Wednesday, August 11, 2010

make every minute count

10 to 1

How are you making your minutes count today?

August Break, day 6. Photo: taken in Sugar Mamma's Bakery in Briarcliff Village shopping center in Kansas City, Missouri


Anonymous said...

spending time with my children. cooking together. laughing.

Derrick said...

By visiting you of course, Relyn!

Rita said...

Going to the job again! But more importantly, by getting more things done in my house. I'm ready to start on the kitchen tomorrow when I get home from work! That's exciting to me. Can't wait to finish it all and sit back and enjoy for a while.

Andrea said...

AMEN, Girlfriend! Very convicting! and much needed, today!

Char said...

yes it does....beautiful clock

Tracy said...

Lovely thought and a beautiful clock to go with it!

maggie said...

A nice reminder to 'Let Go and Let God' for me. To rest and trust.

HKatz said...

I need to repeat this to myself often, "make every minute count"... the tendency to procrastinate (and procrastinate pointlessly) is one of my weaknesses.

Sweet Tea said...

With each year that passes I find myself asking that question more & more. Time is a precious gift all too quickly spent.

Heart2Heart said...


Well besides devoting my mornings to God and then trying to stay on top of family needs and blogging and books, I need God's guidance for managing my time well and keeping it balanced.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Marilyn said...

Taking a moment to pause with your beautiful music and lovely clock. Oh breathe and peace. Takes for the pause in my day. Company coming tomorrow, so cleaning my house today.

lakeviewer said...

Doing what I like!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Love....deeply and wildly
and openly,
without apology
or shame.
Fearless love.
Flinging it into the universe
as a prayer
or smile (even if I'm by myself)
or in a gazillion other creative expressions
is productive. Always.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Great photo...I did make my minutes count today. I didn't do anything exciting...but, I did get things done.

smith kaich jones said...

i left work on time, didn't stay late here at the end of getting stuff out, and came home to watch the rangers vs yankees, and even though we lost, had a fabulous evening.

and that is one cute clock!

:) Debi

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