Thursday, June 2, 2011

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Week 38 of the Wednesday Lists.
Summertime has officially arrived in Southwest Missouri and schools are out. You know me, I hang on for just a little while longer than most. That's true for me whether we're talking about a new calendar year or an old school year. To celebrate the school year just passed, I thought I would do an illustrated list.

Why I Love Being a Teacher

I get paid to play water games and take pictures of beautiful children.

inside the willow fort
If I were ever to forget the power of imagination, there would be 20 little someones right there to remind me.

her dimples kill me
Children remind me every day that there is magic everywhere... in a dimple, in a honeysuckle bloom, in five minutes of extra recess.

We should all learn something new every day. I have daily proof of the joy and growth that brings.

beautiful child in profile
I know how beautiful concentration can be.

game day
I am able to give the gift of silly every single day.

What do you love about your job?


Sarah said...

Pretty much the same things as you!

d smith kaich jones said...

i love your lists, and i especially love this one with its wonderful illustrations of your words. and again i say how lucky these kids are to have you as their teacher.

as for my job? i love pictures, and i see a jillion of them every year, and sometimes i stop paying attention, but just when i do, there will be that one that makes me laugh and i remember to look again. but also, i love the fact that i can go barefoot at work. i know that drives you crazy, but it's true. !!


Ragamuffin Gal said...

Your photos are oh so magical ~ especially since I know most of those sweet faces! How do you do that each and every time?

I miss you too ~ I think I may need to surprise you with a Sonic coke some day soon! me

Jennifer Richardson said...

the gift of silly
...what a beautiful
way to describe the joy
that we share when we
let down our hair
and play inside ourselves:)
I LOVE your list!
Oh happy day they're back!

Deborah said...

When a teacher loves her job, it keeps her young at heart!

I love capturing people on the page...showing them I understand who they are through my words and ideas. It's thrilling when I can show someone the beauty and uniqueness they never realized they possessed.

Deborah Carr said...

oops...that was me...Deborah...

suzyQ said...

what a blessing it is to love your job...always love what you do. what a great list you have here! the children are precious. hope your summer is going well.

Marilyn said...

You are the kind of teacher every child should have. And the gift of silly is so precious.

My job is of my choosing and I like that it is on my own time. No time clocks anymore for me.

amelia said...

I love it! No doubt you'll be one of the teachers that will stand out--their favorite!

As for my job, whether writing marketing copy or editing books, I love helping people fulfill their dreams!

Gayle at Planet M Files said...

Great list and photos!

Jeanne said...

Teachers know how to make little ones count
Love you

Dandy said...

What gorgeous kids! That first shot with the water droplets was incredible!

I've been having the same problem with commenting! Becky from Farmgirl Paints wrote that if you unclick the Keep me signed in box it seems to fix itself. That worked for me. Blogger is driving me bonkers lately!

spread your wings said...

i bet you have the best class ever! i love seeing the wonder of children in action.

ELK said...

amen fellow teacher is a calling and an honor. I like that I can be goofy and spontaneous..I like it when they say "I love you" to me

S. Etole said...

I think "your children" are fortunate indeed ... what fun expressions they have.

susanna said...

Hurray! School is out! It's evident how much you enjoy being a teacher, Relyn. Bet your students LOVE you! These are terrific photographs of the kids. Have you given copies to their parents? Bet they'd LOVE them!

Hope you have a fabulous first week off from school. :)

Relyn said...


This year I took 1,218 pictures of my students. As I go through the year I separate them into folders and then burn each kids/family a DVD disc of their pertinent photos and our PowerPoint presentations and the videos we made that year. I hope they enjoy them. I think it's really neat to have that other view of your child. Thanks for the compliment. Coming from a photographer like you - well - I'm beaming.

Suz said...

you sure have an eye for kids
great photos
you capture that something..

Sandy K. said...

Happy Summer! I, too, have lists...and yours is fabulous. You have captured the joy of teaching and its' wonderful to focus on the joys at the end of the year. What I love about my job is the same thing you love about yours - whether it's the 5th graders I teach photography to, or the student teachers now headed out to find their first jobs. Hope, joy, excitement and love of learning...Enjoy your summer - you earned it!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photographs! Your pupils are so lucky to have you as a teacher. The thing I love most about my job (helping university students with their writing, usually) is watching a new understanding dawn, and with it, new possibilities of self-confidence and learning. I love being a catalyst for positive change - it's not "me" that's doing it.

One Woman's Thoughts said...

Almost everyone has a teacher in their memory that made a significant influence in their lives. For me it was Mr Kellog, my fifth grade teacher. I am living his lessons still today. Sadly, years later I tried to find him but was not able to reconnect with him and let him know how much he touched my life and continues to touch it.

There is something that tells me, and in your heart you already know, that you are one of those teachers. You know, the ones that in our adulthood, we think about, we smile and we want to hug them and tell them that they taught us so much more than we could ever have realized at the time. But then, a good teacher already knows that don't they?

Meri said...

What a bunch of little charmers!

meeta said...

Children are nature's way of letting us relive childhood again and stay forever young in our heart.

You are lucky to be surrounded with 'em. Beautiful pics and a lovely post :)

Bee said...

Goodness, these pictures really do "tell" it! Those sweet faces! Sheer magic.

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