Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Passion for Teaching

Week 11 of the Wednesday Lists.
I teach second grade in Nixa, Missouri. This is my ninth year teaching and my second in grade two. I love, love, love my job. Here's a partial list of the reasons why.

* I share my work life with my child in a way that most mothers never get the chance to do. *
* Children are interested in everything and are game for anything. *
* I get paid to take kids to the IMAX and the park. *
* slumber parties at school! *
* I can be as silly as I want and it's all good teaching. *
* I love to be in charge. *
* All my passions combine to make me a better teacher. I don't have separate selves; one me for my hobbies and one for work. Every interest I have is fodder for my lessons. *
* tetherball at free recess *
* I get to read great books aloud to a rapt audience. every. single. day! *
* Kids laugh six times as often as adults. *
* I get to provide love and a safe place for my students. *
* field trips *
* We get to respond to literature with paint, clay, scissors, and words. *
* Kids laugh at my jokes. *
* I have a chance every day to ignite curiosity. *
* sneaking in a good swing every now and again during recess duty *
* I never miss the seasons because I am outside for at least a half hour every day. *
* We write books every day. *
* constantly striving to improve and grow as an educator and a person *
* I like to be in charge. Did I say that already? *
* When I laugh at toots, they all join in. *
* Lots and lots of hugs *
* science experiments *
* handmade Valentines *
* Time never passes you by because you mark every season and every special occasion with your students. *
* I learn something new every day. *
* the excitement children have for learning cursive *
* Have you ever listened, really listened to a child? They are fascinating. *
* brain break dance minutes *
* crazy hair day *
* making up songs and cheers to learn new concepts *
* the constant creativity of children *
* little love notes written in a wobbly hand *
* no two days are even remotely similar *

So? What do you love about your job?


Cinner said...

I wish I had you as my teacher, it is funny but when I was working I loved being in charge. lol. Take care. TechnoBabe has a wonderful post today about teaching you may want too read. It brough a tear to my eye. Her link is on my sidebar if you have not heard of her. Take care, have another day of fun.

Jeanne said...

I love to see teachers such as you your students will remember you for the rest of their lives.
My Son and Ahram are both remarkable teachers just like you.

Teachers know how to make little ones COUNT

Thank you my friend

Mrs. E said...

Add 9 years to your students and I get to do about the same! You've inspired me to create a list now! Isn't teaching the best?? And I'm pretty sure your students are very lucky to have you!

Rita said...

I love to watch you teach. You are a fantastic teacher. Wish my teachers had been like you when I was growing up. What do I like about my job? I like having met all the people that I have gotten to know since being there. It has given me a sense of connection, for now, when I see people in town, they recognize me and speak.

Anita said...

Your students are blessed to have you as their teacher. I can see that you have a passion for teaching and for children. My daughter teaches 5th grade and loves her job, too.

Erin Wallace said...

Relyn, you seem like such an amazing teacher. You always can ferret them out - they don't just like theyr job, they LOVE it!

ELK said...

amen amen amen

Derrick said...

And this is only a partial list, Relyn?! Your little ones are the lucky ones!

anna said...

I just have to say, how lucky, lucky, LUCKY and very blessed your students and their families are.
: )
What a great list!!

Kelli said...

If only all teachers had your passion, this world would be a much better place. :) Thank you for being so dedicated to what you do. Wanna move to WV? ;)

Tracy said...

I wish you had been my 2nd grade teacher, Relyn! * We get to respond to literature with paint, clay, scissors, and words. * tetherball at free recess* I would love to do those things all over again... I love how passionate you are about what you do. Due to some health issues I work from home--this is such a blessing as it has allowed me to pursue creativity at my own pace each day. My little business is floundering due to the economy, but I keep trying. I love what I am doing right now! :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

Gayle said...

I wish my children had had you for second grade! All three of them had teachers in 2nd grade that were not nearly as passionate as you are. Your passion for teaching is a joy!

Anonymous said...

i hear you. amen to all of those!

JoLyn said...

What lucky, lucky kids!

What do I love about my job? I'm a sometimes oral surgeon's assistant. I love taking care of my patients and making them feel comfortable and less afraid. I love surgery and seeing things that gross some people out! And I love that it's given me opportunities to travel on humanitarian trips to Central America.

maggie said...

I smiled all the way through your list. So sweet.
My job right now is: 'I need do nothing' which can be quite challenging but when I get into it my shoulders drop, I smilem know I will be shown where to go, what to do and I am grateful.

Wanda said...

Come see HoneyBoy sitting by my fire. I thought of you when I posted it.

Oliag said...

I am thoroughly enjoying your series on passions!....and it would be nice if all teachers had this same passion you have...Lovely, lovely fact it brought tears to my eyes:)

I worked with the other spectrum of life, in geriatrics...I loved their stories, their gratitude, and their frequent grumpiness:)

Jeanie said...

What an inspiring list! I'm delighted you write books everyday!

beth said...

i have to believe your students love you more than anything you love about teaching.....seriously, in my heart, i know it's true.

Kim Living Life said...

i am a stay at home mum well my kids are twins 21 and older daughter 26 so really i am almost retired haha!! But I was a teacher's aide for a year and loved every minute of it. Children are amamzing fun. Now I volunteer in a refugee centre, teach cooking and english. teaching is the best thing ever and you sound like an amazing teacher

Lennye said...

Well said!! I so would love to have you help me decorate my little corner of my room. (I loved that post)

dutchbaby said...

First of all, I love that photo!It is filled with joy and action!

I think it's fantastic that you are doing what you love for a living. I hope my kids will have a career as fulfilling for them as teaching is for you.

Hindsfeet said...

What a gift to love what you do, know that what you're doing is meaningful, and to know you have something of value to offer the world......

...I'm so happy for you : )

Marilyn said...

Oh your job sounds so perfect. In a way I am jealous, but so happy for you.

I am retired from my career job, but loved the creativity of it and work with young creative adults set my heart to singing. Now I still have my business and that is fun to create new ideas for too, but I do miss the young creative adults.

Amy said...

I LOVE it! And it sounds as though your students are ever-so lucky to have you!

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

I love ending my day knowing I helped someone take care of their cat better...whether it be at work (a cat hospital) or in the cats I raise and send off to new homes, or in the cat blogosphere. My therapist says it's my calling.

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Hello My Dear!! How are you? School slumber parties??! I never even heard of those. How I wish I'd had you as a teacher!! Only one of my teachers even comes close to your creativity and joie de vivre that is obviously infectious to your class. But I think you are clearly way more fun. You rock!

Patti said...

I love YOUR list, can I come teach with you? We would have so much fun! Give me a room with kids and I love it- throw in all the "other stuff" and it becomes a big challenge.

Jaime said...

This is amazing.

You know, I teach piano at people's homes, but on Tuesdays I teach two kids at the elementary school where their mother teaches. We use the kindergarten room because it has a great piano. Each time I go there, I walk into the school and smell all the familiar nostalgic scents that take me back to my childhood and how much I loved school. I break out in a smile everytime I walk into this school...why does it smell the same as when I was a kid? What is it that I am smelling?
And when I am teaching in the kindergarten room, I am always looking around at the artwork on the walls, and the books they are reading and the jungle or pirate ship they have made out of the loft...and I wish so much to be a school teacher, just for a little while..I wish I could..just to get it out of my system. Maybe I would end up staying a whole lot longer.
You have such a wonderful life Relyn. It is brimming with wonderful things, every single day.

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