you are done.

elizabeth said...

5000 lights?! I hope you manage to get a picture for us. I am so curious about its dazzling beauty.

Dorit said...

I can't imagine what it looks like, please post a picture, please! :)

cinner said...

It has to be just fabulous. I would love to see a picture. Rest now my friend.

Tracy said...

Just imagining all those light... getting a glow just thinking about it! Your tree sounds amazing, Relyn! Do we get a peek of it when you're done? Happy Day... don't tire yourself out too much over those lights! ;o) ((HUGS))

Jeanne said...

Love and it's magic it was brings the Christmas glow...........

Love you

Debbie said...

That sounds absolutely beautiful, exhausting but beautiful.

ELK said...

you shine friend!

Laura said...

Hi buddy! Sorry I have been MIA!!! Your tree sounds like it has been decorated by Christmas Fairies! Pictures please!!!! Have a great Tuesday!!!


Derrick said...

Hi Relyn,

I was wondering what caused the brownout over here! I can't begin to imagine how 5000 lights are strung and where you plug them all in??!!

Rita said...

I spent several Christmases with you when you were young, but have not spent one with you since you have been grown. I've seen pictures of your tree, but would love to see it in person. Maybe after I retire this time, I can come for the holidays! Your tree is not only beautiful, so are you! I love you! Grammy

Suz said...

I too, want to see a photo!
But the interesting thing about your post was your ability to learn at those womens are a sponge soaking up everything you can
What a joy you must have been for them
now you pass it on...wonderful
My daughter is a crystal person...and she loves trees with thousands of lights...but I tell know she will top it

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I thought I put lots of lights on my tree! I also learned the "best" way to put the lights on and it does take many more lights...but, so worth it. I want to see pictures when it is done.


Gayle said...

Wow! I really want to see a picture of it!

beth said...

can you take a picture for us so we can feel like we're right there with you ?

maybe that will help my christmas spirit who just refuses to come out and play this year....

Andrea said...

Absolutely beautiful!
Blessings and prayers, andrea

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh, I wish I could see it! Sounds beautiful, I just love Christmas trees! <3


Anonymous said...

let all the lights shine...have a wonderful tuesday!

Isabel said...

I surely would love a photo of that beacon of light...

sounds wonderful!

Patti said...

Oh Relyn- you MUST share a picture- you must you must you must!!!!! It sounds stunning! And of course white lights...are there any other kinds? Have I mentioned you need to share a picture?

Jeanie said...

Looking at all the posts I've missed while I've been running about like a headless chicken! But wanted to comment on this simply to say I'm not sure if you are brilliant, crazy or both, but I bet that tree is a knockout! Loved your evening together post and the poem is lovely. Thanks for posting!

spread your wings said...

oh please Relyn show us your tree. it's sounds magnificent!! and i know it is!

Mrs. E said...

I'm begging, too-- Pictures!! I love prisms!

dutchbaby said...

Did your side of town dim when you turned on your tree lights? Five thousand lights! Criminy! Do you have any special tricks/secrets you learned from those designers?

I'm sure it is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could sit by your tree in front of your fire, sipping hot chocolate, listening to Christmas carols. That would be very very nice.

Lynnelise said...

I, too love white lights, and I never seem to have enough! Perhaps I'll stock up after Christmas!

I once heard about a family who loved to put thousands of lights on their Christmas tree, too. It became a family tradition that when they were about to light the tree, they would all - toddlers to adults - don their sunglasses!!!

Dandy said...

That is an awesome idea! And I've been eyeing these chandelier crystal at a local antique store for ages and cannot decide what I could do with them. What was I thinking. I hope they are still there.

Also, the wedding decor had dripping crystals like that all over. It was gorgeous.

Jaime said...

A tree dripping with prisms.
How beautiful!

How I would love to catch a glimpse of that!

What a great idea...chandelier prisms...huh.

Suvarna said...

it sounds fabulous, do take a picture, and share it with us? As always I have still to get a tree, though I do have the perfect tree stand. Guaranteed not to let our tree fall over this year. (as it's done the last 4 in a row!) Perhaps tomorrow we will go and search for the perfect tree to put in the very special stand.

gkgirl said...

it sounds stunning.

mine is tied to the wall
with some hemp
after it fell yesterday...

the lights are mostly
blue and white
with a bit of green.

and the decorations?
sesame street (my treasures,
no one is allowed to put them
up but me....)
the grinch, spiderman, looney tunes,
and a collection of disney princesses...oh...and two energizer bunnys...

Oldies, but Goodies