Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Week47 of the Wednesday Lists.
This is a time of year for celebration. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, the winter solstice, or something else we all benefit from the extra warmth, cheer, and beauty of this season. Here are a few ways I like to celebrate. My list is heavy on Christmas, since that's what I celebrate. Won't you share some of your own?

Ways to celebrate...
  • make cookies or peppermint bark and deliver them to your child's school to be placed in the teacher workroom along with a note of appreciation
  • when you sing carols, try to have this much fun
  • give your teachers and coaches gift cards - they really don't want those cute ideas pictured in magazines
  • give hugs, lots and lots of hugs
  • be patient, we all need it just now
  • listen to Danny Wright, Emile Pandolfi, and Tim Janis' Christmas music
  • watch the original Miracle on 34th Street
  • go caroling, really
  • when you buy practicals to donate to your local food bank, add a huge bag of MnMs, too
  • gather your family in front of the fire and read How The Grinch Stole Christmas to them - don't forget to do the voices
  • keep change with you and donate to every Salvation Army bell ringer you pass
  • remember what it is that makes you rich
  • wish everyone you see a loud and joyful "Merry Christmas!"
  • listen to this song a lot
  • decorate a small tree for your kitchen: decorate it with red gingham ribbons, popcorn garlands, and cookie cutters
  • throw an after-Christmas party: make it potluck and have everyone bring an ornament to exchange
  • remember to listen to children
  • send the seasons greetings - in the mail - on time


cristie said...

i love your lists.

i appreciate your blog.

i am glad you are my friend. xox

Debby said...

Great suggestions for a happy holiday. I am trying to not stress and just enjoy. The season goes so quickly anyway so why not enjoy every minute.

susanna said...

There are lots of good, festive ideas on your list, Relyn. I'm currently trying to do the last thing on your list. I made the Christmas cards for my family yesterday. Now to write the letters. And then to mail them on time which is the real trick.

Marilyn said...

Music is definite for celebrating. Loved your links! I host several teas in my home and that brings joy to dear friends. Next week I am posting a list a simple gifts that I think you might enjoy. I think of you whenever I post a list.

Sweet Tea said...

What a great list of ideas. Thanks so much.
I guess I would add, Be a courteous shopper and driver ESPECIALLY during the holiday season.
Merry Christmas, Relyn!

elizabeth said...

I do love your lists.

I especially love the M&M idea. I am noting that one down for future reference.

I've only seen one bell-ringer and I did not have cash on me. I felt so bad.

beth said...

honestly, being patient is the best thing on your list for me....well the best thing for today :)


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I like to make up new words for the Grinch's song. You have some great ideas. I like the idea of the Christmas potluck and ornament exchange.

Georgianna said...

Happy Season of Celebration, dear Relyn! As always, your list is fun, intriguing, inspiring and delightful! (I was particularly happy to see Emile Pandolfi on your list. Emile and his wife are personal friends of mine from many, many years ago, Such lovely, wonderful people.)

And your photo is gorgeous!! xo – g

Jeanie said...

Beautiful photo in every way! I smile knowing I already incorporate some of those into my holidays each year -- and see a few to add!

Amy said...

Fabulous list. We also like to meander the Christmas market on Saturday mornings--even if we've not money to buy anything . . . and look at lights while drinking a vat of hot cocoa. Sigh.

Speaking of the last item on your list . . . I better get on that! :)

S. Etole said...

I like the idea of the ornament exchange ... Christmas is pretty low key here anymore.

Kuki... said...

Such good ideas! I've enjoyed the comments you've left on my blog...thanks SO much for stopping by!

HKatz said...

In no particular order I look forward to:
- lighting Hanukkah candles, saying the blessings and singing
- setting up the candles every night (making them look colorful and rainbow-like)
- seeing family and friends
- eating potato latkes with applesauce
- playing dreidel, especially with young relatives who get such a kick out of the game
- watching old movies while snuggled into the couch
- reading while snuggled into the couch
- going for long walks in cold weather

And I second your celebratory suggestions of giving to others. Hugs and well-wishes. Giving coats and warm clothes, helping buy food for hungry people and volunteering in soup kitchens, spreading as much cheer and warmth as possible to everyone. And remembering how blessed you are.

Tracy said...

LOVE the sparkle... and your list, Relyn! I just made a Winter Solstice wreath to celebrate winter--all white & silvery embellishments. We had friends over last night for a little party--good food, good talk, good vibes... doesn't get much better than right now. :o) Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

Sandy K. said...

Thank you for your Thanksgiving visit, Relyn. This current post is lovely, and a gentle reminder to everyone to take time...and give the gift of time. I'm thankful to have lovely blogosphere friends like you to keep us all on track:).

Jennifer RIchardson said...

it's a wonderful list:)
happy celebrating,

Lubna said...

Be patient, now that is a message we always need. Happy Holidays.

dulcy said...

I do some of the same things as you. I'm now in the tradition of making a Christmas morning quiche and fritata. Also, our anniversary is this month, so that's another reason that makes December special. Kiddos are always here during the month... lots of excitement around that. I really enjoy the gardens for some reason. Like the solitude of plants going to sleep for the winter. Gift exchanges with friends and lunches out is a fun pleasure to look forward to. And....SO ENJOYED visiting the other day (even through the "situation"). Thanks for always checking in and leaving comments, Relyn. We really, really need a nice long chat.....

Writer Lady said...

Great list! I had one made up in my head and it isn't half as good. I'll remember you all Christmas season: when I sing carols and when I wish everyone Merry Christmas.

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