Thursday, March 18, 2010


Week 8 of the Wednesday lists.
When I began this project, I intended my lists to be autobiographical so that by the end of the year I would have an odd version of a life story. That has turned out to be more time consuming and difficult than you might imagine. I was thinking about this week's list when I visited this blogger.
"Yippie! I'm gonna copy," I thought. "Today's list will be a piece of cake. It has to be, I've sort of written about it before." Yeah, right. Four hours later... It's now Thursday for cripe's sake!

Just a peek inside my bag.
It doesn't look like I schlep very much, does it?
I do!
  1. reading material ~ I never go anywhere without something to read. I often carry a book and a magazine or two. I usually also have a bulging file of papers to be graded.
  2. my journal ~ I never, ever go anywhere without a journal. Ever.
  3. keys ~ I have the most beautiful key chain ever sitting in a box at home. Have you ever seen this one? I love it. Love it! But, I haven't been able to give up the convenience of my clicker yet.
  4. sunglasses ~ I'm too vain about getting eye wrinkles. I never go without 'em.
  5. date book~ Isn't it cute? It's from WalMart, believe it or not.
  6. cosmetics bag ~ This is the most frequently used item in my purse. Even more than my wallet. I'm not kidding.
  7. wallet ~ This wallet is one of my favorite gifts ever. My dad brought it back for me from Africa. It's real ostrich skin, and its perfect.
  8. pencil pouch ~ I like to compartmentalize. See below.
  9. techno-bag ~ I told you I like to compartmentalize. It makes things quick and easy to find.
  10. cell phone ~ I am wishing and hoping and praying for an iPhone. But, AT&T gets terrible signal way out here in the country.

In the techno-bag:
  1. Bible ~ It's not technology, but it fits perfectly.
  2. iPod ~ How did we function before these things were invented?
  3. mini-album ~ Not technology either, I know. I love having so many pictures of Sloane and Jeffrey with me.
  4. Picture reader ~ You never know. I might need to blog on the spot and not be able to wait till I get home to download my pictures.
  5. Jump drive ~ You never know when you might need one. I find that I use mine all the time.
  6. Flip ~ Do you have a Flip? I love it. It's the best $100 I've ever spent.
  7. Cannon PowerShot ~ Not pictured since I was using it. My camera is another thing I take with me absolutely everywhere I go.

In the pencil pouch:
  1. Post-its ~ I do love a good Post-it. Don't you? I constantly have to restock these as Sloane uses them up quickly.
  2. glue stick ~ You never know...
  3. writing instruments ~ I must have a Sharpie and Uniball Rollers in great colors. I never know what mood my words are going to be in when I sit down with my journal. This way I am prepared. Sloane loves it, too. She's created many masterpieces with the contents of my pencil pouch.
  4. binder clip ~ for those papers I have to grade
  5. scissors ~ Man! I carry a lot of things around just in case.
  6. white out ~ I should take this out since Sloane nor I ever use it.
  7. pencil ~ I love this Kate Spade pencil from my friend Mandy. Her designs are so great, but I am a teacher, you know. This pack of pencils may be the only Kate Spade thing I ever own.
  8. paperclips
  9. highlighter
  10. eraser

In the cosmetics bag:
  1. Band-aids ~ This is another item I have to constantly restock.
  2. Mirror ~ A Christmas gift from a good friend.
  3. Bonnie Bell ~ I thought the color might be a great replacement for a discontinued gloss I loved. It's not, but this stuff tastes great. I usually put it on at the end of the day when I don't want to "waste" my more expensive makeup on a trip to the grocery store.
  4. Avon Dew Kiss ~ a perfect lip moisturizer
  5. MAC lipsticks ~ Twig for every day, Dubonnet for date night
  6. Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme ~ I have the worst, most peely nails you ever saw. I've tried absolutely everything over the years. This is the only product that has ever helped my nails. I put it on two or three times a day and my nails grow. Amazing! Now I have these cute tins stashed all over the place.
  7. Advil gel caps
  8. Walgreen's refreshing aloe lotion ~ I love this stuff. It soaks right in and doesn't leave me feeling greasy. Jeffrey thinks it stinks, but the smell fades quickly.
  9. MAC lip liner in Spice
  10. nail tools ~ I can't stand to have ragged or dirty nails or cuticles
  11. eyebrow brush ~ If your eyebrows look good, your face looks better. True.
  12. Nars lip gloss in All Night Long ~ I wear it over everything. And by itself. It's fabulous. Worth the price. Definitely.
  13. Clean and Clear blot papers ~ These are not pictured since I just ran out. I have very oily skin and this stuff soaks it all up without removing my makeup. Excellent!
What about you? What's in your bag? Will you give us a peek?


Patti said...

HI~ Great list!!! Running to school in a sec but had to comment- this hits home. Yes I schlepp!! A lot- but I am getting better. Let's just say that I often win the games at showers when it's the Do You Have This in your Purse Game? Small purses I can only do if I carry about 4 of them at a time; lol. I like your organization of stuff- I am impressed tho not surprised. I usually have all of that AND meds for any occasion and anybody ( you JUST never know...) I miss carrying a diaper bag- Loved that! I also spill over into my school bags- I know I told you about abandoning those at the end of each year then they are like a time capsule. Anyway...must and journal! Have a great day!

bekkah said...

After I had my daughter, whenever I left the house on my own I would ONLY take my keys and my wallet. The sense of 'freedom' that I had from not being weighed down with a million things was very therapeutic for me!

Now I always have my *emera bag with me...LOVE it. Fits my camera equipment + essentials perfectly.

btw, Clean and Clear papers are awesome!

Kamana said...

this is fantastic! i cannot believe the amount of stuff you have in your bag :)

sometimes my bag has just these: phone, wallet, keys, camera. those are my basics and go everywhere with me. other stuff may or may not go, depending on which bag and where i am going.

Kelli said...

Around these parts I often hear "Ask Kelli. She carries EVERYTHING in her purse!" Happy to see I'm not the only one! :) I always have BandAids, Scotch tape, Post-Its, needle and thread, safety pins...the things everyone needs from time to time but don't always carry with them. I have four kids. They've taught me much over the years, including the fact that I NEED to carry this HUGE purse in order to be SuperMom! ;)

Andrea said...

Girl...we are so much alike....we could pack each others bags! I take almost the "exact" same things everywhere I go.
Hugs, andrea

Tracy said...

WOW, you've got one very well organized bag, Relyn! Oh, but I love Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme!! I have terribly, chronically dry cuticles--it drives me crazy...constantly rubbing in cream. I never go anywhere without wallet, reading material, a journal and multiple pens. Love your mood pen colors! :o) Oh, and my camera--cannot leave home without it. My bag contents are pretty streamlined since I work at home and have everything there. I often have a small knitting project in my bag too--for car journeys. Just loved this post! Happy Day ((HUGS))

Marilyn said...

Do your shoulders get tired carrying all that stuff? It is amazing seeing inside someone's bag. A very interesting list. I use to carry alot more stuff when I worked, but my shoulders started getting sore from the weight.

spread your wings said...

I used to not even carry a purse - just my drivers license, debit card, some money in pouch on my keychain.
your bag on the other hand is very organized and tidy and wow you pretty much have everything you could possibly need. right nowi don't think i could show anyone inside my bag, it might reveal too much about me. namely that i'm not so organized and that i procrastinate. there are letters to be mailed, papers to be filed and receipts to be thrown out.
on second thought maybe i will try this challenge and see what happens. thanks

kath said...

I just got a brand new bag so it's organized I used to wear Mac "twig" and I had forgotten about it until just this second. Thanks for reminding me!

Rita said...

I used to carry a lot of things that I do not carry now. I enjoyed seeing what was in yours!

Joy said...

I love this post - what a great idea! And I'm with you on the ipod. I actually bucked getting one - thinking I didn't "need" one. Boy was I ever wrong!

Char said...

you love mac like i love chanel! LOL and my sister swears by wet and wild lip gloss - she buys 4-5 at a time because they're so cheap.

Georgianna said...

Very impressive!!! Actually, you have many items but they are beautifully organized. :) I used to carry huge bag full of everything I would need if I had to spend the night away from home. Yes, carried all of it every day. Now, when I do carry a purse, it's wallet, keys, glasses, lip gloss. That's all, ever. Oh, not to mention my 35 lb camera bag on the other shoulder. Always. Have a lovely weekend! :) – g xo

Dandy said...

I should have known you were a Dubonnet woman! Love that color, I wore it in my engagement pictures.

I totally need to organize and compartmentalize.

Things have been crazy over here and I've missed your blog!

Gayle said...

Relyn, this is so fun! I may have to copy you and do it, too! I love those Clean and Clear blot papers, although I don't have to use them as much as I used to. One good thing about aging is that my skin is less oily now!

Jeanie said...

Yikes! This is great! (And I hope you don't have back problems from carrying your big bag!)

I may need to do a post on this one day -- it's fun!

beth said...

and I thought my bag was full...I can't hold a candle to you !

Gillian said...

I love seeing what is in your bag!
My bag is weird. I have a business card holder that I love. A small makeup bag with two things, powder and lip balm.
A cell phone.
A wallet that I just cleaned out 50 or so extra plastic cards that I don't need.

I tuck it into a big messenger bag just incase I need to put anything else in there. I never do!


Suvarna said...

wow, that's a full but very well organized bag.
I love a bag that keeps everything in place, mine are always small but compartmentalized. I can usually get by with a wallet, a hairbrush, some lip balm, my glasses, a book, a pen, a small size moleskin, and my cheque book.

Gigi said...

I found this post incredibly pleasing, Relyn! I think what pleased me most was seeing how organized and carefully considered each bag within your bag is! You think ahead and come prepared--fantastic traits in a person.

Lately I end up using a small Timbuk2 messenger bag as purse a lot because it fits my purse stuff and camera equipment. I'm searching for an actual camera bag that I love, but until then, this is it.

Would that I were half as organized as you!!

xoxo Gigi

Kim Living Life said...

Oh Relyn, this was great how organised are you girl!!!! My bag is usually just full of whatever I think I might need camera and phone have a neat little pocket each and the centre zip is for lippy and tissues, band aids etc, the rest has hand wash, wipes, and dockets I haven't thrown out yet oh to be organised.

dutchbaby said...

OMG, do you remember doing a post on your tote bag a couple of years ago? I used it as a meme and posted this:

Nice to see what you're schlepping around these days :)

Jaime said...

Now you are the kind of girl I like to have around me...someone who always has what is needed in any crazy circumstance. You see, I rarely rarely carry a bag or purse...whatever fits in my pocket is what goes with me...unless I am going to the beach or something and I need a place to put my book and a snack etc. And my camera bag. I carry that around too. But that's it. You would be my hero in times of need for the little things!
BTW, what is a flip?? Sounds interesting.

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