Wednesday, May 2, 2012

three things

What are your three favorite Earth Things?
I mean natural, not-created-by-man things.
What things most lift you up, give you comfort, give you energy?


watercolor fushias

the wind ; nothing else gives me so much energy

queen of all beauty
the moon,  Queen of all Beauty

the tree
trees: for wisdom, strength, solidity



Rita said...

Those three things sound good to me! I would add hummingbirds. I love to watch them drink at our feeders and the way they are free to fly anywhere they want to go. God has given us many wonderful things!

Suz said...

#1 light..especially late afternoon light in the garden

#2 heartache blue skies and glorious white puffy clouds

#3 turtles on logs

Gigi Thibodeau said...

Oooh, that's a tough one. Narrowing it down is not easy, but I'll go with the first three things that came into my head: the ocean, the moon, and birds. I think all three of these are heavily influenced by the fact that I grew up on the coast. I am mesmerized by the sea and the moon and their eternal connection, and shore birds make my heart feel completely free. Great question, my friend. xoxo Gigi

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

I love the Moon!

After a bunch of rainy days, I remember how I love to see the sun shine.

How to only pick 3? So for my third, I choose ALL the beauty of this huge and magnificent Universe. :-)

"A fine bunch of water lilies you turned out to be.
I'd like to see anybody make me wash,
if I didn't wanna."


spread your wings said...

It would be hard to choose just three, but at first thought I would say the wind against my face, sunshine on my shoulders and the scent of fresh cut grass that takes me back to childhood.

Anonymous said...

1) the moon in all of her phases

2) diamonds that sparkle in all sorts of light sources

3) colorful flowers such as gerbera daisies, zinnias, sunflowers

Amy said...

Only three? Let's see . . . the twinkling of the stars for hope and inspiration; the ocean, for peace; and flowers, for joy!

Jeanne said...

Just to start with a few.
Love you

Lubna said...

I agree. I love the sea breeze which lightens my burdens, the wisdom of the trees and the wide expanse of the sky with fluffy clouds.

Suz said...

oh and
rubies.....they're in nature

Retired English Teacher said...

I agree with you on everything except the wind. Lovely photos.

HKatz said...

Trees are definitely one of them for me (I love photographing them too).

The sound of water.

A serene blue sky.

I enjoyed reading what you and others wrote here as your favorites. Thanks also for the kind comforting words you left at my blog just now; it's been a rough couple of weeks and they mean a lot to me.

Tracy said...

The sea, the moon, flower... family & friends...Ooops... I can't keep a small list, to much inspires and sustains me. :o) LOVE your moon-glow image, Relyn. It's lovely to catch up with you after being away for some days ((HUGS))

Charissa Steyn said...

ohhh fun...let me think, I'd have to say...

the ocean: the vastness of it, puts life in perspective for me, and reminds me of God's love

snow: i love the peace that falls down when it snows- how everything goes quiet- sooo beautiful

and mountains: soooo pretty, the fresh mountain air, makes me feel alive!1

dulcy said...

Beautiful Relyn!! I'll see you tomorrow!


susanna said...

Such serene photographs, Relyn. My three favourite Earth things are...just three? Well, okay...

1. water - lake river or sea (I was married along the edge of a lake)
2. blue skies
3. fireflies (they just seem magical, don't they?

S. Etole said...

Flowers, waterfalls and kittens ... and so much more!

Sweet Tea said...

A perfect pumpkin. (love the color, shape, and texture)

Scrappy Grams said...

sunshine is at the top of my list

Sarah said...

Good question-and I could have chosen the same three as you. Trees were what first came into my mind-especially bare branches against any kind of sky. Then the moon might be next as I always just gawp at it in wonder. The wind is good but maybe the sea would be next and birds. Animals altogether, but especially birds.
And light.

Andrea said...

Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Very, very difficult to pick just three things!

Trees, most definitely.
The changing seasons.

The world really is full of the most incredible things, if we can open our eyes, and hearts...

knitalatte said...

Hi Reyln,

Beautiful post. Did you see that moon last night?
my list;
The Sea
Puffy white clouds
and a day when I get to experience all three, magic...

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh what a wonderful question!
I'd have to say
and the ocean.
So much to love,
so much to be grateful for:)

meeta said...

cool breeze blowing on a quiet moon and star lit night.

Sunsets on a mountain.

Waking up to a cloudy morning with mist on the window, rain pattering on the roof, a mug of coffee & knowing that I have the whole day with myself to be spent doing whatever i feel like.

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