Wednesday, April 25, 2012

a passion for lists

Cat in the Hat

Week 50 of the Wednesday lists.  I love lists.  Oh, boy do I love lists.  At the moment I have 26 active lists.  For fun, here's my list of lists.  I took the picture of my friend on Dr. Suess' birthday.  It doesn't really have anything to do with lists, but it sure is fun.   


Apps to Download for my iPad
Blog Post Ideas
Books to Buy
Books to Check Out
Cards and Letters to Write
Clothes and Shoes Sloane Needs
Clothes and Shoes I Want
Craft Ideas
Errands to Run
Gift Ideas for Jeffrey
Grocery Shopping List
House Projects
Jeffrey's Wishlist
My Wishlist
Photography To Do
Poems to Use
School Projects
Sloane's Wishlist
Stuff I'm Trying to Avoid
Summer Projects
Technology To Dos
Things to Pack for the New School
To Do at Home
To Do at School
Videos to Buy
Videos to Watch


Claire said...

Ooooh, I dearly love a good list!

Kamana said...

oh i am a list maker too, but i smiles to see some of your lists here... stuff to avoid?

Simone said...

You have some awesome lists! I feel a list making day coming up for me.

Amy said...

I'm a list person, myself--but I think I just might like your lists most of all! :)

Hausfrau said...

Oh, I love that you have a "list of lists"! My fave list might be "stuff I'm trying to avoid."

Marilyn said...

Love your lists and this picture is so priceless.

Cathi said...

Great lists! I am so not a list maker, but this is inspiring! xxoo

Jennifer Richardson said...

a list about lists

susanna said...

26 active lists! Wow! You are super organized, Relyn!

Btw, that is GREAT Dr.Suess makeup.

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