Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Important Words

Week 15 of the Wednesday lists
I love words and I love lists, which makes a list of words just about perfect. I have many, many words lists in old journals. This list is a bit different as it is collaborative effort. The words below are the ones my students think are important. I'll leave it to you to decide why.

Important Words

* cheerful * please * thank you * friend * you're welcome * responsibility * firefighter * stop * kindness * appreciation * self-control * curious * Army * gratitude * courage * read * respect * breathe * cerebral palsy * think * worms * chocolate * Hershey's * foggy * awesome * love * Bakugon * recess * monkey * hula * Cowabunga * tacos * dance * muffins * Yes! * freedom * learn * laugh * family * teacher * brain *

What are your important words?


Andrea said...

love, hug, JESUS, heart, grandbaby saying...Nana!
Blessings, andrea

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I think your list is you - it's wonderful, joyful, and serious.

I feel like I could go on and on, but I'll start with:

Friend, yes, laughter, peace, latte, daughter, hope, concise.

Erin Wallace said...

Hmm - mommy, Jesus, depression, love, acceptance, patience, sunshine, community, family, together. That's what popped off of my head.

xo Erin

Rita said...

Because you have taught them well!

Jeanne said...

Family faith friends Amen
and people like you

Love all you share
Love you

Heart2Heart said...


I just enjoy the creative that stems from all your beautiful posts!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

TheEccentricLady said...

What a great list from your students! I am very inspired by their picks!
I have to guess though, the chocolate one came from a girl? Lol
Right now my important words are:
Love, faithfulness, Live, cherish, Life,death,family,gratitude,and most important God's Grace
(Just home from a funeral)

Terresa said...

"You're welcome" and "Thank you" are big ones in our home. Our 3 year old is always ending his sentences with one or the other. Which, of course, makes me beam. :)

My personal fave is "Belive" because there's so much strength in that one single word.

Great post!!

Derrick said...

Hi Relyn,

Just shows how different we all are but I think you may have had a little influence, maybe on the chocolate! :0)

Lubna said...

Your school kids are wonderful and sensitive. My list (let us restrict it to ten would be): Joy, Laughter, Family, Friends, Sharing, Pets, Sea-breeze, Learning, Honesty and let us end with Ice-cream since it is so hot in summer, in India.
Have a lovely vacation.

Marilyn said...

Oh, JOY!
love - muffins - laugh!
That would bring me great JOY

dutchbaby said...

beauty, patience, pacing, wildlife, art, passion, listen, dream, travel

Thank you for causing me to stop and think about this powerful list.

TheEccentricLady said...

Hey Relyn,
Thanks for stopping by. The early review program is on the internet not a local thing. You can do it too! Check out my link on my blog or try It's listed on the right on their blog called early review program or something like that. Hope you sign up! Have a great weekend :)

Relyn said...

Derrick, Good guess, but no. It was actually a boy who said chocolate. Mine were laugh,cheerful, and family. The rest were theirs.

Anonymous said...

I like to link my words together. I also like to learn new words. I like to taste them to see if they're the right word for the meaning.

Lists? I make them so I can get things done. If I'm writing, it's blogging or working on my book.

Tracy said...

Hi, Relyn! Wonderful to catch up with you... and I LOVE all the words here. :o) Since I'm on vacation just now JOY and ENJOY are big just now. ;o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Gillian said...

Worms! Love it Relyn. xo

Here goes:

jogging, walking or running at sunrise
yes, YOU


Gigi said...

LOVE this list.

Hmmmm . . . a few for me:


Thinking of you, sweet friend. xoxo g

Jaime said...

What a bright, insightful bunch.
Hershey's and foggy .... how adorable!

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