Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I don't know about yours,
but my Valentine's Days are always filled with hearts and flowers,
bubble gum, temporary tatoos, candy hearts, and chocolate.

I get beautiful handmade cards
and stick drawings of myself
proclaiming me both an angel and an angle.

You just can't beat spending your days with kids.
And, getting paid to do it?
Well, that's just the icing on the cupcake.

I hope your day is filled with sticky kisses
and homemade cards. However it is packaged,
I hope you know that you are loved.

You are, my friends, you are!

Can you believe that's a scan of a card I received today? It was made entirely by a second grader. No joke.


Debby said...

Happy To You.
I Hope it is a good day.

Claire said...

Happy Valentines Day to one of the sweetest spirits I know!

Anonymous said...

The card is beautiful. That is one very talented second grader! Happy Valentine's Day, Relyn.

Christine Laennec said...

Handmade cards, cheesy jokes, tulips and chocolates at breakfast here. A very Happy Valentines Day to you, Relyn!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Valentine's Day in elementary school
was pure magic:)
loved all the love!
sending much to you,

Suz said...

Oh that is such a pretty card
Happy Valentine's day relyn
been thinking of you

knitalatte said...

How fun it must be to be around the little ones on Valentines Day. Wishing you lots of hugs today.

tracy said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Georgianna said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Relyn! I well remember the handmade cards. ♥♥

Marilyn said...

The Valentine is beautiful and how special to get sticky kisses and homemade cards. It sounds like your day was so special. My Valentine is taking me to the beach tomorrow for three days. Oh how I am looking forward to that.

S. Etole said...

Hope your day has been especially nice.

Tracy said...

I'm a day late here, but the LOVE being send is no less! MUCH LOVE to you, Relyn ((BIG HUGS)) P.S. Any of those tattoos left?! ;o)

Lubna said...

Belated Valentie day, Relyn. Hope the sun is shining again.

Jeanne said...

Any day you are loved well is always Valentine's Day♥

Love is all you need♥

Amy said...

Seriously? That card was made my second grader?!

And a lovely day to you, my friend!

Cathi said...

A belated happy heart day to you (although I consider everyday a heart day!) Lots of love to you! xxoo

Jeanie said...

It's so pretty, Relyn. Belated Valentine's Day to you, as well!

Joanna Jenkins said...

What a sweet Valentine's Day for you :-)
xo jj

HKatz said...

I'm glad to know that the little ones brought you joy :) And yes that's an amazing card (in general, but especially for a second grader).

rachel awes said...

happy valentines, relyn.
yesyes, to all the cupcakes
+ goodness that comes w/it,
that comes w/you. xo

Scrappy Grams said...

I thought it might be a vintage card. If you're like me, you'll cherish it always because it was handmade. You are such a treasure to your students. I know that because no 2nd grader would spend that much time and effort on a card if you weren't.
I will try to remember daily that I AM loved. Best wishes to you every day,
from a retired 1st grade teacher (my last 19 years)

Jaime said...

Oh indeed, you are an angel.... and an angle too.
lol! so cute.

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