Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Week 5 of the Wednesday lists.
I've had kissing on the brain lately.

Apparently, so have my friends.

favorite kissing locations...
  • The Riverwalk, Chattanooga, Tennessee - This was the big one. My first with Jeffrey. I am here to testify, it doesn't only happen in books, my knees actually did go weak.
  • in my bed - Comforting kisses in the middle of the night, after my little one wakes me up with a bad dream.
  • in the early morning kitchen - from a tousle-headed, sleepy-eyed husband
  • standing at the edge of a bonfire
  • in the labor and delivery room - Was everybody kissing everyone? It sure seemed as though the room was full of loving kisses.
  • 4,000 feet in the air somewhere over the Rockies
  • at Crater Lake
  • during a meteor shower
  • in his Dad's truck - Fogging up the windows and hoping it would never end. It hasn't.
  • standing at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, wet to the knees
  • in the middle of a cornfield in Oregon
  • in a chapel - Just after my Dad said "You may kiss the bride."
  • in the shower
  • on a dance floor at my friend's wedding - This one was my first double cheeker. I love that real people actually do that.
  • at rollerskating rink during couples skate
  • in the rain on Jefferson Street

future kissing locations...
  • a gondola as it drifts under the Grand Canal - an opera singing gondolier would be just about perfect, don't you think?
  • at the top of the Eiffel Tower
  • on the back of a donkey clambering down the Grand Canyon
  • at Sloane's wedding
  • hopefully, in the delivery room when my grandbabies are born

What about you? Where are your favorite kissing locations? Tell me a story, won't you?

The above is one of my favorite pictures so far. It is another one of my students on Valentine's day.


Anonymous said...

kissing in the snow...wet kisses on my cheek from my kids...a kiss at the airport...wet kisses on my cheek from my dogs(you know everyone loves those too).

JoLyn said...

Wonderful list! I also love the double cheek kiss--we get it from our friends from Spain whenever we see them. And my favorite kiss right now is kissing my grandson's chubby little cheeks. Yum!

I also did a Wednesday list today -- List 2: Facebook Groups that Crack Me Up.

Andrea said...

I have an update for Amden on arise 2 write.

TesoriTrovati said...

butterfly kisses with Tiny Dancer
kissing the tops of my kids heads at bedtime after their shower and smelling their sweetness
on the couch for 'date night'
in the front seat of his car on the street outside my grandmother's house after the homecoming dance...he really did knock my shoes off with that first kiss one month in the making!
every single kiss since then...and i believe that no two kisses are alike and should be enjoyed as if it is your first and last.
enjoy the day, relyn!

Heart2Heart said...


You come up with some of the most creative ways to blog sometimes. I love this and may use it sometime in the future.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Gigi said...

I LOVE this list. Delicious. Hmmmm . . . for me it would be beside the ocean on the island where we lived last fall; on a cobblestone street in Portland, Maine when Todd and I were first dating and we skipped class to go get lunch down in the Old Port; on another cobblestone street in Edinburgh where we shared the most romantic dinner I have ever had.

I could go on all night. This is a perfect list idea, my friend!

Char said...

what a gorgeous list...some of the best spots for sure.

Rita said...

I love the kisses of my wonderful grandchildren. When Sloane sees me, she always comes running with outstretched arms to hug and kiss me. I love it, love it! I also love your beautiful list of both early/now and future!

S. Etole said...

I think I'd better get a puppy dog ... :-)

Andrea said...

I use the pictures I take on my blogs. If you go down a few posts you will see one of our family with all four dogs beside the dune with the ocean and pier in the background.
I will continue to post others.

Thanks for your continued prayers for Amden. I just added another small update.

Tracy said...

Oh! I think the kiss on the gondola sounds absolutely divine!

Angie Muresan said...

This is a lovely list. So many beautiful places and beautiful kisses. Hope you get the gondola and top of Eiffel tower in there.

Jeanne said...

A kiss to build a dream on
Love you
Love and hugs and kisses
I love you ♥

Teresa O said...

Enchanting list of kisses. My favorite has to be that first kiss on the forehead of my newborn daughter and later my newborn son. The silly smooches from my grandson rank at the top, too.

Oliag said...

I've kissed Mr O on the top of the Eiffel tower!...a wonderful moment but shared with many others nearby:)

Love this list and it got me writing down my favorite places too...On the the kitchen with something cooking on the front of a wood fire...

Marilyn said...

First kiss was in Santa Monica, California overlooking the Pacific Ocean on a star lite night.

Tracy said...

This list is delicious, Relyn! This is my kind of list too. And I can echo your future kiss of at the top of the Eiffel Tower too--hubby & I look forward to that on too. My own list would be very long, for I love kisses and there have been many memorable ones...A sweet one I was thinking about just this week was a kiss hubby & I shared while on a River Thames cruise when we were on honeymoon in London, it was our last evening of a spectacular trip and beginning of our new life together, we kissed as we passed Big Ben Parliament on the cruise, it was was a magic moment. London is our special place/city. :o) Happy Day, my friend...and thanks so much you lovely comments at my place. ((HUGS))

spread your wings said...

you are such a romantic - love that about you.

Gillian said...

Anywhere, anytime. Anyone? NO. Not anyone :)
My man! My kids! :)

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I have to say that you've hit a list that I don't really think about. I don't even know if I can remember where we had our first was a long time ago. I'm feeling a bit guilty about not remembering...but ours is a bit of an unusual story.

krista said...

i heart kisses.
and you won chronicle books????!!!!????
oh, how i covet.
awesome. and congratulations.

Anonymous said...

i love the sleepy kisses in the night from my kids - and their early morning kisses as we all wake up.

my first kiss - in my parents' garden one evening 20 years ago.

the fiercely passionate ones, the familiar comforting ones, the tender ones on the forehead... they are all etched in my heart.

Amy said...

I love it ... and kissing in the rain. I'd add kissing in the rain.

Oh, and CONGRATS on Choronical Books win on the Bright Side Project. I saw your name in the winners box and thought, I know her! ;)

Mrs. E said...

What a great post! This made my week, Relyn!

Jeanie said...

Now THIS is a fun one! I love unexpected kisses! And kitty kisses, too!

Jaime said...

This is such a sweet and romantic list! I love the meteor shower one.

I love forehead kisses. xx

Ashlee Rudisill said...

~Lying on the trampoline beneath the stars

~Tear-stained kissses at the airport before he leaves for Afghanistan

~Underwater kisses!

Elyse said...

Well, I can't wait for my own first kiss. I don't think I'll mind where it is, since it will be with someone who loves me. What lovely romantic thoughts and experiences!

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