Monday, July 18, 2011

age makes no difference at all...


Can't you just see them whispering secrets?
Can't you hear their giggles?
I love that their friendship is already evident.

My brother came for a visit over the 4th.
We finally got to meet his daughter, Persephone.
How did our family go so long without such a little bundle of delight?

To say that Aunt Relyn cried all the way home
when Baby P left would not be an exaggeration.
To say that she owns our hearts already would be just about right.

Sloane, 9 1/2 years
Persephone, 5 months
Friends, forever


Sweet Tea said...

"Kindred Spirits".

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

So sweet to know that Persephone will have a wonderful cousin to follow after and love spending time with.

Joanna said...

Beautiful photograph of these 2 special girls. As adults we know that the age difference will be as nothing as they get older. Sweet sweet cousins.


Jennifer Richardson said...

what a beautiful name!
those stretchy kind of loving tears
keep our hearts so tendersoft
they love all the deeper,
don't they.
so glad for the riches
added to you.
happy summering....drink it all

Amy said...

How precious! And nothing's sweeter than finding friends in your family...

Suz said...

Oh my I know that sweet ache when they happy for sloane...cousins forever...woohoo

Jeanne said...

babies are bits of stardust handblown by God's own hands.
How lovely and wonderful♥♥
Congratulations to you all
Love Jeanne

Tracy said...

Persephone...what an exquisite name... and what a sweetie-pie...*sigh*... I'm crying too! :o) ((HUGS))

Hospitable Scots Bachelor said...

Persephone! Say it slowly and it's a poem all on its own!

Lara said...

This is so sweet. My girls have a new baby cousin too and we cannot wait to meet her someday. (Curses to living so far away from family!)

Anonymous said...

Delightful photo. And words so true.

beth said...

amazing how babies do that :)

HKatz said...

A baby doesn't need to talk to tell you a lot.

And in addition to being friends, I can see your daughter being a role model too.

Beautiful post.

Marilyn said...

Precious! From this picture I see Sloane is looking so grown up, but maybe it is the contrast of being 9 1/2 with a 5 month old. Just sweet!

Dawn said...

Welcome back! Persephone is an adorable name!

spread your wings said...

what a sweet photo.
Taylor was 10 when her twin cousins were born and they have form a really great relationship.
Little Persephone sure has a great role model in Sloan.

robin-bird said...

i know now why it is that you are such a great photographer. you know love the moment you see it, be it a simply tree, n ordinary bird or two girls who have just met. this is a beautiful picture! this must be how you looked at sloane's age, i can so see the resemblance!

meeta said...

Hearts understand the language of's the souls that need to commect and the even silence is full of music.

susanna said...

Awwww! I bet Baby P cried a bit when she left you, too, Relyn. :)

And now you have a reason for another family get-together!

Elyse said...

What a precious baby.

Just a girl.. said...

So very very sweet ~ love the photo!

Jaime said...

Oh boy, this post hits so close to home right now. My little nieces Sarai and Ivy have stolen my heart and aren't giving it back.

What a beautiful beautiful image!

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