Friday, November 11, 2011

Silly Celebration, take four

Today is 11-11-11. It's become a tradition for me to celebrate this triple date with you. I've had so much fun coming up with a variety of lists each year. Today is also Veteran's Day. So, before I go any further, I'd like to thank every Veteran for their service to our nation.

Eleven Lists of Eleven
all lists in no particular order

Eleven ways to thank a vet
  • write a thank you note to a veteran you know
  • teach your children to respect soldiers
  • call your favorite veteran today, say thanks
  • support the troops currently serving
  • fly your flag today
  • support our military
  • attend a parade and cheer till you're hoarse
  • any time you see a person in uniform, go up and thank them for their service
  • support military families and be sure to thank their spouses
  • find a parent whose son or daughter is currently serving, tell him or her you are praying for their child
  • VOTE! Make the sacrifices worthwhile
Eleven ways to love your country
  • when the national anthem plays: stand up straight, put your hand over your heart, and sing along
  • learn the rules of flag etiquette and follow them
  • learn some patriotic songs
  • teach them to a child you love
  • when you go on walks, take along a trash bag - keep America beautiful
  • let your children hear you speak positively about our nation
  • pray for our nation's leaders
  • when you think something is wrong with our country work to change it
  • stop complaining, start campaigning
  • when you have the chance to say the Pledge of Allegiance, really think about the words
  • VOTE! It is a sacred privilege.
Eleven ways to give
  • mail Christmas cards and packages to soldiers overseas
  • take a child you love to buy a toy to give to Toys for Tots
  • fill a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child
  • buy $10 of extra food each time you do a grocery shop; take it to the nearest food pantry
  • sponsor a child through a program like World Vision
  • deliver a meal to a sick colleague
  • support St. Jude by making a donation
  • instead of buying lattes for a month, donate the money to your local shelter for battered women
  • participate in a breast cancer awareness run
  • call up the animal shelter and ask what they might need; dog food, cat litter...
  • call your local elementary school and ask if there is a needy family you can sponsor this Christmas
Eleven big ways to make a difference
  • volunteer at an elementary school
  • next time, go buy a burger for the homeless guy at the intersection
  • consider being a Big Sister
  • become a CASA volunteer
  • give blood
  • regularly spend time with an elderly person
  • pay tithes
  • consider volunteering at your local community center as a tutor
  • contribute to a politician you believe in
  • help with a voter registration drive
  • VOTE! It is your biggest responsibility as a citizen
Eleven little ways to make a difference
  • return your grocery cart to the corral
  • return someone elses's cart while you are at it
  • bring something for the bake sale
  • spend lots at school carnivals
  • take a moment to chat with your cashier
  • leave a bigger tip
  • stop at the high school band car wash
  • when you receive good service, tell the manager
  • share your recipes
  • when you love a product, spread the word
  • offer to keep your friend's child for an evening
Eleven way to love your husband
  • never, ever talk badly about him to anyone
  • notice when he does a chore
  • DON'T redo something he just did
  • participate in his interests
  • thank him for all the things he quietly takes care of
  • offer a back rub
  • hold hands in the car
  • snuggle during the movie
  • don't grumble about his little quirks
  • never say, "You always..."
  • have sex more often
Eleven ways to love a child
  • listen
  • answer questions
  • let them decorate their own room
  • apologize when you are short tempered
  • apologize when you are wrong
  • carry the heaviest burdens, but give them enough to carry to make them strong
  • say yes every chance you get
  • set clear, reasonable boundaries and communicate them
  • always discipline quickly, but never in anger
  • every once in a while, skip the healthy dinner in favor of pizza
Eleven ways to love your parents and grandparents
  • call
  • call again
  • call every single day
  • disagree if necessary, but do it gently
  • mail the thank you note
  • protect their dignity as they age
  • send pictures often
  • ask questions about their lives and interests
  • listen to their stories without sighing because you've heard it before
  • hug them close every chance you get
  • be patient
Eleven quick organization projects
  • sort the recyclables and haul them off
  • get rid of the shoes you never wear and polish the rest
  • tear out the articles you liked and recycle the rest of the magazine
  • toss all your old spices and only replace the ones you really use
  • toss old Christmas ornaments this year and buy new lights on sale
  • clean out your medicine cabinet
  • clean out the junk drawer
  • tidy your computer desktop
  • update to a digital address book
  • clean out your desk drawer at work
  • clean out your email folders and in-boxes
Eleven images to make you smile

Eleven habits that will make you happy
  • seat dance in the car
  • put things away as soon as you get home
  • smile at strangers every chance you get
  • practice guerrilla acts of kindness
  • pay at least two compliments a day
  • hug your friends; they need it and so do you
  • say "I love you." often
  • sing in the shower
  • do more than is expected of you
  • keep a list of the things you are thankful for
  • read every day
Happy 11-11-11!

All numbers thanks to Leo Reynolds.


Marilyn said...

Each time I make a list now I think of you. I actually had a list on my blog this week on gift giving. Thanks for your lists and for being you.

S. Etole said...

Wonderful lists ...

cristie said...

relyn...these lists are a huge help to me. thank you for giving me something worthwhile to think about. xox

Jeanne said...

I love your lists
I love you

Anonymous said...

I particularly love your last list. Thanks, Relyn!

Lara said...

Great lists, and what a wonderful way to celebrate the triple dates. Now I'm kind of sad that there is only one more left in my lifetime...

Jeanie said...

Great lists! I really loved the 11 quick organization projects. Maybe I should do one or two of those today!

HKatz said...

I'm bookmarking this post. It's full of awesome ideas. You're such a positive person.

Dawn said...

I love your lists! I 'specially like the very last item--read every day!

Jennifer Richardson said...

gaaaaaah, I'm heady with all of this
happy sweet goodness!!!!
I love your lists....just LOVE them:)
So grateful for the time it took....
love and thanks,

susanna said...

Terrific post and great ideas, Relyn! It's always such a pleasure coming by your blog. Reading this post, I found myself ticking off several of your suggestions, particularly the things that I need to do more often. Thanks, my friend. :)

Being Julia said...


I have missed your posts the last couple of days! Are you okay? The last one is this one...its not like you...I miss you, your words. Hope all is well.

meeta said...

Kudos for this beautiful effort Relyn, it awesome, the pics are awesome, the suggestion too...thankyou for them all...and may u have a lovely time ahead :)

Jeanie said...

I always love your lists, and one of the things I love most is that while a lot of the things are already on mine, I always have something special to add (versus "do laundry.")

Jaime said...

You are so full of goodness and kindness, sweet Relyn.

And that little ladybug flew away with a tiny piece of my heart.

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