Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Morning Poetry

the road ahead

One of my earliest memories is of being bundled
up by my mother and taken outside on a snowy
January night to look at the stars.

I must have been four or five,
still small enough for my slender mother to carry.

We stood on the veranda of our house in Virginia,
a heavy shawl wrapped around us both,
gazing over white fields at the sky
as my mother pointed our the constellations she knew.

"The North Star is the brightest star in the sky, "
she whispered, her warm breath wreathing my ear.
"Once you find it, you can always figure out where you are."

Nestled against my mother,
I found this instruction both sensible and enchanting,
and I have never forgotten it.
by Suzanne Berne
from Perfect Mornings, Perfect Memories


Christine Laennec said...

What a beautiful poem, thank you Relyn. I hope you are keeping sight of your own Northern Star. x

Debby said...


Joanna said...



HKatz said...

That's a beautiful mother-daughter moment, and I love how the advice is described as "sensible and enchanting" (which I think are two very attractive qualities to find in combination in a woman's character... perhaps a man's character too, but especially a woman's).

I hope you're finding your way too, to clearer surer paths and that you always feel as if loved ones are walking beside you.

Suz said...

we can only wish that every daughter has a mother such as this
wonderful pome choice
..thinking of you and sending warm hugs

Retired English Teacher said...

Love it. Thanks for sharing.

S. Etole said...

What a captivating thought and photo.

Jeanne said...

Such a lovely poem and love the thoughts remembered between a mother and child. Miss my mother every day but so grateful for all of those beautiful memories! Such a beautiful photo too! Reminds me of the country roads in illinois where I grew up. Nice to see you here! Blessings from Texas, and a hug! Jeanne

tracy said...

Lovely, Relyn. I hope your Sunday is restful and peaceful. xxoo

Jennifer Richardson said...

what a sweet dear memory;
felt my heart go slow and rest
deep as I read along.
thanks for this soothing share:)
love and joy to you, Relyn,

Anonymous said...

Much love to you my darling friend.
I love this.
I love you

Amy said...

Mamas and stars . . . two of my favorite things! Hope this finds you emerging from a weekend of perfect mornings, filled with perfect memories . . .

Claire said...

Oooooh, goosebumps!

I have 'tagged' you for something over on my blog - hope that's okay! :)

cristie said...

everything here is lovely. you. xox

Marilyn said...

Welcome back! I love your Sunday poetry. This is a special one and does remind me of my mother long ago. She loved looking at the stars.

Jakki said...

beautiful sentiment spoken in these words AND in the photo...

Jeanie said...

A perfect entry. Hugs to you!

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Beautiful, Relyn! And hoping you are feeling so much better.
xoxo~ K.

Patti said...

Beautiful choice Relyn- in poetry, images, and message. I am hoping this finds you in a better place? You are thought of often! HUGS!a

Christine Laennec said...

Dear Relyn,

Just wanted you to know I've been thinking about you and sending prayers that you are finding peace and some healing. Today I was feeling very anxious, and I looked up at the blue February sky from an Aberdeen street. What did I see but a granite window-frame glinting at me - literally winking and sparkling at me in the sun. It was a lovely little reassurance from the universe that All Will Be Well. I hope you're getting a few winks too now and then. xox

Jennifer Richardson said...

just wanted to drop by again
and send you love, Relyn.
I pray your heart knows deep comfort
and that joy is blooming
even in the gray.
love to you, friend.
love and peace,

Jaime said...

Relyn, this photo is amazing!!!!
I absolutely love it! It is so striking in black and white.
Gorgeous, gorgeous.

chasing lightning bugs said...

i love the photo in this post. and the words are lovely as well. but the pulled me right in. i'm glad you found my blog.....

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