Wednesday, April 18, 2012

a passion for God's creation

whale rock

Week 49 of the Wednesday Lists
The first question we were asked last week at small group was to list the things of great beauty that point us to God.  The more we talked, the more relaxed everyone grew.  Smiles were larger, laughs were heartier, muscles relaxed; we all became happier.  You know I wrote down everyone's words.  Here they are, plus more of my own.

God's Handiwork
* water * Sloane * mountain views * the wind through the trees * dawning of spring * dogwoods * squirrels * daffodils * ocean * sunsets * bird song * butterflies * hills that are perfect for rolling down * little black lambs * running calves * donkeys * full moon nights * no moon nights * starry skies and time to sit and look * hummingbirds * symmetry of nature * food chains * bald eagles * the butterfly life cycle * the water cycle * the sound of the woods * lichen * moss * the rustle of leaves * the smell of a pine forest * bare trees in winter making lace against the sky * walking barefoot in sand * dancing in a soft summer rain with your children * turtles plopping into the water as your canoe approaches * every single flower that blooms * the taste of honeysuckle * the smell of a lilac bush in full bloom *

What else, friends?  What parts of creation do you most love?


Chris said...

the silence of the falling snow, the smell of freshly cut grass, the gurgling of a creek, the crackling of a fire, the angelic look on a sleeping baby's face, the cool fresh spring grass between barefoot toes, the colorful flutter of butterfly wings, the nighttime song of summer - it is a chorus of bugs and frogs and nature, the warm sun on my back, and that very special place in the middle of a really good hug.

Scrappy Grams said...

oh, I love lists, esp. yours! I would love to have a cuppa with you and chat face to face! a happy rest of the week to you!
~hugs~ SG

Debby said...

Children playing, babies feet, snow, roses, giraffes, zebras, puppies, flowering trees, trees changing colors in the fall, baby birds chirping, hummingbirds, and many more.

Sweet Tea said...

Beautiful list!

The colors of a sunrise/sunset.
The shade of a big tree.

Lubna said...

The wag of a tail of a happy dog;
The purr of a contented cat;
The cooing of pigeons;
The caw-caw conversations that crows have with each other;
the smell of the earth after rains;
The curl of a fern;
The wild flowers growing in nooks and crannies
The fluffy clouds that change shape as they travel across the vast expanse of the sky
the soothing warm sunrays

Jennifer Richardson said...

what a warm nourishing list,
Relyn...beautiful share!
stirred me to thinking
about campfires and the smell of
and breezes
and birdsong
and how blessed we are
on this planet of ours:)

Amy said...

Oh, this was all sorts of fabulous! Love your list--and all these that have come after it. I might just add frost (yes, I hate scraping it, but I love the way it turns everything into a winter wonderland), doves, and the friendship we find in some of his small, fury creatures! :)

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

I appreciate all of this magnificent Universe... In all its vastness. And it's beauty. And it's horror.

It is always moving and changing. As is all of life.

And the best part for me is, I don't need to have a reason. For any of it. Not for the vastness. Not for the beauty. Not for the horror.

I can observe all of it. And be content.

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Did you post this, before the NEW BLOGGER CRAP-O-LA was installed this morning/Thurs.???

My only words for this NEW BLOGGER CRAP-O-LA, are...

"Damn, damn, damn, DAMN!"
~Professor Henry Higgins
Quote from "My Fair Lady"

Mac n' Janet said...

My husband and daughter, plants growing in my garden, squirrels on the deck, my kitty, wisteria on the fence, walking on the beach, the smell of changing seasons, wood smoke, birds on the wing.

Jeanne said...

A slice of Heaven for me to welcome my new grandson coming this June in Seoul South Korea.
We are all over the moon with excitment for the handsome Prince to make his arrival into our lives.
I love your lists.
I love you

Marilyn said...

Fluffy white clouds, soft sunshine greeting me in the morning as I walk into my kitchen, the cooing of the doves just outside my door, and tiny baby toes and fingers.

HKatz said...

The many acts of love and kindness around us.

The clouds during a sunset, the smell of the air after it rains, spring blossoms filling up a street, frogs, puppy dogs, gentle manatees, pale blue skies, the sound of water, snow falling past a closed window. There's so much :)

Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

Anonymous said...

How I've missed this!

Hugs of little children
Clouds floating by
Soft beautiful music
Birds chirping at my window
The way my puppy son looks at me

Tracy said...

This is an especially lovely list, Relyn! I'd add my hubby, my cat Charlie to the mix, my nieces & nephews whose sweetness lifts my life, painting (I feel I am most in the flow with the Divine when painting), summer roses in bloom, but really... I love everything! ((HUGS))

Isa Lisboa said...

Hum...waterfalls :)

Suz said...

a newborn's hand

Jeanne said...

This is a lovely photo Relyn! So many things in nature are just so amazing that you KNOW someone we cannot even imagine created them!

S. Etole said...

Enjoyed catching up here. It isn't often I get your updates for some reason.

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