Friday, February 12, 2010

A Mish-Mash

I've wanted to write a stream of consciousness list/ post sort of deal for a while now. That's how my brain seems to be bubbling this morning. So, why not try it?

I warn you, this post is bound to be odd - and probably not very well written. How could it be if it's unedited? I can feel my mind hopping around like a bumble bee drunk on pollen. Flit - here it is to rest a while. Flutter - there it goes to peek at the flowers over there. Flit - and we're off again. If you're still with me, hang on this is bound to be an odd ride. I promise to post it unedited. Here goes.

First thing on my mind is wondering if you like my FavIcon. I really, really do want your honest opinion. A FavIcon is the little deal that pops up in the corner of your window tab when you open my blog. It's the red lip print that looks a little like a heart. That is my lip print and I like the idea. I'm just not sure about how it actually works. Did you notice it? What was your first impression of it? What do you think it looks like? Do you like it? Should I keep looking for another FavIcon?

Finally, finally I am taking Sloane to see The Frog Princess. Today. I am thrilled that Disney seems to be getting back to their fairytale roots. But, not too hopeful that it will be wonderful. I haven't heard one person say anything about this movie. Not one. I am hoping it's magical and lovely and full of great music and sigh inducing. I'm hoping... but not necessarily expecting it. Still, it will be a great time for Sloane. She so rarely gets to see a movie on the big screen. There are hardly any G movies being made anymore, you know?
My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast. Second is Mulan - at least until I think about Cars. My other favorite is Sleeping Beauty, but that may be because an old boyfriend once woke me up by calling me, "Sleeping Beauty."

Well, I do really, really like the dancing/falling in love scene. That scene reminds me of the dancing/falling in love scene in Moulin Rouge. Do you know the scene I mean? It's one of my all-time favorite movie scenes because it looks exactly like what falling in love feels like.

Another great falling in love scene is this one from Strictly Ballroom. sigh.

Speaking of love - I do SO love Valentine's Day. Love, love, love it! I'm wondering if you have any wonderful and unique plans for Sunday?

Our most unique thing is that Jeffrey and I celebrate Valentine's Day for Sloane on the 14th and celebrate our own on the 15th. We celebrated the first Valentine's we ever shared on the 15th. Now, twenty years later, we're still celebrating on the 15th. Twenty years. Oh my. How simply, marvelously wonderful. When I was a teenager I wondered if it was boring to wake up to the same face for twenty years. As an adult, I simply pray for at least fifty more years to wake up to the same precious face.

I find myself humming love songs all the time lately.

I love the way my pictures turned out from yesterday. I'm going to use one on this post. For their birthdays, I always sing to my students, give them a great book, and a big smoochy red-lipsticked kiss. They wear it all day and love it. Every Valentine's Day I kiss each student, hug them, and tell them how much I love them. It's one of my favorite times of the year. I think they love it too. Just look at the faces in the picture.

Have you ever put Recess Peanut Butter Cup minis in your chocolate ice cream? YUM!!

I wonder how old Sloane will be before she stops calling me to come help her when she showers?

Speaking of Sloane, she's out of the shower and ready for me to help her with her next blog post.

Gotta run. Happy Friday, friends.


krista said...

okay, i've never heard of FavIcon and now i can pretty much guarantee that i'll be stuck for HOURS trying to make myself one!
and i love the hugs and kisses for the kids..i used to teach preschool when i lived on maui and we were a super affectionate bunch. that seems to be a little lacking these days, you know?
and sloane's blog is AMAZING! i'll send her some comments (and keep my name without my blog since my blog is probably a bit more adult oriented!)
what a great idea for her to get all of her ideas out.
so awesome.
(dance it out will save you! i started it on the rainy days at the preschool!)
thank you so much for your sweet comments!

Marilyn said...

I hadn't heard of a Favlcon either, but I like yours. Very cute! Thanks for the link. Now I will have to do one too.

Dandy said...

I love the favIcon and never knew how to make your own. My mom and I just saw the Frog Princess a few weeks ago and both liked it. It may not be a classic but I enjoyed it just the same. There was a moment that actually made me choke up but I'm weepy like that. I'll tell you about it later.

I really don't ever edit my posts and I think its fun you didn't edit yours. Was it hard not to?

For many years B and I worked in restaurants and always spent V-day working. So now we always stay home and cook a feast.

I'm making ice cream this year.

Relyn said...
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Char said...

so romantic to pick your own special day. :)

hope you have a beautiful weekend

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Fun to read your brain workings. As for the FavIcon...didn't notice it until you pointed it out. In fact, with my over-50 eyes...I can't even see it all that well.

We aren't sure about plans for the weekend (but we can tell you details about something we are doing in May)so there must not be anything we are excited about doing.

Happy weekend!


Bee said...

Your Valentine's tradition for your students is sweet, sweet, sweet. LOVE that picture.

(I never notice FavIcons. Sorry; I'm pathetically unobservant.)

beth said...

I didn't see anything when I opened up your blog...dang, I'll have to try it again.....

and you know what movie I can't wait to see ?
alive in wonderland with johnny depp.....ohhhhhh, I can't wait !

and can you believe that my 18 year old son has a top 5 movies list of his lifetime.....and moulin rouge is one of them along with armageddon...go figure !

happy weekend !

Debbie said...

I don't think I ever knew that that thing is called a FavIcon. I love yours and now I will be obsessed with looking to see if others have them. And now I also have to figure out how you do that. Another reason to sit my butt in the computer chair (sorry, I said butt).

And streams of consciousness are excellent.

Yolanda said...

How did you add it your blog?

Roban said...

I stayed with you, word for word... and I DO like that Favicon.... Never heard the term before, but I did see it.

I love how you get to have fun with Valentine's Day at school. For us, in middle school, it's more like a "hold on for the ride day" as students want to rush here and there to deliver Valentines. No delivering today, though. We actually had a snow day.

Kim Living Life said...

I can't believe you are allowed to give your students a smooch!!! I was a teacher's aide for 12 months some years back and we weren't even allowed to hold their hands if the cried. I did and wow be to anyone who told me I shouldn't but the rules are no touching over her. Sad actually. Good for you,

dulcy said...

I don't find the image you're speaking of. Tried going back and reopening your blog a few times, but not getting it. But love everything else I see!


smith kaich jones said...

Dulcy - It's up on the address bar, right before the URL for the blog. I missed it at first and I knew about favicons - LOL! So now I will be looking for everyone's. I know I've seen them with several sites I visit, but really, we get so excited to see the blog and the post and the pictures and everything that we pay no attention to that address bar. :)

And Miz Relyn, you are just opening up and branching out and getting wild on us! I LOVE it!

Smooches to you!

Southern Drawl said...

I love the favIcon. I might just have to get one. Wow, you have lived a lot of places! Have fun at the movies. :)

Johanna said...

Dear Relyn,
Thank you so so much for the sweet Valentine's message that you left for me. I wish you and yours the same~! Have a lovely day on the 14th and the 15th ;o)
20 years! Now that is what real life love stories are made of!xoxo

JoLyn said...

Love it! I wonder what my 17 year old would do if I gave him a big fat juicy red kiss on the cheek this morning....

Thanks for the idea!

Sometimes Sophia said...

FavIcon is new to me. Yours definitely recalls Marilyn Monroe's lips.. Very sexy... like a tiny caricature of sex appeal. Kind of funny, too. Two disembodied lips.

Your students are lucky to have such a loving teacher. And I know what you mean by wanting to see that beloved head on the pillow for 50 more years. Talk about whispering a prayer.

Oliag said...

...your students are unbelieveably lucky! this stream of consciousness...

gkgirl said...

it took me a minute to realize
what the favicon was
but now that i see it,
i LOVE it.
i think that is a perfect choice
for sweet and cute and
a little cheeky...heeheehee...

and i LOVED. LOVED. LOVED beauty
and the of my all time
favorite movies ever. the part
where {i think this is the line, its been a long time since i have seen it} he says "but she is being so difficult!!" sigh.

great post!!

Jeanie said...

I'm LOVING this post! And Valentine's Day (which you know if you've read the Gypsy) and I have NO idea about the lips -- I'll have to figure that out!

Patti said...

I loved this post Relyn! It's such fun to find out more about you, as always! I used to do stream of consciousness journaling with the kids but the things they put in were too disturbing and often had to be turned over to the social worker/office that I just quit doing it- heartless huh?! Anyway- I love your inspiration!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Relyn ~ My favorite sundae is vanilla ice cream with Reeses peanut butter cups crumbled on top, but wait then I think of the birthday cake flavor and I have to rethink again. I just love you ~ you know that don't you?

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