Tuesday, October 18, 2011

happy thoughts to make up for yesterday's whining

It's a rainy gloomy day today and a 12 hour work day, to boot. I need a little pick me up.

choo choo

Things To Do When You're a Little Blue
cloud watch
visit favorite blogs
Pinterest on your lunch break
search for an old friend on Facebook
make a list of things you loved to do as a child
read Alexander and the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
color for 10 minutes while you listen to your favorite songs
leave thoughtful comments on three new to you blogs
count your blessings, name them one by one
watch your favorite I Love Lucy episodes
buy this and eat it while reading this
watch this or this or this
go on a picture walk
call your mother
What do you do when you are feeling blue?

Jeffrey said I should have named yesterday's post "A Little PMS". Ok, he didn't say that exactly. He did point out very lovingly that I was a bit hormonal. I did get what I hoped for with that post, though. Some sympathy and a good thing to say from now on. Thanks, friends.


Writer Lady said...

When I'm feeling blue I retreat inside myself and enjoy it. Just teasing, I think I mostly go out and enjoy the day outside, or museum hop. Coloring with crayons sounds good - or painting with my watercolors and watching the colors mix in the water with their own plan.

Writer Lady said...

I just read what Jeffrey said. Tell him that next time you're hormonal he should give you lots of hugs and lunch or dinner out.

GraceGal said...

I smiled all the way through this post. Thank you so much. Oh, by the way, the book is in my Amazon cart :)

Cynthia Eloise said...

i use to call my mom, but she has been gone for awhile now. usually i go into my studio, if i start moving paper around i loose thought of everything else. a little music in the background and a view of the outside. that does it for me.

Jeanne said...

You always bring a smile to me with your wonderful postings.
Love you

Cinner said...

When I am feeling blue I listen to upbeat music and it has to be fast. I will go for a walk or sometimes eat ice cream....resulting in extra weight...now I am feeling blue....kidding.....I just try to count my blessings. hugs.

Debby said...

I think you just need to go shopping with me, hah.
We all have those days.....we are entitled.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Your favorite blog is gorgeous-- Wouldn't it be nice to be in Paris right about now :-)

Pinterest is a treat-- so many wonderful things all in one place. I usually get to view it via my iPhone while eI'm waiting in the school carpool pick-up line but it helps pass the time beautifully.

Looks like today was a good one for you. I'm off to call MY mother.

Cheers, jj

Sweet Tea said...

Then I eat what I've baked.
It's not a pretty picture, but it's true.

Maybe I should stock up on Godiva bars. I could eat them while I'm waiting for my goods to come out of the oven.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you! Thanks so much for stopping by. I have been a bad blogger friend. Today was crazy, but I wanted to stop by and tell you that I still love visiting your place. You know what I think? I think YOU take really great photos! xxoo

WhiteStone said...

I sing the Doxology I learned as a child in Sunday School. It always brings me to peace.

Dawn said...

I love your lists! And now, I've got another book to add to my 'to read' pile that is higher than the Chrysler building!

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love your list!
Especially the I Love Lucy watching
and photo-walking
(and blog visiting)
oh, I could go on.
I just love the way you think:)
Blue sky grace to you,

Tracy said...

*BIG SMILES* and extra smiles for your previous post too, Relyn... Glad the blues are easing up there. :o) To chase the blues I drink hot chocolate, listen to some good music and paint. My hubby is often invited into the mix too. ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

Amy said...

Read, write, sip tea, eat comfort food ... maybe say a prayer or two ... all in all, I keep to myself. It's safer for everyone that way! :)

Connie said...

Thanks for the great list. It made me smile!

Patti said...

It's ok to feel blue- I think it makes us stop and appreciate the not-so blue days more! Hope you are back smiling again and having a grand old time with things! I have missed you- I just can't get into the blogging thing this year for whatever reason and THAT's totally making me feel blue... Have a good day!

Lubna said...

Glad I could make you chuckle yesterday. When I am blue, I watch stuff on You Tube (including I love Lucy) -- my latest fav is Just Shoot Me, browse LinkedIn and blogs - including yours, go for a walk -- if I can. I have to travel a bit to hit the beach which is the nearest place possible to walk in, in our overcrowded city.

Elle Bee said...

I really need to get into Pinterest!! Just give me one additional hour in the day :o). When I'm blue, I pray and hang out with my kids. Their silliness never disappoints!

Marilyn said...

When I am blue I find a big bouquet of flowers for the house, burn candles, listen to music such as the Christmas music I am listening to now, treat myself to a special piece of chocolate or sweet, oh yes - picture walks are good too.

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

You, my Dear, are entitled to a little whining as upbeat as you ALWAYS are on this blog and for as good as you make people feel! On low days, I go back to bed with my book (which is where I am now) but I love the idea of coming up with a few new ideas (lists!) for the next time. Will have to use some of these ideas. YouTube is a good place to start for something funny. And always love the blessings list. That always helps. Ok, off to read now. Much love and hugs to you,

dulcy said...

Hey Sweetie! As a reply to your previous post, you can well imagine all the comments Jim has received over the years. His most dreaded is, "Did you enhance that?". People sometimes say these things that seem rude, but they are usually completely sincere (I know it seems weird). He has a few scripted answers. But.... Some are envious of talent, and feel a need to say something that's sort of a put down or rude. Jim is at his best when he just answers in a friendly way, and doesn't respond with a comeback. I think that gets the message across. One either know it's a nicely done piece or they don't, so it doesnt really matter. And, thanks for this post because due to post surgery pain I'm sleep deprived today and feeling blue. I wasn't going to go to my art class so I could rest, but now I'm going to drink more coffee and go create!! Seriously, thanks!
Miss you......xo

susanna said...

Good recommendations, Relyn. I hadn't heard of any of those films so now I'm adding them to my list. And I'm so enjoying your Pinterest boards.

When I'm feeling blue, I usually treat myself to a latte, call a good friend, and browse through etsy. Simple things.

Jessica said...

I've had a little bit of a blue week- I made a big cup of tea one night and then went on a long, long walk. That seemed to help. Hugs to you---your list of recommendations are wonderful-a desk list (you always seem to have desk worthy posts :) )

Jeanne said...


Love and hugs

Erin Wallace said...

I like your list, Relyn. Pinterest Does cheer me up, and I'm happy to find out that I'm not the only one. I love to read "The Monster At the End of This Book" for a kid lit cheer up. It makes me smile every time.

Jaime said...

You know, I am terrified to enter the pinterest world in fears that I might never come back. I've been warned that it is highly addictive.
Kind of like hollandaise sauce....for most of my life, I never tried eggs benny because I was worried that I would love the sauce so much, I would crave it all the time. And one day, not to long ago, I caved... and tried it. And although I now suffer from cravings, my world is a much more wonderfully satisfying place now that I know what hollandaise tastes like. mmmm.
But I'm not so sure about the pinterest thing...it could be dangerous.

Jeanie said...

I like doing this even when I'm not feeling blue!

alexa said...

That's quite a list! I think I'll have to make up one for myself - just to remind myself! First thought - get outside. :)

northsidefour said...

Everyone should have such a wonderful list. Far too often, much too often, I retreat to the same old when faced with a minute to myself, of recovery. Next time, I think I might color.

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