Thursday, October 13, 2011

make your own dreams come true

Have you ever had something you wanted to do so badly
that you could almost taste the desire?

That's how I was with riding a hot air balloon.

I had longed to do that since the first time I saw
the incongruous, nearly magical thing.


Floating high over the Earth, held up only by heated air.
As a kid, I thought it must be pure magic.

I was right.

This summer we made my long-held dream come true. You know how it tasted? Sweet.


Anonymous said...

you flew in a hot air balloon? i am so envious! but so glad you enjoyed its magic :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh WOW....that is an
AMAZING photo of a breathtaking
moment in YOUR life!
It happened to were there!!!
I'm celebrating that feeling
with you:)
(thanks for the fantastic share)

spread your wings said...

what a magnificent photo.
i have wanted to ride in a hot air balloon for a long time too - i was like a small child pouting when i didn't get to go (winds too strong). i hope i get another chance.

Anonymous said...

Up up and away in my beautiful balloon.

Love you

Joanna Jenkins said...

Yeah for YOU! It looks like it was an amazing flight.

S. Etole said...

What an amazing view!

Marilyn said...

So happy "It was"! This is on my bucket list. I think I will ask for it for my next birthday. How peaceful it must have been.

Suz said...

check that one off
what's next?

proud of you
nice photo

Amy said...

GASP! You rode in a hot air balloon?! How grand!!!

Tracy said...

HOORAY... a dream come true for you--so happy, Relyn! A hot air balloon flight is on my life list too. This is rather big, as I'm somewhat spooked by heights... LOL! So glad you shared this with the image... Happy Days ((HUGS)) P.S. I'm having a little giveaway... stop by if you can. :o)

Lubna said...

WoW. This has been my dream as well. Someday, the magic will happen. I'm glad your's came true.

Anonymous said...

Riding in a hot air balloon would not be my idea of fun (the last time I was on a ferris wheel I mortified my children by clinging onto the central pole of our 'basket' with my eyes shut very tightly). BUT how wonderful that your long-held dream came true and that it was just as wonderful as you'd hoped. It's magical, the way a lot of life turns out to be.

Pearl Maple said...

Fabulous angle on that photo and wonderful theme we should all consider more often

elizabeth said...

Oh! You got to ride in one! How utterly wonderful.

Here's to making dreams come true!

cristie said...

lucky duck! xox

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