Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Morning Poetry

the first of all my dreams was of
a lover and his only love,
strolling slowly (mind in mind)
through some green mysterious land

until my second dream begins—
the sky is wild with leaves; which dance
and dancing swoop (and swooping whirl
over a frightened boy and girl)

but that mere fury soon became
silence: in hunger always whom
two tiny selves sleep(doll by doll)
motionless under magical
foreverfully falling snow

And then this dreamer wept:and so
she quickly dreamed a dream of spring
—how you and i are blossoming

~ e e cummings

I Am Not Here taken by Quizz. More of her wondersome images, here.


Tracy said...

*tears*... I have not enough words, too dazzled by images in my mind... cummings always shakes me... Thank you for the poetry on Sundays, Relyn :o)((HUGS))

Jessica said...

Just the mention of spring makes me feel warm inside!

JoLyn said...

Beautiful. And an amazing photo. Thanks for getting this day off to a good start. Happy Sunday!

Patti said...

beautiful e.e. ummings; and the photo matches perfectly! Have a wonderful sunday and an equally wonderful week~

Jeanne said...

Happy Sunday
Love Jeanne♥

lagirl/Sweet Tea said...

Those sweet words are like a verbal hug! So very nice.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Such a wonderful addition to my day...thank you.

Christina said...

oh how this warms me.

Char said...


Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I just love this poem, and reading it tonight, here by your fire in the slog of winter, it feels even more wonderful. Especially this part:

And then this dreamer wept:and so
she quickly dreamed a dream of spring
—how you and i are blossoming

thank you for this beauty!

Gillian said...

the sky is wild with leaves

come on now...genius. sighage. xoxo

Hindsfeet said...

this idea of "blossoming"...a resonant chord of late.....I pray it is also a prophetic one.... heart aches to bloom...

hmmmm, I think I just wrote a haiku...sort of....maybe I'll post it in a few days....

thanks, as always, for the beauty you share, Relyn...

susanna said...

Ohh, that ee cummings. He certainly knows how to turn a line and talk of love and longing, doesn't he? And that is such a beautiful, dreamy photograph, Relyn.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

OMy this picture is exquisite! I just love it!!!

Jeanie said...

Simply lovely. Thank you for reintroducing me to my old pal, "e.e."

Jaime said... I adore that word...especially when it is blended with falling snow.

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