Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Passion for Simplicity

Today's guest blogger continually stuns me with her eye for beauty. She loves simple lines, simple subjects, simple views. But, when you combine her love of simplicity and her skill with a camera, you get nothing short of magic. I'm so pleased to introduce you to my friend, ELK, and her magic way with words and images.

simplicity is my passion
a basic kitchen window sill
the shadow and sun of everyday life
images from over the years are shared here today

a moment to ripen and bloom
used for <span class=

to embrace each sight from the window
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there is a bright comfort created there each day . a following of light
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a soft place to gather strength to be a difference in the world
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then a coming home spot . even for tears in the missing times
at the window

a simple life . reflected each time I pause & stand
to dream at the kitchen window


Amy said...

OH I love "a coming home spot ... even for the tears in the missing ..." sigh.

Christina said...

i adore elk and her love for the simple... from day one she has offered me a place to come as i am.

thank you for this.

Oliag said...

I have been enjoying your passion series...elk's deceptively simple words and photos fill me with calm joy whenever I read or see them. Thanks for this series Relyn!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

a simple life. a coming home spot.

to really feel ones life deeply. so beautifully expressed.

Love ELK! Thank you for this series.

Scrappy Grams said...

I don't know why, but Elk's words and photos touched me to the core, so much my eyes filled with tears. Thank you for hosting this passion series!
~hugs~ to both you and Elk.

Marilyn said...

I just love the simplicity of this post and pictures. Thanks so much! This inspires me!

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love this woman.
Her way with words and camera
are simply poetry.
My heart races a little
with simple joy
when I see she has posted again
and then it slows....slows....
as I wander slowly through.
Altogether beautiful.
Thanks, Relyn.

Kimmie said...

We are in our current house all because of how I felt when I stood and looked out the kitchen window .... Eleven years ago. And how much I have seen out that window! Sigh.

Leslie said...

so glad to see a familiar blogging face here, and to meet someone new through her... love the paintbrushes next to the pottery mug. and kitchen windows...

becky said...

ELK is a true friend...she always provides a soft place to fall.

Deborah Carr said...

So often, we look beyond the patterns and subtle textures of our days...they slip quietly by our notice. But they are still there, waiting.

S. Etole said...

so much beauty ... from both of you

Jeanie said...

Oh, Elk, your photography is so eloquent in its simplicity. It tells stories, and what stories they are. Thank you for sharing your words and images with us.

ELK said...

thank you
for having me
I am honored

Char said...

i've loved elk for a long time. gracious and compassionate, i am thankful for her presense in my world. thank you for featuring her.

deb did it said...

thank you for such a lovely post.Elk is a treasure to us all. I adore her simple messages. I have a postcard she sent to me once and it hangs by my sewing machine for an inspirational Muse!

Barb said...

Elk's photos seem to find the essence of life and experience as do her words.

Jaime said...

Simply beautiful.
This speaks to my heart, as I am most comforted by the simple things.
Oh, how I love this. xo

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