Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Passion for Ordinary Miracles

words to live by

I believe in miracles. Absolutely.
I do not believe that they only occurred in Biblical times.
I believe they occur now, today, every day.

I believe in big miracles.
As in, God spoke and the world was created.
As in, the God of heaven knows me by name.
And loves me.

I believe in smaller miracles, too.
I call them ordinary miracles.
You know the ones I mean:
the evidences of God that are so common
many people fail to notice them any more.

Miracles like the morning mist
that rises up from the creek and gets caught in the trees.
Miracles like the way dew and sunrise combine just so and
turn unmown, dandelion-covered grass into a field of diamonds.
Ordinary miracles like the laughter of children, the forgiveness of someone
you've hurt, the ticket turned into a warning, clean running water, the very air we breathe...

Precious, ordinary miracles.

What could be more ordinary than a thistle? Or more miraculous?


Marilyn said...

Yes, I also believe in miracles. Miracles that happen in the small things that sometimes surprise us. The miracles that enchant and wrap their arms around us. It is precious for sure.

WhiteStone said...

Oh, I so agree!

Jeanie said...

Oh, so very, very true! And you're right -- we often fail to n ice those miracles. Thanks for the reminder!

HKatz said...

I also agree - there are miraculous occurrences everywhere and much to love and be thankful for in life, down to the little details we often take for granted.

S. Etole said...

Me, too!!!! This is the second time today I've seen this quote ... and it's so very true.

Chris Graham said...

Oh my goodness I love your post. I choose to look for what I lovingly refer to "glimmers" (God's presence) in my life each and every day. They are my miracles.
Some are big and some you have to squint your eyes to see. :)

Roban said...

This is such a wonderful post. It made me stop and think about a few miracles in my own life.

Scrappy Grams said...

Lovely thoughts; I want them to live with me for a while. ~sigh~
Chris Graham, I love your word for God's presence "glimmers." I'm taking that word to live with me for longer than a while. :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

Oh I'm so with you, Relyn!
I love that you notice them
...I wonder just how many we miss
because we're looking for the
big "ta da!!!!"s instead of in
life's mangers.

Rita said...

You, my dear niece, are a miracle that God put in our lives! From the time you were a tiny little girl till today, I am blessed to have you in my life. I love you!

Diane said...

Oh, they're all around us all the time, aren't they. It we just look with our hearts. Diane

Tracy said...

I've of the EVERYTHING is a MIRACLE school of thought too... everything, every little and big thing... :o) Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

Amy said...

We are certainly blessed by such miracles ...

Char said...

me too

Anonymous said...

Yes! Absolutely. And I believe the more we are on the lookout for them, the more they happen. Believing is seeing, as they say.

Jeanne said...

Thanks my friend for everything you post and all your kindness and your friendship.
Love Jeanne
I love this post.
We are always on our way to a miracle♥

gkgirl said...


miruspeg said...

I love how your mind works Relyn!
Ordinary miracles surround us every single day.
Keep shining dear friend.
Peggy xxxx

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Relyn, how true you are! I've seen miracles that I've least expected to happen in my life. It's God's way of all keeping us surprised.

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

I have seen many miracles...

Beautiful post.

And thanks for stopping by my blog. I just read your comment... it's funny, because I also laughed at that particular incident--well, after getting over the shocking findings. No, nothing wrong with laughing :-)


Lisa said...

I believe in miracles too. Whenever we get a thunderstorm and it's warm outside, I'm on the lookout for rainbows. How can a rainbow not be a miracle? Happy weekend to you Relyn! ; )

Anonymous said...

Miracles are everywhere, just the fact that we're granted a new day each morning is a miracle. But sometimes it's the smallest miracles that mean the most.

cristie said...

miracles surround us every single day. xox

elizabeth said...

Totally agree. Precious, ordinary miracles. I love them - and give thanks for them daily.

Jaime said...

I sometimes wish people didn't mow their lawns. Sometimes a patch of wild space with soft long green tendrils and diamond fields is so beautiful...why can't it just be left alone?

Gigi said...

Clean running water is a miracle, indeed. It's the small, everyday miracles that I love most.

I'm loving your April passion posts tremendously, Relyn! I was away from the internet for nearly a week as we were housesitting for friends over on the island and they had shut off their internet. It has been a wild month of work and other life nonsense, but I wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and admiring all that you do.

Sending you love and warmest wishes for a beautiful Easter! xoxo Gigi

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