Thursday, June 3, 2010

a rose by any other name...

Week 17 of the Wednesday lists.
Sloane and I were shopping together one time, and as we were paying the shop owner asked Sloane her name. What she said was, "Your Mom calls you all sorts of wonderful things, but I'm wondering what your actual name is. As much as she loves you, I bet it's a good one." I thought that was a marvelous compliment. It also made me realize how many little pet names I have for my sweet girl. Today I read
this post and knew what list to share this week.

No name is sweet enough...

Sloanie Boney Broccoli
light 'o my heart
Sloane Ja'Bone
love 'o my life
sugar booger
sweetie pie
stinky pete
sugar beet
pretty girl
sweet pea
big stuff
love bug
baby girl
sweet girl
honey bun
toot-sie pop
my sunshine
pumpkin pie
tootie britches
apple dumplin'
Pokey Little Puppy

What about you? Who do you call by a pet name? Care to share?


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Love those names for Sloane. I have called my youngest daughter since she was 2 seconds old, Jarebear. Her name is Jarani but Jarebear fit and she's been that to me ever since. I also call her and her sister, Baby. Baby Boo I call, Baby Boo as well as Baby Girl or Baby.

So sweet to have nicknames. To me, they are terms of endearment.

Gayle said...

Oh my gosh, you have the cutest nicknames for your sweet girl! I used to call my oldest son "Love Bug", but now that he's 17 I don't let that slip out too often!

Debbie said...

Oh that is sweet. Cartoon Girl was always my Sweet Petunia when she was growing up. Or AshMash. TMO was MooMoo or the Moomeister. Shoe Queen goes by the name of Benny or Bennyboo. And, well, I have names for HHBL but I think I had better not share those.

Jeffrey said...

You forgot Boolahoo.

Relyn said...

I did! Plus, I couldn't remember her weirdo name. You know, how mine is Prunella Q. Oddsbottom? What was hers?

beth said...

our dog sophie, i often call mooshie whooshie for absolutely no reason at all except that her face gets all smooshed when she's sleeping.....

out daughter cate.....that's easy, as she gets called cat and cady bug :)

our son jack....jackmacattack....jack attack....jack mac...and more often than anything else.....what were you thinking that a nickname ?

Jeanne said...

How blessed she is to have two wonderful parents like you
Love Jeanne

Tracy said...

Oh, how sweet--LOVE all these names, and "tootie britches" & "sugar booger" are very cute... tee-hee... but "light 'o my heart"--that's a swoon'er. :o) Hubby & I have pet names for each other, but not sure I should reveal... LOL! Since we're not so lucky to have children, we have a cat though, who has about 50 cutesy names--it's a wonder he knows what his real name is! Happy Weekend, dear Relyn ((HUGS))

suzyQ said...

This is so cute!

meandering pearl said...

my mum calls me lucy, she has lots of names too :) i love what the gracery store lady said to you guys!!! loveliest thoughts

Marilyn said...

I call my daughter, Jill, Gigi and she calls me Mimi. When she was little I called her Punkin Little.

I call my cat, Joey, Sweet Pea and Little Pumpkin.

Those names are so sweet for Sloane and such love is shown there in your terms of endearment.

Jeanie said...

First, thanks so much for your nice comments! I'd reply right away, except it's a no-reply address. Sigh. So, know every one is appreciated.

Now this post is so darned charming I can't stand it. First, you're right -- that's a fabulous statement! And all those names are adorable.

I call the Gypster by pet names (suitably, enough!) The Gypster, Gypsy, Gypsy Rose (official name), Gyppy, Gypadeedoodah, Gypadoodledoo, Pookie, Pookie-Pie, Munchkie, Punky and Punky-pie, and ever so many more!

Jeffrey said...

Her goofy name is Fuzz Lois Lollypop!

Char said...

my nieces are nicknamed, emme & gigi (plays on their initials) and then also mooch and gooch, then itty bitty bits another associated sweet names.

Heart2Heart said...


I love this post and it reminds me of just why our nicknames are so meaningful and where we get them from.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Joy said...

What a beautiful post and a beautiful list. I have a term of endearment for just about everyone I love. I remember being so disappointed when a man I was in love with couldn't seem to call me something sweet. (That relationship didn't last long) It think nicknames are the perfect measure of how much we love someone.

Christina said...

this is too sweet. and that face, she is beautiful. i call my daughter jadiebaby! : )
ps: the suspense is so over! stop by. : )

Erin Wallace said...

They're embarrassing and they are for Will, my toddler. He's Poopy, Bubby, Pookie, Little Man, Big Poppa, and Pumpkin.

Please check my blog - there is something there for you!

xo Erin

Terresa said...

Sweet, sweet post. Love the "tootie britches" the most.

Happy weekend!!

Rita said...

My dear sweet Relyn, I love you too and always have. You have always been such a blessing to me. I also love the picture of Sloane. I can't believe how she has grown just since I last saw her. Am looking forward to seeing you soon. Take care of that sweet miss till I see you!

Mrs. E said...

Love names are the best! I know another Sloane-- due to be born in about a month!! : )

Nieves said...

Very sweet post Relyn, you must be a wonderful mother. I feel a bit shy telling but my English ex-boyfriend used to call me Minnie and I liked it, I thought it was very sweet and romantic.......Have a lovely weekend!

dutchbaby said...

I've heard you use them! I think my favorite to use is hunnybun, but then there's cupcake. I have some for my son but I'm forbidden to write them in the blogosphere :/

Joanne said...

What a heartwarming list! Terms of endearment are so special. My list of names has changed over the years for my girls, and they always know they're my "peeps" no matter what the name.

Jennifer Richardson said...

What delicious sweetness! Makes my mom-heart swimmy with love and memory and bittersweetness as I celebrate my Hannahbear's 24th birthday and make ready to say goodbye as she packs up her jeep and makes her first solo move across the country in three days.
It all unfolded so quickly...that precious growing-up-ness. Cherish these billowy days:)

krista said...

sugar beet might just be my new favorite!
thank you so much for the sweet comments, they really mean so much to me.
and i just realized when you wished a happy birthday to my 'little one' how vague my writing sometimes is. the four years was about my relationship with my man. haha. it's a wonder i make sense at all sometimes. xoxo

Amy said...

I love pet names! My cat has so many he doesn't actually know his REAL name. It's a little pitiful, but true ...

Ragamuffin Gal said...

This is the sweetest post Relyn ~ I just love it! I've heard most of those and learned a few new ones!

Bee said...

I recognize lots of these! Let's see: I call my husband "bun," and we all call my youngest daughter "monk" (short for monkey). I call both girls "presh" (phonetic spelling), which is short for "precious."

elizabeth said...

Oh! This is so sweet. I love all your pet names for her.

sanjeet said...

How blessed she is to have two wonderful parents like you
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Jaime said...

sugar booger!

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