Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Passion for Parenting

Week 37 of the Wednesday Lists.
You already know that I am a passionate woman. My list this week is about parenting, about sharing what wisdom I have gained with my daughter. I adore her, as I know you love the children in your life. I think it's vital to pass along our wisdom; to our children, our family, our friends. OK, anyone who will listen. I've written one of these lists before. I found that I had more to tell her.

hangin' out

More Advice

  • The world is not necessarily your oyster. I believe in your amazing possibility. Of course I do, but I have lived long enough to know that the one limit everyone shares is this: ALL good things come from hard work. All of them. How hard are you willing to work for what you want?
  • Never tell someones else's good news. It robs them of the joy and pleasure in being the center of attention.
  • Remember that someone's success does not equal your failure. Be genuinely happy for the success of others. Cheer loudly, throw the party, send the card. Never miss a chance to be gracious.
  • Be the star of your own life.
  • Look up. And down. You miss so much of the beauty in this world if you are not observant.
  • Continue the family habit of counting your blessings. Except for choosing a husband well, nothing will do more to give you a happy life.
  • Express appreciation promptly.
  • Climb trees and roofs; whatever gets you to a new vantage point. Try to make it a habit of looking at things in a new way.
  • Pursue excellence. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.
  • Be courteous, especially to old people.
  • Cherish your friends, but remember that your family are the people who will be in your life thirty years from now.
  • Stand up straight. I mean it. Your boobs look bigger and your tummy smaller.
  • Say yes more often than no.
  • Never miss a chance for a new experience. You will regret what you didn't do far more than what you did. Remember that words are the opposite. You generally regret what you said far more than what you swallowed.
  • If someone insults you or hurts your feelings, hush up. Rise above it. You will rarely be glad you spoke in your own defense. This doesn't mean, however, that you have to keep putting yourself in their path.
  • If someone insults someone else or hurts their feelings, speak up.
  • Defend the weak, help the hopeless, love the unlovely. This is Christ's work in you.
What else would you add?

That precious child is, of course, my Sloane.


Jeanne said...

I love this
I love you

Anita said...

Wonderful advice for children of all ages!

Anonymous said...

what a pretty post to your daughter. i have two boys (7 and 11), and a lot of the same advice would work for them...
i wish my mother had reminded of the stand up straight one, we all want bigger boobs and smaller tummy--i will have to try it!

Marilyn said...

You have thought of much more than I could have even thought of and they are all perfect. Yah! for new experiences, standing up straight,being the star of your own life, and oh never tell someone else's good news. That tell good news is so good to remember. Thanks for your lovely list. Sloan is one lucky girl to have you as a mom.

Scrappy Grams said...

Wise words, my lady!

Beth Eaton said...

I LOVE your lists!! I need to print them out so that I have them handy when I need the reminder!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Absolutely life-giving!
You know, there are some books in you:)
This is one of them.

Joanna said...

You've summed it up beautifully.

I remind my kids (and try to follow my own advice), "Think kind thoughts."


Roban said...

You said this so well I'm going to have to share it with my own daughter. I admire your ability to take time to think, truly think about things, and then share them so eloquently.

Cinner said...

I love your lists and your daughter is lucky to have such a loving mother. sorry I have not been around for a while, have been thinking about you. always love your posts.

Rita said...

Does Sloane know how very luck she is to have you for her Mommy? I hope she does, for you are one passionate, special lady. I love you.

moonshin said...

this is just beautiful, Relyn... thank u, i'll keep it close to heart.

Tracy said...

Your wisdom and way with expression never fails to move me, Relyn! This is sound, wonderful advice--for all creature great and small! ;o) LOVE the photo of Sloane too--very fun! Happy Days, my friend. Thanks for your lovely visits at my place... Happy Weekend ahead ((BIG HUGS))

cristie said...

this is wonderful advice.

i never considered ... telling someone else's good news. that is very wise.

slone is a lucky girl and i a most fortunate reader. xox

Amy said...

This is a wonderful addition to your previous list ... especially the first few. Too often they are things we don't realize until we are older ...

Dutchbaby said...

Both photos are fantastic!

Both lists are wise and loving. I still have so much to learn. Thank you for the great advice.

Char said...

i adore all of this advice. adore it!

Jeanie said...

A passion for parenting -- true. But this list is a good one for any one, any age, any day of life!

Jaime said...

Relyn, you are just amazing. You glow with wisdom, my friend. I've said it so many times are just bursting with love, and all good things.

Wanda said...

Each of these is good advice. The one I'm carrying with me right now is "never tell someone else's good news." I've probably been guilty of that, but this tidbit will remind me not to do it again...thank you!

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