Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Passion for Music

I'm excited to introduce you to a southern girl with an artist's eye and a music-lover's heart. Char, from Ramblins blog, has made me laugh and cry at her words; gasp at her images; and grin at her playlists. She writes today about a passion we share, a passion for music.

i love music. i do. i have since i was a small child and some of my earliest memories are associated with music. from the sad and tragic hymns at my great grandmothers grave, the happy-go-lucky music of my childhood (i had burl ives children's folk album and the chipmunks), to the bubble-gum pop of my teens, and the wide gamut of musical loves that i have today. i swear my brain is comprised of 60% music lyrics. you have a problem...i usually have a song to match - one to lift you up, one to make you smile one to cry with.

i love talking music and for a short while i worked as a fans relation person for an artist friend of mine. i still love going to a live show and supporting those artists still trying to make it....living their passion. and i am grateful to them because i'm not able to make anything but what the lord will call a joyful noise. because my friends call it....well, you can imagine it's not good.

i hope you have the music in your life too. i wish you the joy and happiness that music can bring to you.


Scrappy Grams said...

A teacher friend and I seem to be that way. When were both teaching, sometimes we'd cross paths taking our students to specials (music, gym, etc.), something would be said that we'd associate a song with, then off we'd go singing and dancing with each other! Her 4th graders and my 1st graders would either laugh or look at us as if we were crazy. We didn't care! :D Is that a passion, do you think? I miss that. ~sigh~
BTW, our church surely made a joyful noise to the Lord on Easter!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

This is a wonderful passion. To have a lyric for every situation is a heavenly library of music!

Rita said...

I love, love music! It makes me happy. I used to work with a deaf lady who would punch me every so often and say, "You're humming again." I would ask, "How do you know since you can't hear me?" to which she would reply, "I can see the vibrations in your throat. You are always humming!" I love what my boss used to call 'elevator' music, nice and soft! I know how very much Relyn loves music! Thanks for sharing with us today to both you and Relyn!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Loving this and
inspired to listen along
...finding new songs is like
finding treasure!
Thanks Relyn for this sweet share!

Char said...

thank you for the opportunity to talk about my passion for music. i think music allows us to speak when there are no words, no common language, and unites us in beauty.

ELK said...

two old friends ...music and char ...so comfortable and loved!

Jaime said...

Music is a wonderful thing...except for those times where you get a song stuck in your head that you used to love, but now would give anything to get it unstuck!

But oh, it would be a world way too silent if it weren't for melody.

Jeanie said...

I do, indeed, make music a part of my life, so I can understand -- at least in part -- the great passion you share for music. How wonderful you support artists in so many ways!

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