Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Morning Poetry

Where was it, in the Strand? A display
Of news items, in photographs.
For some reason I noticed it.
A picture of that year’s intake
Of Fulbright Scholars. Just arriving—Or arrived. Or some of them.
Were you among them? I studied it,
Not too minutely, wondering
Which of them I might meet.
I remember that thought. Not
Your face. No doubt I scanned particularly
The girls. Maybe I noticed you.
Maybe I weighed you up, feeling unlikely.
Noted your long hair, loose waves—Your Veronica Lake bang. Not what it hid.
It would appear blond. And your grin.
Your exaggerated American
Grin for the cameras, the judges, the strangers, the frighteners.
Then I forgot. Yet I remember
The picture: the Fulbright Scholars.
With their luggage? It seems unlikely.
Could they have come as a team? I was walking
Sore-footed, under hot sun, hot pavements.
Was it then I bought a peach? That’s as I remember.
From a stall near Charring Cross Station.
It was the first fresh peach I had ever tasted.
I could hardly believe how delicious.
At twenty-five I was dumbfounded afresh
By my ignorance of the simplest things.
~ Ted Hughes

Vintage image of The Strand found here.


Rallentanda said...

Ted Hughes "Birthday Letters" is one of my favourite poetry collections.

Jennifer Richardson said...

mmmmmm....such wordsmithed beauty. And now I'm off to gather my own peach for breakfast and thoroughly taste it.
(Thanks for the inspiration)

Cait O'Connor said...

Nice blog and I love the poem.

Suz said...

ah what we forget to remember
and remember what we forgot

Kim Living Life said...

i enjoyed this relyn, a wonderful journey through his memories it was lovely

Marilyn said...

A world where so much is known, but so much to learn. Such innocence and delight at 25.

Char said...

beautiful words

moonshin said...

Thank you, Relyn...for sharing. simply beautiful...glad to be here.

Oliag said...

Love this:)

Word verification below = tedore

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Perfect poem for this time of summer! I drove past several peach stands on our way home from Dallas.
Fresh peaches and to be 25 again!
How are you enjoying life these days my friend?

I know about "Wicked" but please tell me more!
<3 Katie

Georgianna said...

Oh, Relyn, such marvelous imagery and so very evocative. I love the eclectic choices you feature here! (Still in the midst of schedule upheaval so I don't have definite word for next week. I'm SO sorry. Last house guest left yesterday, D is in Antwerp and on it goes!)

dutchbaby said...

It always boils down to simplicity, doesn't it?

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Will have to read more of him. Love that last line: dumbfounded afresh.
Thanks for sharing!

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

as Jennifer R said...such wordsmithed beauty, accessible and evocative.

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