Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Morning Poetry

her mind lives in a quiet room,
a narrow room, and tall,
with pretty lamps to quench the gloom
and mottoes on the wall.

there all the things are waxen neat
and set in decorous lines;
and there are posies, round and sweet,
and little, straightened vines.

her mind lives tidily, apart
from cold and noise and pain,
and bolts the door agains t her heart,
out wailing in the rain.

~ from a retelling of Grimm's Red Riding Hood

Art by Daniel Egneus. Read about this gorgeous book here. Poem first discovered here.


Anonymous said...

I loved the poem!
Have a nice sunday :)

Jeanne said...

Just wanted to say that I love your blog and think it is absolutely beautiful! Enjoyed your poem and hope that you are having a great Sunday full of peace and joy! Jeanne

Marilyn said...

I wouldn't have guessed that it came from Red Riding Hood.

Sweet Tea said...

Beautiful - poem and picture.
I'd love to be one of your students.
They are very lucky.

Tracy said...

LOVELY--I've not read this one before!I hope the mottoes on the wall keep her going until the rain is done. Wonderful art image with the poem today too. Happy Days, Relyn ((HUGS))

Amy said...

I really need to read Grimm's Fairy Tales. Given that I love happy and bright, I've dragged my feet a bit on those ... :)

Anonymous said...

I like that poem. It reminds of a woman I know who is a neat freak. I'm sure she'd straighten her vines if she only knew how!

Jennifer Richardson said...

what a fantastic pairing
...this poem and painting.
I love how piercing the words
"bolts the door against her heart"
....coaches mine out into the
full gnarly messy beautiful
business of wonderful life.
thanks for this today:)
(I've moved....hope you'll come
by and see my new place!)

meeta said...

Beautiful and heart touching...Thank you for posting t. I so love your Sunday morning poetry posts..thank you for all the new gems of poetry that I get to read through this :)

suzanna said...

ah this is so beautiful!

HKatz said...

What haunting poetry, and that last line is so sad and powerful.

alexa said...

Wonderfully poignant ... art and poetry at their best. Lovely pairing ...

S. Etole said...

it seems so sad ... so stark

Anonymous said...

I really like how this poem (and the image) remind us that to be fully alive involves some suffering. Better that than bolting our hearts, though! I hope your week is going well, Relyn.

Georgianna said...

This is phenomenal! I had to immediately investigate the book, film and all. Thank you so much for sharing something I would not have found otherwise. I can count on you for that. xo

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