Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Finds


Here's a round up of some fun and favorites to brighten your weekend. May your weekend be full of blue skies and balmy breezes.
  • vivaree ~ a fantastically creative and fun contest. The contest is over, but the comments are well worth reading.
  • sappling press ~ the funniest stationary I've ever seen
  • Eliza Deacon ~ a marvelous photographer I've only just discovered
  • Air Kiss ~ a blog that celebrates a simple, rich life
  • New Fairy Tales ~ perfect for reading on a cold night


Marilyn said...

Love Air Kiss, visit there often. The stationary is indeed funny at sappling press. Yes, I remember vivaree post, it was great fun! The photography by Eliza is gorgeous. I will visit New Fairy Tales when I have time to read. Thanks, Relyn for all you share with us.

Laura said...

Thanks for the link to sappling press!!! Genius! You can see my faves on my Pinterest!!!

Happy Sunday!

Amy said...

Oh, I love the New Fairy Tales! Thank you so for passing the link along . . .

Oldies, but Goodies