Friday, October 15, 2010

another first

JD (my camera) has brought so many firsts into my life. Yesterday was another one. I had my first Senior photo shoot. Oh man! It was big fun. Her family owns a farm and operates a corn maze so we took lots of pictures there. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day.

now that's what I call a Senior

her lips

beauty & Blaze


the gaze

And now, for my favorite...


What firsts have you been experiencing lately?


Yiota said...

beautiful photos!
Let's see... first time I couldn't start the car- dead battery

Patti said...

Oh do YOU have talent!!! Whoo HOO!!! Awesomeness indeed!

Heart2Heart said...


What amazing pictures. You have captured not only her beauty in each of them but the personality as well. Priceless.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

beth said...

i'm sooooo proud of you !!!

Char said...

yay for you!!! what a wonderful job you did.

Rita said...

What a lovely job you did on this photo shoot. The last picture is just wonderful. Keep it up!

Suvarna said...

Relyn, these are fabulous! You go girl! Yay!

Suz said...

Oh gracious my favorite was the lips
and that last one so marilyn monroe like
what talent indeed
and a beautiful model doesn't hurt either!

suzyQ said...

all of these are beautiful, but that second one is absolutely stunning! I am sure you will have many other senior clients after others see these. great job!

Jo said...

My 'first' is meeting up (today) with 2 lovely blogging friends for the first time! Fab day out.

Super photographs, what a pretty girl she is, you've really done her proud. Love the dog close up too!


S. Etole said...

This is the first day I have been able to figure out how the little "A" button on my point and shoot works ... now to learn when/where to use it. You and your camera are definitely a winning pair.

Tracy said...

Very nice, Relyn! I bet she loves the photos. Have a great weekend!

spread your wings said...

these came out great. nice job - i'm sure the family is pleased.
i'm hoping to make it a first to go through a corn maze this weekend - or real soon.

Lara said...

You did a lovely job!!

Marilyn said...

Yes, I can say I knew you when and now you are a photographer for sure. Great shots, everyone of them!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Such beautiful pictures. They truly made me smile.

Georgianna said...

Congratulations, dear! Wonderful job! You must be so tickled! xo – g

Derrick said...

Pretty pictures and a subject to match! Can't think of any exciting firsts at the moment!

susanna said...

Terrific portraits, Relyn! This young woman must love your photographs of her. So must her mom and dad!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Oh wow, Relyn!
Stunning photos
...your eyes are
I built myself a garden
...a real "just for the beauty
of it" garden,
like the ones I've built
professionally for OTHER
people for years.
Yep. I built one for me.
Sad that it's so long overdue.
But I DID it and it feels

Amy said...

What fun! And you did a fabulous job ... I bet everyone loved the whole shoot!

As for me, I'm doing my first trade show next weekend. The thought makes me want to puke. :)

Oliag said...

I would never believe that this is a first for you...they are stunning! No new firsts for me that I can think of...will think harder or try something new:)

Jeanie said...

Beautiful photos, Relyn. I hope they're pleased -- they should be!

Christina said...

such a beautiful job you did.

Jaime said...

What a beautiful first for you!!
Wonderful pictures...she must love them.

We had our first fall storm this weekend...I love storms. Rain and howling wind and flickering lights, wind chimes singing loudly was great!

gkgirl said...

love them!

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