Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Week 25 of the Wednesday Lists.

17 Things I Wonder About...
  1. Why are things the funniest in the most inappropriate situations?
  2. Why do the best tasting things contain the most calories?
  3. How do you get that ship in the bottle? And why would you bother?
  4. What made Pythagoras think to prove a triangle theorem with two squares?
  5. Why would anyone ever make a piggy bank with no hole to get the money out?
  6. What is it about toots that is so terribly funny?
  7. What is it about people falling down that makes me laugh so hard?
  8. Where do all the missing socks really go?
  9. Why do people think that not speaking up is the same as being nice?
  10. Why do people carry a gallon of milk in a plastic bag?
  11. Will Twinkies and cockroaches really survive a nuclear bomb?
  12. Why do dogs always sniff your crotch?
  13. Why do the pencil sharpeners in classrooms never work?
  14. What is the deal with the Geico commercials?
  15. Do those goofy underwear-showin' boys really think they look good with their bums hanging out?
  16. Why do people think it's okay to caress a stranger's belly just because she's pregnant?
  17. Why on Earth doesn't Donald Trump do something about his hair?

What about you? What do you wonder about?

Albert Einstein, Princeton, New Jersey by Ernst Haas


Cinner said...

I love your list, especially the last one. take care.

Amanda said...

Brilliant musings! As soon as you voice the question, I'm nodding in agreement. xx

Jeanne said...

Love and hugs and smiles across the miles I love all you share
Love Jeanne

Kelli said...

I LOVE the way you think! :) So many of the things on your list I wonder about, too, but you also make me giggle because I can't understand The Donald's thought process either! ;)

Tracy said...

#9 is the one that keeps getting me in trouble!

Patti said...

hehehehe....lots to ponder about- especially #17. I mean with all his fame and money... Have a wonderful day!!! Love Ya!!!

Bee said...

#1 reminds me of the time I was at an embarrassingly atrocious wedding and I could NOT seem to stifle the giggles. I actually have #5, and I think the idea is that you won't get the money out until the bank is full and you have to smash it! #7 makes me remember a not-proud moment when my best friend did a face plant skiing and I could NOT stop laughing. #15 and #17: Right?

I wonder why companies still do that awful cold calling. Does anyone actually listen or want to buy something if approached that way?

Also, my study looks just like Einstein's!!!

Kamana said...

i thought donald trump wore a wig! :)

beth said...

oh #17....all the time whenever i see him on TV, i'm all "sheesh, come on, look in the mirror" "fire your hair stylists, not the contestants"

Oliag said...

Does he really think he looks good?

...and it is so true about #2:(

Jeanie said...

I wonder about a lot of those, too -- and if you figure out the answers, will you share?

Char said...

:) i had to smile at these because i think the same thing.

along with
- why put turn signals in cars when no one uses them?
- why have yellow lights if everyone ignores them?
- why doesn't tom cruise just go away?

Derrick said...

I think Bee isn't quite right about #5. The piggy banks are designed so you have to smash them - and buy another! Donald is obviously perversely proud of his hair; he could definitely afford to do something about it otherwise!

S. Etole said...

I've wondered some of these same things ... especially the last one.

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

#17~ And Conan!! Why would anybody really want that flip?!
How are you, dear? Hope you have a lovely week!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Now that is an interesting list!

Marilyn said...

Your list again makes me smile. I have wondered the same thing about Donald Trump and pregnant bellies.

Come and visit me tomorrow and see the pictures I got from a little Brownie camera I found recently. I am loving it.

Rita said...

Oh so many questions to ponder! Love your list. #7 was always your mom's thing! Ha! I so enjoyed having her here this past weekend! See you soon.

Jennifer Richardson said...

Grinning:) :) :)
Yes, WHY???? to all of them!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I think I know the answer to the piggy bank one from personal experience...
I had a beautiful milk glass piggy bank as a young girl. I saved until it was completely full (it was hard ~ a lot of farm chores, picking black walnuts) and it was equally as hard to break it.

It held true until finally my first trip to see the ocean gave me the strenght to bust that beauty wide open.

I contacted my swap partner today.
I miss you and will see you soon!
XX me

Yiota said...

Hi Relyn! everything alright? Could you please answer my e-mail asap?
I'll be home for the weekend and I need to go shopping for the swap. I can find things to buy here but the choice is very limited.
I'm leaving for the city tomorrow afternoon (in around 15 hours from now)

Elyse said...

I am thoroughly entertained by the Geico commercials. And now I'm *really* wondering about those Twinkies and cockroaches.

Tracy said...

Oh my goodness, Relyn... I've wondered about ALL of these and more... Such fun! But no answers though, huh? Me either... haha... Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Ellen in Conn said...

I had a thought yesterday, watching a man hold up the legs of his pants so he could move at a decent pace - I wonder if it is meant to look like they have just ... um ... finished ... and aren't quite fully dressed again yet.

vivinfrance said...

From a different world, the other side of the Atlantic, I foundered on twinkles and Geico ads. As for the rest: I'm with you all the way.

Rallentanda said...

About the phantom sock really is true!

Gigi said...

I love. this. list. Love it. Numbers 9, 15, 16, and 17 are things I've wondered a lot myself, and that's an excellent question about pencil sharpeners in classrooms. Your brain works in strange and wondrous ways. That's why I adore you so. Happy weekend, lovely!

Daniella said...

I know you probably weren't posting for the sake of receiving actual answers; after all, musing is a beautiful thing.

Having typed that, I have to say I was just reading about why dogs love our crotches.

According to Cesar Millan, it is the canine equivalent of our handshaking, and it would be in fact rude, not to poke around below your equator with a nice "glad to meet ya!" sniff.

Apparently there is a lot of valuable information about who we are down there. I think I already knew that part though. :)

dulcy said...

Well....can't help you out with much here, but had to let you know that I'm currently working on a portrait of Albert E. in my drawing class, so was tickled when I saw your picture post. I will be done with him soon, and will probably post Al on my blog. Hope you have a truly fabulous weekend!

HKatz said...

About laughing at people falling down or in inappropriate situations... this is not the entire reason probably, but part of it may be because we laugh when we're nervous or we laugh when we find out someone is fine after they fell down and hurt themselves (like there's relief in the hilarity). But yes, the psychology of laughter is fascinating!

Where do all the missing socks really go?
Mine are usually on the floor at the foot of my bed...

Do those goofy underwear-showin' boys really think they look good with their bums hanging out?
What I never got is, they often wear baggy shirts so you can't see the fact that their pants are so low... and then I wonder what's the point? Or, is it even comfortable to wear one's pants that way?

Jaime said...

I LOVE your mind. These are great.

And #5.....that's the point, silly you don't spend the money you are trying to save! You have to break it once it is full to get the money out....makes you think twice about doing so before it is full, yes? It's the no fail way to save! *wink*

lol!!!!! What is with the synchronicity of my word verifications today at your blog? This one is costsa!

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