Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Morning Poetry

the first of all my dreams was of
a lover and his only love,
strolling slowly (mind in mind)
through some green mysterious land

until my second dream begins-
the sky is wild with leaves;which dance
and dancing swoop (and swooping whirl
over a frightened boy and girl)

but that mere fury soon became
silence:in huger always whom
two tiny selves sleep (doll by doll)
motionless under magical

foreverfully falling snow.
and then this dreamer wept:and so
she quickly dreamed a dream of spring
-how you and i are blossoming

~ ee cummings

Happy Sunday.


Mrs. E said...

I think I could use some blossoming- some spring- myself!

Diane said...

Your poetry choice is wonderful and I love your music. Meant to tell you that before.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Love ee cummings, had his poems stuck up all over and around my dorm room in college, even started writing in all lower case (which did not go over well in all my classes). I am so glad you picked this poem for today, it's perfect ~ absolutely perfect. Hey and congrats on becoming a new aunt! Hope baby and mom are doing well. Love you and will see you 2morrow,me

Marilyn said...

You find such lovely poems. Love ee cummings. Love that we are blossoming.

Tracy said...

Blossoming... *swoon*... You know, somehow I'd forgotten this one my cummings... so glad to revisit it. I just love your Sunday Poetry days, Relyn--thank you so much for them! :o) Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

This is just so beautiful Relyn. ee cummings is my favorite of all poets! Hoping you enjoyed the weekend and have a fresh and bright week ahead!

xoxo Mary Jo

Jeanne said...

I love all you share
Love you
And thanks for visiting my Angel wings
Angels bless me every day in every way
I love you

cristie said...

one of my all time favorite books!

excellent recommendation. xox

S. Etole said...

a dream of spring ... a most excellent dream

Amy said...

Aaah, Spring ... how I love you so! :)

Lynda Young said...

I've always liked e e cummings poetry

Jennifer Richardson said...

"foreverfully"-I want to use
that word someday:)
Loved this~thanks!

Dutchbaby said...

two tiny selves sleep (doll by doll)

lovely image

Jaime said...

I have been wanting to read cummings poetry for a while now, and after reading that lovely piece, now I really want to hit the bookstore!

HKatz said...

ee writes some of the best poetry on love and human relationships. The tenderness and deep connections between people.

I love this line:
strolling slowly (mind in mind)

Isn't that amazing to have, a marriage of two minds?

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